Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

2012 Microsoft Surface RT Tablet & Touch Cover Review!

My hands on review of the 2012 Microsoft Surface RT tablet and Touch Cover. The Surface is running Windows RT / Windows 8 and comes with Office 2013 including Word 2013 and in this video I compare it vs iPad 4 and Nexus 7 / Nexus 10.

My Video Gear!

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MotherBoredom says:

the 32GB version just got a price drop! Now it’s $349! that’s 150 bucks less!

MakingDaRule Z says:

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ShadowsytheDimension says:

That awkward moment when you watch this from a surface tablet…

lbry gerald says:

no unless theres one on the windows store

Katie Guardado says:

ya it really cheap.

Matthew K. says:

Are you able to get video editors like you could on a normal Pc?

Allan G says:

$199 at Best buy for Black Friday  🙂 

MrArthas96 says:

Aktan, this is an RT tablet that is meant to be hardware wise similar to ipad and android tablets. It isn’t meant to compete with power of laptops, thats what Surface Pro is. Besides, now that it costs $350, it is definitely worth it, especially if you’re a student. Im getting one today for portability and my desktop is used for gaming and heavy tasks.

kevin dasilva says:

i know that you can use a program to make flash drives ram

Lee Anderson says:

is this worth it now? like, the appstore and all now? thanks

Jordan Choate says:

called inflection

TheGadgetReviewer says:

It’s actually 499.99 for 64GB w/ touch cover

Mitchell Gunning says:

why did he go on jailbreak website

lbry gerald says:

im getting one tomorow with a external 500gb hard drive!!!!!!

TheKungFuPotato says:

The rear camera is tilted upwards so that with the kickstand open, it doesn’t point down.

buddybenjguitarhero says:

His voice goes up and down at the end of his sentences.

vanson530 says:

I might get it for christmas 😀

Gregory Nwosibe says:

P.S. Microsoft just made the price $399

master12344 says:

Lol same here

bluetiger says:

How many mp is the back camera

BlueEyeDemonMC says:

So you can use mouse with it

ak4ik says:

lol I was actually sarcastic (cuz Austin was definitely making a joke in this video), I am too will be getting this tablet for university as all of my courses are pdf/ppt/word based 🙂

fazer267 says:

i am gettin this tablet for free from my school

09brettsieBoo says:

is the kickstand good i know the surface 2 has two different ways to have it but is this one bad ? or is it still really good?

JokingChris 101 says:

On eBay it’s about $180 right now

TheDonutMafia says:

I bought it for $399 in wal-mart with touch cover.

JosephKing75 CBP says:

You can root it and start using it as the windows 8 pro

Alex Simard says:

it sucks you can’t download outside of microsoft store and microsoft store sucks so it sucks as a labtop and it sucks as a tablet

Elizabeth Alcarraz says:

Could you connect this to a printer?

Prouser123 says:

Er… This is my laptop and it doesn’t really suck.

KingChickenPlaysMC says:

My name’s Austin too at first i thought it was girly after i found your channel i felt better about my name so its great even if i’m 10 I use tech all the time. thx.

Boas Andreasen says:

Yes, the new surface will launch on monday, so definentaly wait for it.

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