MSI GE62 Apache Pro (2016) Review: A Powerful Budget Friendly Gaming Laptop!

The MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro is a powerful 15-inch portable gaming laptop that has what it takes to play the latest games at 1080P with settings set to high. Watch for the full review!

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xsteaky says:

so would you choose the Asus gl502?


hi bro!!!, The battery is good?

Bryan Cruz says:

aunque posiblemente no leas mi comentario en español :’v . haces excelentes videos (Y) saludos desde Peru.

Alex Robert C says:

How futureproof do you think this will be?

Ethan Crane says:

“Budget Friendly”

Chris Canton says:

Got this 3 weeks ago… it freezes up constantly. It has a million apps running in the background that you don’t need. The MSI video driver constantly gives an error after a reboot.

The audio sucks!!! uninstall the audio drivers or even the best speakers will sound like total crap.

Hammer And Sickle says:


chebob 123 says:

Will it play arma3

Gimme cookies says:

I don’t know what laptop I should buy 🙁 I am currently playing CSGO and any other FPS games.

Which MSI laptop I should buy? ( Less weight, budget-friendly, really need a fast laptop that doesn’t heat fast, etc )

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

man! I didn’t want to like these but I saw the Stealth Pro at Best Buy and it’s IMPRESSIVE!

ashton miller says:

4 more years and I can afford one

D4 Music says:

Has anyone ever taken the specs sticker off this laptop? The big red and black one. Im sick of it and want it removed.

Racer Shotz says:

Can this laptop work with elgato

Real Madrid says:

Lagt it wiht gta 5?

Marla Pancake says:

Uh the joys of living in expensive New Zealand where this laptop is $3900 -_-

ToTsC VeNoM says:

2100?!! Our dollar sucks more than….

I don’t know.

JoniwaYT says:

why does my cpu in the dragon gaming centre show 7-12 %

RoXviN51 says:

Hey dirty minds. 4:03

Kotovod Kotov says:

Does the display got IPS quality for sure? Since as far as I knew from MSI official site, this series comes with so-called “IPS-type panel (optional)”, which probably means it could be equipped relatively good PLS or just TN+film, depending on mere discretion of manufacturer. What is the exact type of display panel on your samples? Are you satisfied with its quality, width of angles and color accuracy?

Mister_Surf says:

Ryan Reynolds?!?! Oh nvm

greendevilertan says:

Are you sure this can play overwatch that well? Recently bought it and turned graphics to epic and it barely reaches 50 fps

Noble says:

I think the GE62’s touch pad is great, I hate the smooth built in mouse button pads that are out now. It’s touch pad is one is the main reasons I am considering buying it.

Aedan Macdonald says:

I found it for 900 usd official MSI refurbished.

Limalachi says:

so why is it 1000$ on amazon?

Burning Man says:

Respectable beard.

Saifulnizam Yunus says:

Is that a waste if I buy this but I am not that gamer?

Kert White says:

Can this handle arma 3 and world of warcraft

levitabusman says:

Can this run stuff like 3ds max, maya and zbrush?

Corbin1008 says:

This guy is lying lol my laptop lasts 30m while gaming and 3 hours surfing on the web

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