MSI GS43 (GTX 1060) Gaming Laptop Review

A review of the GS43VR Phantom Pro. Link to respective gaming notebook below:

MSI 14″ (GTX 1060) Laptop:

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TBNRmudkipz says:

Very Nice video Donate the laptop to me 🙁
I have a Sony Vaio E series laptop with AMD Radeon and its 4 years old

RustySawbones says:

Does this work with the razer core?

Gaming Legend 246 says:

in the beginning i thought i didn’t have sound… .-.

Ricardo J Virrueta says:

ugh, im split between this laptop, the aero 14, and the razer 14 :/

Voxel Voice says:

Great review! I’m looking to pick one of these up for some gaming, but also video editing (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop). Any thoughts on how it would perform with those tasks?

Shijo Joseph says:

one more ???? if i buy this laptop. does it comes with all essential drivers installed?? or do i need to buy those drivers separately???

Shijo Joseph says:

can i plug this in 220v power supply ????? i resides in india and here we are having a 220v power based electrical system rather than 100v like in US.


What is the different of this one and gs63vr one

Iasmin Giurici says:

hello , can you turn the laptop on right after you unbox it or you have to charge it first ?

Nivrozator says:

Ashe top? But whyyyy

Kai Suen Lee says:

ur video improved sooooooo much compared with your earlier videos!

DidoCool says:

Hey, nice video! Would you mind to visit my channel too and subscribe if you like it? Good Job anyway (y)

MocknozzieRiver says:

Was just going to watch this video and run but… That freaking adorable kitten. You have got a new sub haha.

Brian Berkes says:

Thank you!

Yugant Gurung says:

This is probably the only 14 inch laptop to be this good and has amazing specs even cheaper than razer blade 14 2016. I think I will buy this next week but I have 1 question. Can you upgrade it to 32 GB RAM?

Scias says:

Ermeferkingerd that kitten

My GS73VR with 7700HQ arrives today QAQ

Scruffers2011 says:

What’s the keystroke distance?

MT1120 says:

What Graphics card does your cat have? Does it take shits on Ultra?

TMac53 says:

For anyone that owns this laptop, does it overheat? Would you recommend getting a laptop cooling pad for it?

Jawz0r says:

So the GPU gets extra heatpipes (compared to the CPU) AND an extra cooling vent at the side to maximize airflow? That’s actually pretty great!

Andres Marrero says:

does a matte display look blurry when looking at details compared to a glossy ips display?

MeltLikeIce says:

Should I get this laptop or a Alienware laptop or should I just build my own computer

Just A Dark-Haired Gamer says:

Thinking about this as an upgrade from my slightly-too-underpowered GP62. ( dual-core i5, GTX 950m ) Thinking about this as an upgrade. On a side note, do you think there’s any laptops that suit a $1500 budget better?

John Summers says:

did you really say “the esc key” lol

Jose Zuniga says:

You got my Thumbs Up for the kitten

First Name Last Name says:

been looking for a review of this, now am subscribed

Условия использования says:

this bezels

Mr Doritos says:

isnt it 1060m?

Josh Ross says:

Ur bouta blow up. I can feel it

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