MSI GT80 6QF GTX980 SLI Ultimate Gaming Laptop Review

£4000 is a hell of a price tag but the MSI GT80 2QE is a hell of a laptop with a hell of a spec list!

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bjmxd says:

like i’ve said on other review i only think a gaming laptop above 3000$ is only worth it if your gunna be away from home a lot or at school and need a powerful computer for school work butwannagame on the side when hw and notes are done i ave a 4,000$ desktop and i never saw the purpose of having an laptop almost the same price im glad razer came outr with the stealth for ultimate cpu power and school work but limited to intel hd which is good for mobas

bonyte995 says:

I logged on to say this… I love your accent man…!!! And there… I just hit subscribe 🙂 keep posting..

Paul Finch says:

I have to admit I like this laptop just because it’s a bit of a Frankenstein. It’s way over the top. A 980 SLI setup for 1080p is over kill and the thing gets stupidly hot but it’s brilliant that MSI have even made this thing. It’s like the 295X2. Another Frankenstein but at the time it was showing what could be done if you really wanted to so hats off to MSI for making such a beast.

Parental Guardian says:

my rectum can no longer hold my feces i know shi* myself on a daily basis….

dimitris konstantinidis says:

why aren’t fury nano in laptop; they’re more balanced performance consumption

neto says:

Great review , I have this laptop but with 980ms

Eloy Hurtado Bermudez says:

next review eurocom panther 🙂

Niglet White man says:

we need a 21:9 laptop 😛

CADesigner says:

What a beast, just to make it the definitive gaming “laptop” I would change to a 4K G-Sync Screen and a i7-6700K, that would be definitive “portable” gaming computer

Broh says:

yo thats a beast laptop, whoever buys it is lucky as fuck. it can play arma 3 at 120 fps

dev 2k16 says:

Will I have gameplay issues with this laptop without g sync??

TJ Suydam says:

5745.60 US Dollar, hahaha, could literally buy cars with this laptop.

JooJoo Flop says:

haha! 😀

the PORN killer button!

mrpositronia says:

I look forward to seeing this appear on Lazy Game Reviews in 20 years time.

PhantomTech says:

Putting a 1080p screen on this is like putting a top end V8 in a Buggy

wiideathmod says:

Have a question for you ttl what kind of nas would you run 24/7 that is at least 4-5 drives

MrDoge FTW says:

I got an ad for the hp spectre lol

Vermillion Ng says:

you forget to turnon the GPU while testing moron

Zakaria Heliotron says:

what is the price

BileMonkey says:

Bits and Bytes still causing you some confusion, then! 😛

Finlay Pierce says:

four thousand pounds is a complete ripoff, you can build a much better pc for that amount

pnp072000 says:

Will they ever release a model with dual desktop 1080 GPU’s? Also why don’t they include a desktop CPU and a 4K screen? They should do that for the next generation.

iamanon4u says:

I want one. Totally good without having 4k. Can’t afford it, though.

The RC Noob 360 says:

Could a lot of people subscribe to my channel for no reason

CrysisEnthusiast says:

“8GB total VRAM” I wonder who wrote that..

TriFlix Films says:

Great video!
If any of you have time, would you mind looking over my build? Need opinions from some intellectual techies before I buy the parts. Here’s the build | | Its intended for 4K video editing and VFX. Thanks!

Stephen Blower says:

At 7:08 into this video the word RAPE is used in a way that continues to lessen the severity of what the word rape actually means. The word rape is an emotive word and as such shouldn’t be used in any context that isn’t actually talking about rape. Please don’t perpetuate this usage.

Nicolas Rodriguez says:

that display looks cheap.

Eloy Hurtado Bermudez says:

tom , excellent video as usual , i wanted to ask if previous gt80 revisions support gtx 980 sli as an option or no?

Crazy Geeza says:

It goes without saying, you cant get a desktop int a laptop without these issues.

KvotheYSL21 says:

Thank you for this review. I’m a long haul trucker and my gaming desktop hasn’t been turned on in 3 years :(. I have an older Alienware M18 R2 right now and thinking about upgrading. I originally wanted to put 980m’s into this guy, but then MSI made that laptop. Ugh, my wallet shall forever stay empty…

gunnarsandberg1 says:

best tech-PC reviewer on youtube, subed!! Greetings from Norway <3

Brian Cheng says:

looks way too overpriced. I wouldn’t buy this even if I was a millionaire, but maybe if I was a billionaire.

TenzoG says:

Nice video btw i reported a comment in one of your videos one of the rudest comments i seen hope he never comes back to your channel his comment was disgusting please dont tolerate comments like that just block them so you dont get flooded with garbedge

JooJoo Flop says:

1920 1080 🙁 what the hell lol 4k!!!

Jan-Lukas Schmidt says:

Being totally comfortable with a thousand dollar laptop. Its more silent less noisy. My big machine standing on my desk ist better but I dont want to move a whole custom watercooled build wich weights almost 40kilogramms to every lan party Im going to or to a friend.

Ismail Ocal says:

Thinking of running a 737 flight simulator with that laptop and use it in the house!

Roe Hahn says:

I think u need to do more laptop reviews.. had it been 4000$ I’d go with it but 4000£ is madness.. try to do some alienware reviews if u could.. they turn out to be cheaper nowadays

Lateef Tek says:

this video sucks

lexustheimpaler says:

I stopped watching when he said 1080p

TheHvk says:

The system is way overpowered for a 1080p screen. What a joke.

Nikita M says:

4000? you can get a car and a PC for that))

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