New Razer Blade Stealth Review (Kaby Lake) – Is it Much Better?

Review of the New Razer Blade Stealth with Kaby Lake (HD620). Starts at $999.
dbrand Skins:
Stealth Pricing Here –
Core Pricing Here –

Review Unit – i7-7500U/16G/256G/QHD

Average Frame Rates @ 1024 x 768 / Lowest Graphics
CS:GO – 160 FPS
Overwatch – 50 FPS
RB6 – 45 FPS

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Desktop Wallpaper Download: (Can’t link this yet. Will update soon.)

Music Credits:
Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – The Break

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RealMusicalPleasure says:

didnt they up the screen from 2 to 4K?

gameboy 614 says:

please can some get me a cheap gaming laptop razer blades are crazy

Bloxy Cola says:

RAZER blade stealth with intel iris 540 anyone?

Sounak Chakroborty says:

Imma get the non touch one so hopefully better battery

GameJack4213 says:

Hay there Dave, when I open the website that you provided to buy the laptop (the core prizing one). It firstly shows the detail of the laptop and then just jump on to the main website of Razer. Can you help me with that?

juan carlos Zacarias says:

where can I get the one with kaby lake ? i enter razer blade page and says “Intel® Core™ i7–6700HQ Quad-Core Processor

Clear Mountain says:

hi,hope dave answers this, hows the RBS holding up?do you have any iisues whatsoever?

RAZER Rocks says:

Is roblox fast on it xD

Cedric Yang says:

hi there, i’m aware that the latest stealth has 16gb of ram, would like to find out what type of ram it is? ddr3 or ddr4..

And also, what’s the difference in terms of performance between the two ram?

Andrea Rossi says:

Are you going to review the Razer technical support as well? They basically do not offer any technical support. So, I`m wondering whether making a good product still matters.

Naman Bansal says:

Do a review on MSI GL62 7rd

Tim delos reyes says:

Great review! Where do you get that iceberg background on the tv please?!

berriotue says:

Can the stleath handle overwatch at medium graphics settings?

MrVeloc1 says:

hey dave have u experience any issues with the stealth? like coil whine etc?

H Van Rooyen says:

Getting mine tomorrow 🙂

Shadow7758 says:

Those bezels are hideous

Dudeomfgstfux says:

Thanks this is a great high quality video. SUBSCRIBE

subpopstar2 says:

Could you pls share the iceberg wallpaper on the big screen? it just awesome! 😀

David Marte says:


peter jones says:

will this run linux for gaming ? Windows based machines are really disappointing. I was hoping Kabylake would be more stable than skylake…I fear unless they fix the underlying stability problems it not worth wasting your money….Any word from Razor on their new ZEN range ?

Jerry Yeo says:

it never struck me, but Dave Lee u are so right to say future proofing doesn’t exist.

Chin Sau Yong says:

That intro track is dope.

Livin Stunn says:

Alienware 13 R3 (kaby lake) vs Razer Blade (kaby lake) !!!!

JackJedi says:

How is this for 1080p video editing? I heard the earlier one from 2016 wasn’t good at 4k video editing. But I have a like, $130 AMD processor, so really anything for me would be good. I want to start a tech review channel and I also want a fairly cheap and good laptop that is also easy to take to school with me. Do you think this one would be good? (I’m looking at the i7 16GB model)

AnimeClips Planet says:

extremely cool

Fabien Zaragosa says:

You’ll probably find the question ridiculous but I can read everywhere that the Stealth is a fingerprints magnet. For me it is the same issue I met with the XPS 13. Is it worse, better, the same? I thought the Razer was made of aluminium, it should not be very difficult to clean, is it?
Thanks if you have some minutes to answer that probably not very interesting question…

UkumaOokami says:

Is it expected to have large ping spikes while playing Heroes of the storm? I thought the graphics card was good enough but my computer doesn’t seem to be able to handle it. also, im not hooked up to the razer core.

Mubashir Khan says:

wallpapers link

Mixalis Doukis says:

I found a 600€ Dell with 750pu 8gb ddr4 8gb and 4gb r7 gpu, is it worth the money and will it survive for the next 2+ years?

Ray McCarthy says:


TetekAddict says:

Is the screen is a touch screen?????

ReZo Blue says:

Could it run day z?

Nicolas Ruiz says:

someone answer my question¿can be use it for adobe photoshop,premiere, and illustraitor?

stevecam says:

Getting this next week

GC8 says:

Hey Dave have you ever heard of “no battery detected” problem with Razer? I just got my stealth 4k 16gb 512ssd and I am having this issue. Unplug the power it will shut off for obvious reason. I am not sure if I can trust them ever again. RETURN =(

Dinira Kumara says:

Can we take off a skin once it’s applied or does it leave some prints when you remove it ?
Please let me know.

Reason Fortun says:

+Dave Lee hey, you think this is great for designers too like myself? I use Adobe programs all the time and I edit stuff a lot. Plus I store all my downloaded stuff in my laptop.

Dreamhawke says:

I love your reviews so much! all the good stuff, no boring banter!

Rumen Novachkov says:

I wonder what will happen if we connect Samsung T3 to the blade stealth with the thunderbolt 3 cable? I was watching a video for the new macbook pro, but there the speed was terrible due to some Apple restrictions.

Bloxy Cola says:

Maybe I should get a RAZER stealth for high school and a RAZER blade for college? What do you guys recommend?

jiopjiop says:

What about screen brightness? Nits? cd/m²?

Found only contradicting information on the web…


Dave, I was thinking of buying this to replace my 2015 MacBook Pro 13″. Setting aside the Win10 vs OS X debate, one thing that is great art the MacBook is the quality. I was looking at the comments on Amazon. There seems to be a recurring theme of fan/processor whine and potentially temperature. There are a lot of comments here. Do you have a view on these and the quality of the product over the long-term. Thanks

senna says:

When you say the drives are slow for being pci-e, are they still faster than sata ssds? Because those already feel plenty fast to me, would you still recommend upgrading them for someone with low standards?

Jerry Yeo says:

I’ve been watching your videos for a long time but I’ve finally subscribed. u the way u speak shows u have much respect for your viewers, and u didn’t have to shout

Borrah says:

Wallpaper please?

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