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Bakhtiyar Rahman says:

Im from the uk. Do they tell you about customs when your first paying for the item because iv already paid for my watch and they didnt tell me anything about custom fees? Can someone help me??

Gustav Nilsson says:

Why do people confuse review with unboxing all the time?

Ocean Beats says:


Skibbity Bop says:

The all gold with black face is an amazingly beautiful watch. I was planning on getting a G-Shock until i saw this one and now i’m gonna put the G-Shock on hold for now and get this one. I’m surprised that it is only $115 even tho its not solid gold. It’s a beautiful watch that is affordable.

Stuart Bonner says:

It’s pronounced Movement.

killingforak says:

Nice review my friend….you seem to appreciate mvmt watches a lot! I find the BLACK/GOLD very classy and a bargain for its price,I also  want to thank you for demonstrating it, you gave as a clear image about how it looks in reality but I want to ask you have you seen any sign of paint wearing off or paint problems in general? thank you

DigitalJournalist says:

Most rubbish watches out there

Sriram R says:

Is it cheap ?

Howard says:

hey why didnt u get the stainless steel one and just get the leather strap with it? could’ve saved u a lot of money bro lol

Cael Roberta Hibbert says:

Black/Gold Classic 

To be completely honest, this watch feels pretty cheap. I’m used to buying Nixon watches and as far as quality, this does not compare at all. This watch is not really water resistant as the website says “avoid water at all time”. The watch also makes this annoying clanking sound as if the links are hollow on the inside. I must say the watch does look nice but that’s about it.

Rodrigo Amaro says:

Is the first watch you reviewed good if i have very small wrists?

Netohc Amep says:

The watches look great on ur wrist. Not sure if I should get the white tan, black tan or the black leather gold for my bf. Plzzzzz help me decide..xx

Bullet-Tooth Tony says:

That’s a fresh watch bro!

sapphireblue88 says:

Looks nice, but I’m not sure if it is Halal to wear gold plated wearables…

ShahMahiUddin says:

Thanks for the heads up on the Custom fees, that stuff really annoys me, happened to me recently with an item I ordered from India.

Michael Ma says:

i think i read your review on the website!!

Uthynda says:

Does the classic gold one looks compaired to the G- shock bigger or smaller, because i have the G- Shock GA-100-1A2ER and to me it fits perfectly. So let me know 🙂
Awesome video btw

Jean Breezy says:

The quality of the Gold watch is Good?

Semi-Wog says:

I had ordered the rose gold watch on the 22nd of November and it still hasn’t come. Other people in Australia have gotten there’s but mine is nowhere to be seen 🙁

Dian Savitrie says:

hi are mvmt watches made in china? thanks

ELQuartz says:

Nice (:

Nicolas Galindo says:

Can you tell me how the Gold/Black classic watch is keeping up? Is it durable ?

EDLuke246 says:

I bought the silver/white model and also got lumped with the £20 import/tax fee to get it into the UK. Still a great watch for a decent price though!

Gönndalf MC says:

somebody know the song playing at the end ?

FishinDeepSouth says:

Definitely subed !:)

Silent Shadow says:

Which watch do you personally prefer the steel banded one or the leather?

Peter Griffin says:

can you take the links off?

Alejandro Rueda Mejia says:

I have read that …”whilst black & gold looks nice the gold paint very soon start to wear off!”…did it happen to your watch?. Thanks in advance!

Fernando Vasquez says:

does it gets dark with time since it’s not real ?

Licely Garcia says:

How is the black on black metal one holding up after all this time. Considering getting it for my fiancé?

Sandbox2112 says:

hey great video! im thinking of buying the black and rose gold watch myself. could you please tell me how the watch is doing? does the paint come off? how are the dials and everything?

BREAKOUT 21 says:

Is it waterproof

MrRedskins0021 says:

What does MVMT stand for?

François Fortin says:

hi ! like the review, but im wondering can you tell your wrist seize? because im considering this watch alot but i  fear its too big !

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