Nomos Orion 38 Watch Review

Nomos Orion 38 Watch Review

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James Stacey for aBlogtoWatch reviews the German-made Nomos Orion 38 watch.

“All Orion models have a sapphire crystal back, some also come with steel back. However, each model comes installed with the classical (or in this case, we can even say “heavenly”) NOMOS manually wound calibers.” —

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WV AVIN says:

Its kind of very irritatiing when you keep flicking the watch to and fro for sooooo many times. Please minimise this area and let us enjoy the view of this watch during the review. 

Jamar Quvious says:

too many uhhhhs

braggan says:

Awesome video!

suxk says:

you have ugly finger nails

Kwek Joo Chuan says:


A says:

What’s wrong with your nails??? Gross.

joker A says:

price ?

Liav Bejerano says:

Very good video! Thanks

Marcelo Barrera says:

This review just cost me 1.400 (euros).

panchoskywalker says:

Very nice, but way too expensive for me.

Denis França says:

Beautiful and clean watch. Very classic and “low profile”. Great review.

Maurice 2u says:

Magnificent watch & watchmaker. Excellent review as well.

JamesIdentity says:

@AI M short answer: Depends on the segment your looking at. Anything above 1k wont be influenced at all.


This watch needs to be seen in the flesh. I’ve never seen a pic or video that can truly capture it.

Sunyata says:

So elegant.  My wrists are about average and I’m thinking the 35mm might wear in the right way.  The 38 looks so big…  Any one tried them side by side?

Ximeng Zhao says:

Got mine last week after looking at this review, I love it! Thanks to the reviewer!

Chao Han says:

just stop eating ur fingers pls so pain……

JamesIdentity says:

meh, overrated.

Tomasina Covell says:

I don’t like the gold with the blue though, it’s nauseating, it should have been silver.

Sherri Dalton says:

What a beautiful, elegant watch. I love everything about it.

juhva says:

When I see James Stacey name in aBlogtoWatch review you know that you get very detailed and very good review. Happens again 🙂

Daniel T. Müller says:

Thanks James for the informative review!
Cheers from Germany

Sin Phouchet says:
sr43ezh says:

dont apologize for your pronounciation, its good enough to understand it.^^
wonderfull watch, really classy style.

bphilips009 says:

does his thumbnails bother anyone else to the point that you can’t watch??

mils5000 says:

Another watch from Saxony, home of the strongest Nazi movement of modern Germany

Chris Kelly says:

Thank you for that insightful video love from England

63Jax says:

so so so so beautiful!

Mw2ManDeMz says:

Dude did you get too many manicures or something, you need to see a professional about your hands, honestly..

Paul Gavin Chaplin says:

Could be my next watch….I like complications mainly. But I love the simplicity and clean look of Nomos. I also love Meistersinger too. Great review, thanks!

mitchm331 says:

Always like your reviews, James, and this is no exception. The Orion 38 is a gorgeous watch and you model it very well.

jogu123 says:

Good review, fantastic watch and brand….

MetalsForBrunch says:

lug to lug spec? Looks like it only fits a 7inch wrist cause I don’t see any more holes on the leather strap.

Nate Blubaugh says:

I want one so bad.

李灿 says:

请问 在哪里买的?

mitchm331 says:

@Chica Wolverina – what an idiotic comment. Made no sense at all. But James did mention the price: $2380USD

peterjg says:

Great review again James. Awesome watch.

Katy .Wilson says:

Nice clean watch, pretty movement but the strap (nice as shell cordovan is) is both too thick and inelegant looking.  The stitching makes it look like a Timex strap on this watch.  I’d love one on a nice alligator leather strap though.

Kane Cheung says:

This has been on my wish list far too long. You’re so next.

sheltonsy says:

Hi! Can you do a review on stowa partitio 37mm manual wind? I really like to see the details of the watch. Thanks!

yooser naime says:

…alien thumbs.

George Downtown says:

Terrific review! I am adding these watches to my wish list.

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