NFC Homespot Bluetooth Receiver Review!

Awesome product!




christopher de castro says:

Hey mine does not pair with my samsung s3 what could I do?

AJ says:

Can you tell me if it will work in foreign countries ? the adapter that comes with it support 120V only ? or 120 – 240V ?

Willy Escalona says:

Buenas Noches Amigo, ¡porque después de conectar al altavoz y emparejarlo con el teléfono no reproduce la música?. Ayudaaaa¡

alexisjohnR says:

I have just completed another like for like test with two other bluetooth adapters and there is a big difference in quality between them with the Homespot adapter delivering considerably lower quality sound – absolutely no argument.
360Mobiles opinion NOT to be trusted I’m afraid.

alexisjohnR says:

I am afraid to say I disagree with the comment that the sound quality for all bluetooth adapters are the same. I found the sound quality of this device pretty awful compared to others – sorry.

1075Delta says:

Will this pair regardless of touching the phone with it? Let’s say I have an NFC tag on my phone holder…that will turn on bluetooth. After that will it pair with the device regardless of touching the phone on it?

360Mobiles says:

Sadly no, as it doesn’t automatically pair with your devices when you Bluetooth is turned on. Thanks for Commenting and remember to LIKE and Subscribe!

WERKED66 says:

hows the range on this i have another brand and i`m not happy it goes in and out alot i work out doors so i`m here and there but at most 50ft from the radio i`m using the one i have said it was good up to 33ft and is trash at times even at 10ft

ThePotatoIsAStarchyTuberousCropFromThePerennialSolanumTuberosumOfTheNightshadeFamilyLOL says:

what is the avarage nfc range?
because i want to hide it behind an 2cm plastic

Dubs says:

Does it have a PDF manual?

knoccness1 says:

Can i connect tv to it

stefan nikolaev says:

After the first day of using the device stopped blinking .I can pair it only with my phone.I can not connect windows 10  with this receiver. Windows sends me a message : This does not work. Try to pair GT BT-receiver 61 again or ask manufacturer. So what am I supposed to do now?

Amer3499 says:

Love when kids do reviews. 

pontebuso says:

Can you explain to me how does this device works. Can I connected to the tv and listen to it with my wireless heahphones?

Joshewah777 says:

No mention of audio quality; the most important part.

360Mobiles says:

Once you pair with it once, then you disconnect it by getting out of range, turning your phone off etc.. the only way to connect to it again is by tapping your phone to it or manually tapping on it in your bluetooth settings. So in other words your phone will not automatically connect to the Homespot. Thanks for Commenting and remember to LIKE and Subscribe!

j wk says:

how many devices can it connect at once and can it be able to connect to PC or console ( PS3 or xbox)?

hey you says:

they are now less than $15 @ – sweet deal

Doha Purchase says:

how is the sound quality? is it good compare to logitech?

AyDayDay says:

Dude learn how to talk..

Pinche Gringo says:

Freaking sweet, thanks!

KWAMEP84 says:

How is the range of this device? Would I have issues in a 1000 sq ft apartment with walls?

360Mobiles says:

Buenas noches! Asegúrese de que la salida de audio del teléfono está configurado para bluetooth. Y asegúrese de que los altavoces están conectados y encendidos. Gracias por comentar y recordar para dar un pulgar hacia arriba y suscribirse!

Brad M says:

Nice video….Have you tried to use it to make or receive phone calls? If so, how well does it work?

Daniel Evans says:

Great review! For non-NFS/iOS devices, does the pairing sequence (pushing the “pair” button on the Homespot) only have to be performed once, even if the device is powered off, then back on?
I want to install the Homespot in the dash of my car, but obviously it gets powered off/on in the car. Thanks!

360Mobiles says:

It uses micro-usb so you could just use the USB cable in the box and connect it to a USB charger you already have. Thanks for Commenting and remember to LIKE and Subscribe!

360Mobiles says:

It basically turns any regular speakers Bluetooth capable(like your car or Bluetooth headset) so you could pair your phone to it(through NFC or regularly) and play audio wirelessly through the speakers that the homespot is connected to. Thanks for Commenting!

360Mobiles says:

Thanks! If you tap your phone to the homespot it will automatically turn your Bluetooth on and pair your phone with it. The only way for it to automatically pair is to tap your phone to it.

notdescribed says:

How is the audio quality?

LordTeaOfBiscuits says:

hey there, great video dude 😀

does this come with an english 3 pin plug or does it come with the american 2 pin one?

Jordan Camirand says:

In theory if I used the same phone every time with the speakers and put an NFC tag on top that would turn on bluetooth would it pair back up again once the bluetooth went back on? Awesome video already liked and subscribed :]

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