Monoprice Stereo Hybrid Tube Amp with Bluetooth & Speakers – Review

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K3Techs says:

is this a parody video?

Max Cherry says:

“ahh taste of the blood of my fallen enemies” LOL

jacksonlefteye says:

this video’s awesome, this dude’s awesome


allen0088 says:

the humming noise kills my music. im all hifi here can do with out the noisey amp

KayWal1981 says:

Great video. By the way awesome beard.

c0deous says:

The review part needs some improvement, but the B-Roll area is levels better than the Tek Syndicate main channel

Slan Wallander says:

Looks interesting but I remember those ”tubes ” had a relatively short life span when they were used in TV ‘s and before that radio’s .Yes, you can  buy them from the manufacturer but they are a rare item and a technology invented in 1904.

keeykey says:

this guy is awesome

Habeas J says:

Do you know if this would work with a record player?

Steven Wang says:

They should add a line out in the next version, so a sub can be added.

Eric Owens says:

Great mini review. Love the opening music for your video/s.

Alf Melmac says:

Hey man, thanks for the review.
Question: Do I need a DAC with this amp? (To listen to music from my computer)


Sam Posten says:

I just got mine today, it has a NASTY hum when in bluetooth mode, sounds like a ground loop from the modem in the iPhone and iPod touch. Any problem with this?

ZcomputermanZ says:

can i get a link to the introsong

Felipe Queirolo says:

his voice is so deep

bithor says:

you guys should just upload to one channel, i miss a lot of videos the way it is now

JackLondon says:

Blast some electric wizard out of that MF

Jarrett Kushner says:

apt.x is perfect

Southeastern777 says:

In the 60s/70s, we evolved from tubes to the much more efficient/reliable “Solid State” & stopped replacing tubes on a regular basis!

MrBiky says:

Wow, no comments, but still 14k+ views. Who’s this guy?

Tiberiu Mihai Rezus says:

Man I like your style, the intro is simply awesome. I too got this baby yesterday after seeing your review, I paired it with the 5 inch speaker , and it sounds great especially for the price. I hope monoprice will release it’s big brother with more digital inputs and a high end dac for under 500$, I would buy it eyes closed.

funk44 says:

Content of the video isnt great but damn… that voice

ricardo azenha says:

Love the design !
Not enough power for me though …
do you guys know if monoprice are thinking on releasing more power version of this ?

Shaun Wright says:

“The taste of the blood of my fallen enemies” lol that’s awesome, that really is.

PissBucket Royale says:

went to the forum, couldn’t find an answer. How would you hook this amp to a PC? can any one answer this Question for me? Thank you have a nice day.

s7j7d7 says:

love the video *cough* more videos form rooster *cough*

Yung lean says:

Could I use this as a phono preamp?

n3zyd says:

needs some 12AX7 tube love

Rainyboy says:

`tasted like a blood of my fallen enemy`….ha3!…very classic….

shenlonco says:

? For you I just got this and it sounds great but does yours make a hum and hissing sound in both speakers when not playing music through it when powered on? my right side also makes a clicking on and off slight popping sound?any help will be great.THANKS

Volt Lover says:

Tube amps are hipster garbage. Bluetooth (automatic quality degradation) + tubes (automatic distortion) = worst audio you can get on a desktop. “Warmth” = distortion. “Richness” = distortion. Its not a matter of taste, its distortion. You might as well play 128 k mp3’s in another room and listen through a walkie talkie.

Eliah Hughes says:

Wow guys seriously that was the best intro i have seen of any video, very well done.

One Small Serving says:

How would you hook a sub up to this?

MacAlister Livingston says:

If he doesn’t sound like the guy from Tech of Tomorrow

Jonathan Heckel says:

Agent Beard?

deinemuddaisdoof says:

I liked it 🙂

mrjoa96 says:

omg where’s the tek

NeopolitianNPLTN says:

You look like one of those beard stroking fuck wads.

AudiophileTubes says:

Are the knobs metal or plastic?

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