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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of, and reviews the a hot new line of MVMT watches!

A few weeks ago, Alpha started doing more watch reviews because dudes like watches, they are awesome, and they allow men to show their style, taste, and preference. After the last video, he asked viewers which watch he should review next. Overwhelmingly, viewers responded MVMT. As a result, Alpha reviews the watch brand, MVMT.

Their story is as cool as their watches. MVMT started two years ago with Indiegogo crowd funding. They were sick of seeing the huge mark-up with retail watch sales, so they wanted to cut out the middle man and bring to the market a sleek, sexy, and great quality watch at an amazing price. The message resonated because they raised well over their monetary goal in 30-days ($15K goal / $220K raised).

The rise of MVMT watches is pretty astounding. Alpha thinks the reasons are the sleek and simple yet masculine style, affordable price (starting at $95), and how they’re crushing social media. He also is excited how they offer free worldwide shipping! He is apparently late to the party, however, since his viewers were the ones who told him to review these watches.

He found a discount code online (mvmtwatch10) so he ordered two since he couldn’t decide between models. He reviews both watches. Both transition between casual and dress clothing. They are refined for suits and beefy for just a tee-shirt.

Black / Tan Leather – clean, simple, and sexy (red name and second hand) on a tan strap. It can be worn interchangeably with black or brown shoes. The band is 100% leather with stainless steel case. It’s a well constructed watch that is still light. Looks incredible! Price $95.
Chrono White / Caramel Leather – thick, chunky, and masculine, he couldn’t pass up this style. The band looks more distressed leather look. Price $135.


Kyle Brooks says:

crown of London brand watch, a British company that is ridiculously cheap (i mean sub 40£ )

Josh Martling says:

I got the black faced watch you show in the video for 5$

iamshaunix says:

Any update review of the watches? Are they still working?

Rouben Kellner says:

i bought one and the quality is absolute shit

Ryan Hsu says:

something in your eyes nigga

Juan Carlo Ala says:

Do The Fifth Watches.

Hayden Fitzpatrick says:

The fact the second hand doesn’t line up with the marks as it passes them irks me.

KaiochanX3 says:

Anyone heard of Pancor watches?

ImTaylorGang says:

the only acceptable watch brands for under $500 are timex, seiko, orient, casio, and citizen. don’t buy any other brands–they’re all Chinese made, marked up fashion bullshit. if you’re gonna buy a watch, do it right and not off a Facebook ad.

jack frost says:

Looks like a $10 watch from Walmart.

joseph burtulato says:

You can never go wrong with a Timex Intelligence Quartz brand.

Game Addiction says:

I found one of these watches on eBay for a really good deal, should I go for it?
These watches don’t seem like they would be faked, but then again you never know.

colin kuykendall says:


Belle Robinson says:

does anyone know how long the straps are? or are they like men’s standard size?

JHHolliday81 says:

Citizen EcoDrive

Jeff Archer says:

love mine

madeywon9 X riizuanxmin says:

banyak cakap lah kau ini..aku nak tengok review tu

Tushar kakkar says:

Bought This MVMT watch after watching this video but was disappointed by it and now I know all the things he endorse are fake

JgHaverty says:

I received 2 of these for “review”. (Ironically the same two as his…)

These MVMT’s are quite good looking; from more than a foot away. The bands are surprisingly decent. The design is really quite nice, I would love to see this style on a higher quality watch. The red pops quite nicely.

That said, theres no way this watch is worth 95$. If anyone paid 95$ for this watch, they are foolish. Similar designs for sale on amazon for 1/3rd the price. The hype up for these watches is unreal, and SERIOUS props to them for manipulating the game like that. Again, its a very “cool” and “stylish” watch; not saying its not. I am saying its overpriced for what you’re getting (compared to other watches).

MafiosoARM says:

I do not have one but I saw many videos on youtube where you can see that this watch will last for about 1 year. No thanks.

André Menezes says:

They dont ship to brazil…

Kashyap Dadhaniya says:

fossil please

Dakota Morgan says:

You can get Mvmt watches from for 8 bucks… i bought the black one with the light leather band… its mehhh tbh

Frank Salazar says:

Review the sometimes watch

Amazing Quality says:

Good review but this guy looks like a creep

Arjun Ramnath says:

try a lord timepieces watch.

Joker says:

I got the Black/Black Leather it’s Amazing <3

Berendsen says:

my criteria for my favourite watch is:
<42mm case
black bezel
day AND date complication
sporty band, such as rubber or nato strap
circles instead of arabian or roman numbers.
and biggest one AUTOMATIC

this mvmt watch doesnt look too great imo, its a battery watch and very simple looking without the elegance of simplicity, for 130 bucks you get the seiko 007 with almost all of my critera except for the screw crown for like 150 bucks.
and seiko is one of the most well-known brands out there

Harvard Ford says:

Ayt alpha male. How much did MVMT pay you to do this

Ben Kahnke says:


Josh Sullivan says:

are their watches batter powered or mechanical?

Guy Bates says:

They cost $12.50 on aliexpress, all that company dose is drop ship them from there and get the logo changed for $0.50. The back story is bull shit

buzz lightyear says:

the fifth

Paul Paul says:

that’s crazy cool

Greg Pamachena says:

You said that these are beefier watches would they look funny on someone with skinnier wrists or are they not like the giant rapper style watches?

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