Nabi DreamTab HD8 Kids Tablet – REVIEW

Unit weighs in 1.46lbs (663 grams) not 4lbs.

Nabi Dreamtab HD8 reviewed.

Nabi Jr for $99
Nabi 2 for $179
Nabi XD for $249
Nabi Dreamtab for $269




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Pingu Penguin - Basketball and Comedy says:

I won this at the mall lol. It looks great! I am a little too old for the young mode though.

rena prrya says:

I like it but i wouldn’t buy it for my kids…90s toys from which i grew up with was a lot better these modern nowadays technology..kindasad..lets get back outdoors an play…

Anthony Huynh says:

Can you review the Nabi square hd action cam please !

Dee Dee Tucker says:

Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but you need to do a review on Nabi Elev8, I want to get it for my son for i I don’t know if it’s worth the price and I can’t find any online reviews

nicole kilgore says:

Can I put Netflix for my son? Also did they come out with the studio app? That was a big sale point for me

mayra infante says:

I just bought the dreamtab for my son and I can’t play turbo movie. Is there something I need to do in order for it to play?

conner kleppin says:


Tracy Bates says:

I have purchased two for boys for Christmas. One tablet will not turn on. It will not come off the initializing screen. Is there anyway to bypass this? Can I do a master reset and start over from scratch? Last night I could not get my sons tablet to stay connected to wi-fi. It automatically kept turning off the wi-fi connection, now it won’t even allow you to the home screen. Can anyone help me?? Beyond frustrated!!

Rose Grady says:

Can you download Netflix?

Monica Colston says:

In kid mode, could my child watch Netflix if I gave him access? Also can I download mp4 movies to the tablet?

BregandoAlSistema says:

Were you haging problems with the tablet till now?

araceli vargas says:

does anyone know if it can update to lollipop android 5.0?

JessFilms says:

I want it

Kendra says:

Do you download the app in the parent mode and can you then make it available to the kids in their mode? Do you know if Skype works?


why is the table just showing me system updates for 3 straight days and it doesn’t let me do anything else is just that in the screen?. . .

Joshua Ollesca says:

JimsReviewRoom, does that nabi pen work with the ipad pro

Malcolm Patterson says:

now when downloading applications in parent mode will it transfer over to the children mode side?

Kay Wrobel says:

Thanks for the review. It is on sale right now for Cyber Monday week deals, and I might pull the trigger on this, but would prefer it be on a newer Android version. Do you know if this has received an upgrade to 5.0? Also, do you know how this compares to the PBS Kids Playtime Tab?

cheeriomartinez says:

we have this tablet and man is it slow! it’s laggy and dumb.

beth Z says:

do you think is a good idea for a 9-10 years old boys or is to childish?? for those age’s.. thanks

beez 77 says:

Im curious if your dreamtab is still working? and how you like it? I have just sent my daughters 5th one back in year and half, they keep freezing up. i was able to master reset once. but five now totally froze up and we dont use them online(other than initial setup) or for anything other than just the games that come pre loaded no other downloaded games or anything. frustrating

Juan Kriger says:

is this one the same as the Nabi Elev8 ?

Chris Winow says:

Jim,  Great review!!!  Thanks so much for this!! I have subscribed and will be checking out all of your other videos!

1 question that I have not been able to find the answer to anywhere—Is there a way to move downloaded games from the Play Store to the “kid zone”?  Basically, I downloaded a puzzle, but my son has to play it on parent mode which then led him to the limits of the internet in about 5 minutes—Thanks!

Joshua Ollesca says:

Can you download Bad Piggies in the Dreamtab?

Vic The Alien says:

can that caillou app be removed?

John Sosa says:

So can you download Netflix and YouTube on the children’s side? I mean as an app?

kris r says:

If possible Please do a review on the samsung galaxy tab 3 for kids…i know its not a new product but i cannot find any videos on it to help me get the best out of this product…so far your videos has helped me alot deciding what products to buy so thank you 🙂

Maira Ochoa says:

Thank you for such a great review! I’m thinking about purchasing my 5 year old a tablet.  I’m reviewing the leapfrog pad 3 or Nabi.

Joshua Ollesca says:

+mayra infante you need strong internet connection in order for it to load fast. It’s my suggestion though.

babydoll975 says:

Great video!!! Extremely helpful. My problem is I’m not able to download music from music paradise. I keep getting a failed message. Also videos and music constantly refreshing to the point that my daughter is losing interest in the table. How to stop these problems from happening?? Help please!!!

conner kleppin says:


requiemforacloud says:

Get a Nexus 7. This tablet isn’t anything great. 

sinabin says:

I did have an issue during the update, ya it took really long but then it glitched so the tablet could not finish the update and was stuck on a download screen that said null and i couldn’t do anything about it. is this a common problem?

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