New Apple Watch Bands, Fast Charger & 6S Cases Unboxing & Review!

New Apple Accessories Unboxing & Review! Apple Watch Nylon Bands, Space Black Milanese Loop & New Colors for 6S Cases! + New SE Cases!


Jackson Dacar says:

Two bands are identical XD come on Apple.

Techy Gamers says:

That yellow case ur totally right about, its weird.

Nils Mertens says:

Can you use the fast charger for an iPhone?


I live in india so we don’t get the blue se case plz do a give away

Khaotic says:

How do u pay for all of tech? It’s awesome but can you tell me?

Alex Diel says:

lol I laughed at the phoenix yellow reference, nice

TurboPikachuX says:

Phoenix Gold looks like pale lemon yellow 5C

jole says:

where did you acquire the original band that you had on your watch at 2:07?

VOID SNiP3z GD says:

It is your eyes the case looks exactly the same color as the picture

Ahmed Alhosani says:

The new apple straps aren’t that attractive to me to be honest, they could created more premium straps. ///the charger is much needed. And YES the gold colour on the box is better and different than the cover it self. Great Channel.

Dan Tha Man 47 says:

Why no scuba blue band

Tyson Nguyen says:

What’s Ur job Ur rich

Jack Files says:

The 6s+ case looks ferel

Janine Alrub says:

ew that yellow case didnt look like the cover it looked like puke lol

Eduardo Mv says:

Were are the duck

Alejandro Caraza says:

Test the fast charger please

TheEmeraldCenter parks says:

Not just your eyes LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Shayla Riediger says:

Can you to a drop test with the cases?

justbroadcast says:

When Apple decides to get rid of the bezels around the watch, which will give you much more screen real estate then I will consider buying one. Take a look at Samsung galaxy s7 edge and you will know what I am talking about. March 21st launch was so pathetic. Update on the iWatch was just…new watch bands. Was that worth mentioning? C´mon Apple. If Steve Jobs was alive he would of fired you Tim Cook.

Flavius Zeddies says:

It does not look like the cocer

Gilberto Serrano says:

whats going on Apple…..

Daisy Brown says:

I am so exited because I got my iPhone SE yesterday it is amazing !!!

Rhys Cutting says:

Why didn’t you review the new iPad Pro case?

Luke Gamez says:

That yellow case is UGLY btw I LOVE UR VIDS

Brandon Lemus says:

that yellow case looks like the color of shrek

Apple tech/fun says:

Looks nothing like the cover

Blake Teer says:

Looks like puke

TechTyler says:

I know it’s his opinion but he’s got weird ass taste.

Ryan Tu says:

The iPhone cafe is called Austin Yellow

Nicholas Aarons says:

Awesome Video Dude. Thank you & Keep up the great work. Nick.

JoJo Funny says:


Josue Quintanilla says:

You mean 12.9*

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