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Review of the *NEW* MVMT Chrono – Gun Metal & Standstone Leather watch. Beautiful Watch released in May 2015. Priced at $135/£87 with free shipping worldwide.

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Kris Donnelly says:

Any idea how much import tax you would have to pay for this watch being delivered to Scotland??

Ian Jenkins says:

Been looking at these watches myself and possibly going to buy, just a bit concerned about how thick they are – I wear Skagen watches just now, really thin.
Chris, I live in ML3 Scotland – here in Colorado USA till 7th February. Let me know if I can help. Not sure about putting contact details on here.

Riccardo Slow Turi says:

do the clock hands light up in the dark?

7Delight Corner says:

where did u buy this man?

Panda Slapper says:

I bought one but i dont know when will it arrive

MrCuttarn says:

Awsome review man! Just wondering how big of wrist you’ve got, seeing that the wristband is straped at it’s widest? 🙂 Can’t realy be arsed making a new hole myself

Shazayum says:

Can you speak to the durability of MVMT watches? I am reading a lot of things which criticize their build quality.

4lifebloods says:

saw this watch on instagram, no way it released on May 26 2015.. one of the greatest days/era of my life. The watch is lit af tho

John Pearce says:

Pronounced “movement”

aardvarkitis says:

the watch looks great, but… can you tell the time at night??

Jagdteckel1 says:

doesn t the leather-strap smell due to treatment  with chemicals. They may eventually harm the Skin.

Ron Pesek says:

60 minute timer only times 30 minutes any reason why?

outeast7 says:

very nice watch, thinking about getting this one way or another

Tee Giang says:

the site says the bands are 22mm and you said 24mm? what is correct?

Ed Wharton says:

They say the name is “movement” not just the letters.

Jens Koyen says:

Hi, great review and nice to finally see ‘live footage’ of this watch :). I am considering buying this watch. However, it does seem that the hands of the watch (hour & min) seem a bit dark. Does this give any problems for looking at the time when you are outside in the evening for example?

ThatoneGuy says:

these arent waterproof or water resistant are they?

louis Lenie says:

have you used the watch and does it hold up?

Alvaro Montilla says:

Can you check



Muhammad Hamza says:


Have you experienced any scratches on dial of the MVMT watch?

TheTastyWizard says:

Awesome review man

Robi Eman says:

they are good looking but it is made in china .

Vincent Lee says:

Is there a way to tell the time in the dark for the watch, like does it glow in the dark?


Just received the black leather/black metal chrono model to replace my old black/black standard MVMT. Best watch I’ve owned.

Adam Carter says:

Been a fan of DW for awhile now, need something fresh. MVMT seems like a good choice

Alex Fan says:

How does it work at night? It seems like it kinda lights up. Can you tell time in the dark?

Sad Bantha says:

What is the music piece played at 3:51?

Nguyễn Nam says:

Looks beautiful!

Inspire Net says:

Put the damn thing on!

Abdullah Durrani says:

mashallah it nice

pritom khan says:

battery are include

Jose jarillo says:

megustan. los. videos. de. reloges

zafarulislam pasha says:

I live in uae plz and I wanna to buy it this gunmetal sand stone

Андрей Н. says:

is that model quartz or mechanical?

Tetra84 says:

a chronograph on this watch doesn’t make sense without indices. what’s the point in timing something if it’s a guess in reading it???

Itsjammy says:

Would this survive in a shower?

David Martin Davies says:

Awesome, gave me a real feel of what this one is about.  Thank you.

0boardcertified0 says:

Ugh…..ticking chronos totally ruined it for me. I was considering this one until then. There are plenty of sweep quartz movements out there and any would make this piece much more desirable. As it is now…….meh……nothing special.

Virussella says:

are you able to see the time (the hands) when in a dark room or at night with no light?

Panda Slapper says:

How much time does the shiping takes?

Bhaskara Jagadhita says:

Is it water resistant?

Victor Murillo says:

It’s really nice but how does it hold up?

zlshaan says:

i am buying one thanks for the review

Drphone NL says:

ugh why so close everytime show it from far too -_-

zafarulislam pasha says:

very beautiful I wanna purchase it I live in uae

Kornetto 21 says:

Is the watch big? My arm is around 57 mm and the watch is 45 mm so I’m not sure at all if it’s too big please help.

AkashGondalia says:

Is the chronograph/stopwatch dials functional? Do the two buttons actually do anything?

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