MSI GS73VR (GTX 1060) Laptop Review – 120Hz Gaming

A Review of the MSI GS73VR 6RF STEALTH PRO. Links & Deals to the MSI Pascal Line of Killer GTX 1060 Laptops:

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xzinx says:

would you recomend this or the 4k monitor version??

Lucas Blaney says:

is the power cable placement super annoying..? as in, do you hit it with your mouse?

Sasha M says:

was considering this and gt73 but makes no sense to have 3 zones backlight where neither is dedicated to number pad. what is the point of these? no practical purpose whatsoever!

wagagagaggag says:

I was wishing for a csgo benchmark ;(

Birdperson says:

I’m torn between this laptop and the Asus ROG Strix, does anyone know which one is better and more reliable because if i’m gonna be spending 2 grand on a laptop i want it to last several years at least.

wagagagaggag says:

This laptop is like the perfect one for csgo 🙂 no need for gsync, and no need for better gpus 🙂

Ludwig Harisuo says:

I have the HP Pavilion Gaming notebook. It has a 6th gen intel i5 (I don’t know the full number) and a gtx 950m in it.
I’m overclocking the gpu for even more power, but unfortunally Overwatch doesn’t accept me overclocking my gpu. So every game except Overwatch my graphics card is oveclocked.

Diego Granados says:

please review the Apache GE72VR pro

Bsquared says:

To anyone with THIS laptop… how much RAM can it hold max? Also are the speakers on the top of the laptop or on the side of it? Thanks!

OMGiTsDaFiSh says:

Awsome video dude

silvergamer says:

nive vid

CameronCanFLY says:

Now does this have a full size 1060 in it or is it the shitty mobile version?

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

what laptop brand has THE BEST build quality?

UseR TV says:

anyone recommend this over the ASUS GL702?

zed0kun says:

It sounds a lot better when you play it at 1.25x speed

kne lai says:

Really like your videos, keep doing it !

Appinator Fullstream says:

Why shouldnt i buy a Medion Erazer 17inch GTX1060 6gb instead of this?

Harwin Singh says:

please help ,should I get this or the Asus ROG GL702VM???

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

I hear the lid flex is insane. However I’ve seen it in person and it’s very impressive

Larry Smith says:

At 10:26 you said 980 instead of 1060

Diego Granados says:

can u help me pick which one is better the msi gs73vr stealth pro or the msi ge72vr apache pro I will be playing battle field 1, over watch, gtav, counterstrke, and other games like hizi king of the hill and I want to stream and make YouTube gaming videos

francisco villarreal says:

just ordered the 15 inch laptop im happy ill get to pc game after months since my cheap pc died

Bert Macklin and friends says:

I have this laptop, i love it dont get me wrong. But..lets be honest here….The speakers are probably the worst things of this product. Just to be clear

BB101 says:

Great Review bro, loved it, KEEP IT UP

wagagagaggag says:

The 0.1 second image of audio enhancer Nahimic at 8:56 is such a meme.

Whoever gets this laptop, the first thing you should do is uninstall this shitty software. It fucked up my sound badly when I got my laptop.

Mark Whasse says:

I’m sad, I bought the ge72vr and it was marketed as 120hz which is absolutely necessary as a FPS gamer. Should have went with this model. False advertisement at it’s finest!

Edoardo Lusuardi says:

Can i upgrade the video card from a 1060 to a 1070, or even a 1080?

LusciousVirgoDiva says:

I’m torn between the GS73 and the GT72. Don’t know which to get -_-

aliawesome12fab says:

tn panel? fuck that

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