NuVision 8” 1920×1200-$110 Budget Windows 10 Tablet Review

This is the Nuvision Tm800w560l Signature Edition Tablet. It is has faired well for the past 1 year and 4 months that I have had it. It is a pretty impressive little tablet. For what it is worth, the tablet has performed great, but it has had its downs throughout the time I had it.
If you have any questions about this tablet, let me know in the comment section and I will answer as soon as possible. Thanks for watching hope you enjkyed 🙂

width is 1200 and height is 1920*

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Tina Davis says:

wow that Panasonic makes great video ,,, are you still happy with it ,,, did you do any post processing on the colors  ,,, I’m thinking of getting one if the price drops

Arin Kulshi says:

Mine is really slow due to the limited ram. Any tips on speeding this thing up?

Curtisko says:

Can you turn tablet mode on/off?


I got mine for $59.99 USD on Amazon before people started buying it and then they increased the price of it to $110+

Shaun lemnix says:

out of stock this tablet on microsoft store 🙁

William Thai says:

What are the speakers used in the video ?

Dustojnik Hummer says:

I wish this was a thing in Europe.. Wow,50USD on Microsoft Store.

An Pham says:

Pretty sad that it is currently out of stock lol

ThePowerTeam YOUTUBE says:

I have a nuvision and its safe to say ITS GREAT AND IT RUNS PERFECT

Andrew Bailey says:

photoshop work on it?

Josue Ysabel says:

One question, this windows tablet can catch a micro SD memory 64GB to expand its capacity?

SapphireZ says:

Could i play undertale on this?

BloodyIron says:

Thanks for this review! I like all the points you covered about this tablet, and I’m probably going to snag it, even though it’s a bit hard to get now 🙁

Josue Ysabel says:

I bought this 8 inch tablet recently. I would need to know how good this product is and tell me your experience with it.


This tablet works good but I really with I got the android version, not the windows one, is there any way to dual boot it with android and windows 10? I have the SD card used as windows storage and I would like to only use the lease amount of storage on the flash storage internally so I could use the rest for android, It is 32 GB after all, I have a 256 Gb micro SD card for everything windows related but I would like to dual boot, plz let me know if you find a way, btw to get to the BIOS you tap F7 on boot then go down to setup and press enter (You need to connect a USB keyboard to do this)

Wayne Davis says:

If you are looking for a gaming tablet, get the Nvidia Shield K1

Nguyên says:

$50? wow, windows licencing is already $100.

Jason Lee says:

I got this tablet from Amazon from $71. For something that has higher specs than an iPad Mini 2 and runs full Windows, I think this was a great deal. Only thing I was disappointed was that I ordered it too early. A day after ordering, the price dropped down to $65. I could’ve saved $5 by waiting 1 day…

chris steward says:

can i use the Microsoft office like Docs, Excel, Powerpoint on this device ?

XtremeConditioning says:

Is this Windows 10 64-bit? Thanks. 🙂

nihar kumthekar says:

does this have GPS? They dont mention it anywhere

Kayden Chang says:

so I want to make this clear, I can’t make this tablet work as my phone right? Like, I can’t get rid of my lumia 1520 and get this right? This is NOT a phone replacement correct?

globescape says:

Thanks for the video. This has an 32GB internal hard drive. How much space does the OS take?

cho woods says:

Great tablet. I have the 10.1 version

The Gaming Guardians says:

I have this tablet, it’s quite an awesome tablet for the price.

BigSCTVfan says:

This seems like a pretty good deal.  I just want something for internet browsing when I’m home from work and don’t need to use a keyboard.

Jomar T says:

I just bought this table for $49.99 at Microsoft Store!

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