MSI GE62VR (GTX 1060) Review – A Pascal Gaming Laptop for Less!

Dave2D review of the 15″ MSI GE62 VR Apache Gaming Laptop with the powerful GTX 1060. Covering build quality, screen, hardware, battery life and gaming performance.
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Bertie 04 says:

Will it run battlefield 1 on ultra?

Felix Beckmann says:

No… Thunderbolt… 3…? Erm… That’s not nice, I guess? I think I might subscribe to your channel now and wait for a reasonable Laptop with thunderbolt 3. Until that happens, I won’t eat or drink anything. Sounds like a good Idea to give some pressure to the developers? No? Luckily it was a joke.

Zade Muhammad says:

Is the battery good for a soon to be college student?

Zeeshan Baig says:

which one to buy between hp omen 17 with gtx 1070 and msi ge62vr 6rf with gtx 1060 plz help.

Super Sonic says:

Who’s waiting for a GTX 1050m to come out

hirak choudhury says:

this or the Asus gl502 which runs cooler?

Muflih Rafi Daffa Thahir says:

Can anyone recommend me a gtx1060 laptop that has an optical drive other than this?

AJ co says:

Will this run watch dogs 2?

Siddharth Nair says:

This laptop with 128gb ssd costs $2200 in India, even if I buy it for 1500 on and get it here myself, we don’t have any MSI customer care here. Can anyone suggest a dell or asus laptop with a 1060 around the same price?

Dylan Baker-Mineau says:

Hi what would you recommend? This GE62 or the ASUS ROG GL502?

Piyath Alawatte says:

This laptop is just $1150 now.

greiger100 says:

Thanks, I would probably just hook this up to a 4k 27inch monitor, my Razxer Classic set would love this. lol

greiger100 says:

Picked one up from BestBuy earlier this year. It has 256gb of SSD storage along with 1tb of HDD.

Joseph Adams says:

Anyone know if MSI GE62VR APACHE PRO-086 will run VR? Specifically the Oculus Rift.

kallol nayak says:

is it good for 3d rendering

Nghia Tran says:

your voice always calm me

Riddick Vengeance says:

Is it possible to overclock? (sorry for my english)

vegas wajeel says:

So whats a good Laptop under 2k? I was looking online and they have the 17 inch for under 2k and it has a 1070 is that real? Can someone help me and point me in the right direction?

Sora 1469 says:

what the hell do you do with all that laptops


for that kind of money should be GTX 1080

Sora 1469 says:

what the hell do you do with all that laptops

Alfred Berglund says:

gr8 vid

132dsuhendra says:

Hi Lee, could you give me a recommendation, which one is better, MSI GE62VR-7RF-043 (I7-7700 HQ, GTX1060-3G, 1 TB+128SSD, 16G, 15,6″FHD) or ASUS ROG STRIX GL502VT (I7-6700 HQ, Discrete Graphics, GTX 970M-6GB DDR5, 1 TB HDD 7200 RPM + 256 GB PCIe x4 SSD, 16 G, Dual thermal Cooling system design, NVMe PCIe SSD tech)?

omar lewis says:

Why don’t you show temps on the cpu and gpu?

Wesley Kho says:

Hi Dave, if you were to pick between MSI GT62, GE62 and Asus GL502 which one will you prefer? and why?

Meet Mistry says:

hey dave i want to buy one for college and mostly gaming so was thinking for a laptop with a 1050ti or 1060, and i ll be buying it in april so which one do you recommend lenovo legion or acer v15 or dell inspiron 2017 model or msi ge62 or asus strix budget 1500$

Kenji Nantoka says:

Hey guys I just bought this laptop but cant seem to figure out how to change the color of the keyboard..can anyone help?

AllShallow says:

How does it run on h1z1

Walden Sun says:

Theres a youtube channel called Mark, whos doing some sort of ‘giveaways’ and claims that all of his giveaways are legit. Theres a video that shows him giving away an MSI gaming laptop and he uses your footage. He says that all his videos are his and other people are using his video and copying him.

HirachieOfSociety says:

Honestly I’d rather them take out that HDD and CD-ROM for a larger battery and a slimmer build.

Cryptic 90 says:

theres a 1060 gtx graphics card for laptops?? i thought the it got was 980m or 980

Ratan Bharadwaj says:

$1000? FUCK NOOO!!!!!
imma buy a ps4 pro for 650$

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