Nook 7 Tablet Review – 2017

We go over all the pre-loaded Barnes & Noble apps on this new tablet.

Check out nooks first tablet release since the nook HD and Nook HD+

Thanks everyone!

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Ayden Bird says:

it’s a shame about the recall… Can Barnes and Noble pull out of this?

mira white says:

It’s A Shame. I Love Barnes and Noble EReader s. I Own All Of Them. I Hope This Doesn’t Hurt The Company.

laurie jm says:

I agree, I like the nook brand too; I stopped buying them after they were just rebranding samsung. I didn’t catch this till now; now there not in stock do to the recall on the chargers! 🙁 sad face, very sad face. I’ll wait till they restock and get a couple for my grands to read their nook library from. I liked your review!

Henrique Bach says:

Do you guys have any information about any advancement with color e-ink screen? there is i think just jet book with color, but too expensive and not alot of colors

R A Ross says:

for $50, I believe this was designed to compete with the Amazon Fire, and the Nook has better specs. congrats to B&N!

Hugh Johnson says:

A great tablet for $50 US. And a very good review. This is more tablet than e-reader but it the NOOK brand, as you point out, is certainly a good experience with both content and presentation. I think I might actually order one of these!

Heidi S says:

What is this like compared to the Samsung nook 7″?

Jay Vansickle says:

i don’t know if all page turn animations are like this…but, i really like how you see the ghosted text on the back of the page.

QueenKattz says:

Nice little unit and YES BAD CHOICE of a book ^,,^
Katt ^,,^

mira white says:

This Tablet Has Been Pulled. Barnes and Noble No Longer Sells It. Maybe You Should Check It out.

Darren N says:

You have mastered how to do a video review, Peter. Making it look easy!

Michael Mahon says:

didn’t this just get pulled for a faulty power supply, just so u know Peter.

Ryno Bones says:

Aside from the SD, not much going for it….But for $50, it’s pretty nice.

Charles E Bright says:

First view LOL, can I have it? LOL

Mazin Hakeem says:

How would you compare it to Kindle Fire as in resolution, reading experience, storage, overall quality and so forth? Since the Nook has Google Play Store, one can install Kindle app and read books. Have you guys tried that yet?

Michael Mahon says:

all in all seems really snappy for the price, Android 6.0 is solid too, and I like the Google Play store compatibility. That said it’s another US only product, not open to Canadian customers without a reshipping company I believe alla Amazon fire tablet. Be interesting to see a comparison video, I did like the slickness of the Barnes and Noble storefront and interface, however I still most would do fire tab just because of the Kindle library and it’s price/Kindle unlimited. it’s unfortunate the hickup with the recall (courtesy Google 9 to 5) According to B&N, there have been three cases of the power adapter included with the Nook breaking apart while in a socker (?socket). More information will be provided as the company works with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission on a public product recall.

Rafik LOST says:

Does it have a e-ink technology?

Leelucky Luv says:

Interesting, designed to be the size of a small paperback book, with no restrictions it seems, as per usual, in the past. I have had their app, but never a nook itself.

Kendawg McAwesome says:

That was QUICK!

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