MSI GT72 VR 6RE GTX1070 i7 Gsync IPS Gaming Laptop Review

If youre looking for an epic gaming laptop without having to sell a kidney the GT72 could be perfect….

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triggahmp says:

1080p for £2,000 wtf !!!

cfq. TuFaNuF says:

pointless having RGB on a laptop.

VapersRecruit says:

Is there a tap to click feature on the trackpad? i heard the physical buttons were very stiff so id prefer to tap to click. how is the actual trackpad?

Lopez Alehandro says:

Someone give that man a glass of water

dor handshtok says:

u r ugly

No Limits says:

Lol this was an app review : Dragon center: for android and Apple xD

TheMojophotos says:

Just a word of warning. MSI gaming laptops all have a warranty void sticker over 1 of the screws so you wont be able to open it up for upgrading the hard drives and ram so make sure you get what you need for the length of the warranty period. I got the apachee GE72 with just a 128gb sata m.2 drive last year with a 2 year warranty and now desperately want to upgrade it to a bigger PCI-e x4 M.2 drive but can’t without voiding the warranty. Also worth pointing out is that you can’t game on this with battery power. It needs to be plugged into the mains to use the nvidea GFX or it’ll use the GFX on the CPU.

Dre Dejong says:

“A solid 1:15 hours of batterylife while gaming”

Dean Gamble says:

i like that Tom. The TTL show! Hmmm me being from the states , TTL sounds suddenly familiar(jim baker)…use it anyway.

Graham Culleton says:

Naah! at no point is the £2000 price justified.

the one you dont see says:

the max fan speed quick button is the best idea for a gaming laptop!

Robert Cacák says:

and GTX 1080 can not here been?

Camille Anderson says:

do u answer questions?

Michael Kaldasch says:

Definitely want to see more! What about GS63 etc… would be great to see this e.g.

Blue raver x says:

How many ssd M.2 slots has ?

Louie says:

thats weird i got up to 90-110fps on metro last night?

derickj1976 says:

Wow, that battery life is horrendous.

Umar Abid says:

hi is this thin laptop?

pooprock0 says:


NSW. Mods says:

Thanks Bro

Saeed Anwar says:

How about system integrator reviews such as systems made by cyberpower pc or Overclockers I thought the review was very useful and informative

Aint1S says:

Tom, check this…

I hate to correct Bryan Waters, but the GTX 980M was closer to the GTX 970 non-reference edition in the MSI GT72 2QE DOMINATOR PRO-G with their overclocking profiles.
The GTX 980M actually beats the GTX 980 reference frame for frame. The reference GTX 980 ran hot, really hot and it killed the frame rate fast.

I’ve owned everything I mention here and that’s the truth. The non-reference GTX 970 beats the GTX 980 reference design out of the box because of the capable cooling solutions.
That said, I returned my GTX 980 on the 29th day and have been gaming exclusively on my GT72 2QE ever since.

I’m getting this laptop due to some issues here in the states, but what I’d love for you to request is a EuroCom SKY X9E2! I’m already planning for it right now!
Tom, I won’t even pay around and BS you… that’s the laptop of your dreams and it’s basic model before you chose parts like GPU and the small things is only $400 more than this laptop. $2,400 with the desktop i7-6700K and capable of GTX 1080 in SLI!

Please request it man…

Twin Turbo says:

This is an all-rounder good laptop, you could study on this, play some games, watch movies, and make spreadsheets. It’s got the newer laptop video card – Geforce 1070 which is going to last a long time (5-7 years), and it’s got tons of RAM and has the new i7 Core cpu (6700). You couldn’t do much better than this unless your willing to spend over $5000 which would be a 4k laptop with a i7 6820 cpu and dual Geforce 1080s for vid card which is quite abit of hardware crammed in a little box really. Right now you can’t expect more than 30 fps on a 4k laptop unless you have dual 1080s and even then you might not get the full 60fps. This laptop is the way to go, atleast for now.

Good review.

Densz says:

You said there is a 120hz version of it? Can someone link me the model please? Thaaanks 🙂

Origami Captain says:

Why do people buy these laptops. On some level I understand it if someone wants to simplify thier desktop I suppose. I honestly don’t understand. Could a potential buyer explain? Thanks.

Alex Goulet says:

Is this the same guy that does RandomGaminginHD? The accents sound nearly identical to me.

mike smith says:

no ding

GeekMasterRated Mac and Rag says:

Oh man, i lost it at the “fap button” xD Never thought of it that way 😛 It’s a “Fn” on my keyboard(laptop), would love to have a button dedicated to it xD even tho it would get annoying while mates are around

Spencer Lievens says:

Link in mailout doesnt work properly as its cut off.

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