Microsoft Surface 3 review: a tablet that wants to be a laptop

Say goodbye to Windows RT — Microsoft’s new Surface 3 finally runs full Windows. But it’s not a laptop, it’s not quite a tablet, and it’s not quite fast.


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Alexander White says:

Hi ! Dang presence i really please this result violently#!you

Dan Sanger says:

Verge’s bias isn’t really that surprising.  Everyone there uses nothing but Apple products all day everyday.  They’re used to them.  As soon as they start using another device, any difference with an iPad or a MacBook is immediately noticed and automatically perceived as a flaw.  It’s human nature.

Goliath says:

Lol, the very start of the video, sounds like somebody wants to talk but hesitates and doesn’t talk. 😛 That sound I mean before the Verge logo comes up.

technologyfreak says:

My nextbook tablet is only 8 gigabytes.If I had the money I’d get a better tablet.

entyceit says:

there’s so much negative tone on this review.

Matthew Cusanelli says:

You have yet to convince us that you’re not massive Apple nutt guzzlers and get paid for good reviews for apple products.

walter conley says:

$499 is a fallacy. As it’s shown on the review, and on the commercials, it’s 680$ (499 + 130 + 50). Stop lying.

Kevin Hadap says:

at 0:16.  I’ve never understood this.  I’ve used a laptop for near a decade (before giving in and building my own pc’s for the last decade) – and while, yes I understand it’s a “laptop” – WHY ARE YOU MOVING IT FROM THE TABLE TO YOUR LAP?  And then you act all flabbergasted “oh god it won’t stay stable on my lap.” Why not, oh, I don’t know, just keep it on the table?!?  If you want to use it in your lap, flip the keyboard over and use it like a tablet. I honestly don’t get it.  It’s got a perfectly good form factor for desktop use, and a perfectly good form factor (tablet) for lap use, but you use the desktop form factor for your lap and suddenly it’s a design flaw. It’s probably just me.  But I don’t get it.  If I didn’t have a table, I would use this in tablet mode, that’s natural to me.

Profetak says:

Windows Surface was my “dream computer”. Even though I was reluctant because of the price, I made up my mind to buy it. After one year using it, I kind of regret it. Main problems:
1 – Keyboard is often not recognized (I would say once a day, and I have to restart).
2 – System crashes more often comparing to my other experiences with Windows.
3 – Screen is gradually developing more yellowish spots over months of use.
4 – Insufficient storage comparing to regular laptops. This was no problem when OneDrive had the “online-only files”, which allowed users to visualize all files without actually downloading them and taking up space. Microsoft decided to get rid of this incredible function.
5 – Charging connection got loose over time, and now it does not always charge properly.
6 – Battery life seems very short to me, around 4 hours, and takes a long time to charge (comparing to my boyfriend’s Macbook, it stays far behind).

Of course there are positive things about, and in spite of these problems, in general I would say I am more happy then upset about it. But I am already thinking of buying a regular and more reliable laptop for my work. So for the price, I wouldn’t really recommend it.

KingofBarr says:

@brandon quintero if your comparing it to the air, I would look at the Pro 3 as it is more comparable in price and specs. The Surface 3 is the more everyday use device. The Surface Pro 3 is a portable powerhouse that doesn’t come at a bad price. If you’re not looking to do anything too intense go for the Surface 3. If you are get the Pro. Either way you’ll probably be happier than with a Mac.

Niv Rosen says:

This review isn’t clear as to what exactly you’re trying to say, or what the product is for. It’s mixed. And to many terms..
Usually you’re so good but this one is confusing. 🙁

Siddesh Gannu says:

I need a device to take noted on and i need the pen to be accurate and very precise. Should i got for the ipad pro 9.7 inch with the apple pencil or the surface 3 with the pen. Please help guys

AirScholar says:

I did a hands on study of the new Surface 3. 
Three reasons why the Surface 3 is unusable for most people. 

1 – In order to charge the unit, it must be turned off and plugged in. Attempting to charge the unit while using it, even for light browsing is about 7% a hour. Yes, it will take all day to charge it while it is on. Good part, it uses a common microUSB port.

2 – Charging will not occur with MOST USB power supplies. The one it comes with works and Apple iPad charger works, albeit very slowly. 

3 – Despite the sacrifice made in power by using the ATOM processor, battery life is not so good, Why ? Most tasks, even modest work loads, require the ATOM to work at almost full capacity and hence the battery drain. I get about 4 to 5 hours use with modest work loads. 

Minor annoyances…
Trackpad is often unresponsive, especially during scrolling. Further frustration consider how small it is. Keyboard is stiffer than past but still feels a bit flimsy. Viewing angles are more limited with the new kick stand.
Power users will want to avoid this tablet altogether. Usable but very slow with Adobe, and as of yet Adobe does not recognize the OpenCL on the GPU, making it even slower. Games, even 10 year old will barely run at the lowest settings. COD 3 at the lowest res and settings barely gets 25 fps. 

Until the processing power of the CPU increases by at least 3x and GPU by 6x, this form factor and power level is almost purely a consumption device. Office apps has no problems. MS Office runs smoothly, but until MS releases a touch friendly Office, don’t expect to use the touch screen. The dense pixels and touch unfriendly Office interface makes it a very bad touch screen experience.

CaptainTalon448 says:

What is that thing at 3:17?

Kevin Gates says:

At 1:50 you see him sketching a butthole with an Apple squeezed into the center. It all makes sense now.

Job Flores says:

Haha, find me a better option when shitting on any product. There is none on the market…I searched. Specially one designed for students. This is not made to replace your home computer, just something portable, multi-tasking and fun.

Kieran Duke says:

What would be the best alternative to the surface 3 without having to fork out 700$. I’m looking for a solid tablet that can run full Microsoft office for school for around 400-450$. Any help?

Optimusprime917 says:

s/o to the security guy @ the end

silverathlon says:

It seems like if its not an Apple product, its not good enough.

Michael Lewis says:

Exactly the review I expected from The Verge.

Gillean X Rice says:

Could I use this to play games like league of legends

S F says:

I bought a Surface 3 purely for reading pdf files and writing all my notes using OneNote on a very light and beautifully designed machine. Its worth every penny.
Next I will buy the Surface book (probably next year) but if Microsoft releases a Surface AIO (All in One) Id definitely go for that
And lastly I will buy the HoloLens consumer version as soon as it gets released.
I will keep my iPhone 6 as it is sleek and light and pretty. I doubt Microsoft can change my mind about that one…

richarddr1234 says:

iPad pro turned the Verge’s world around. Suddenly, the Surface makes sense.

Antho B says:

The title should be renamed “a tablet that is a laptop”

Kevin Gates says:

The Verge is so blatantly biased in their reviews that it makes me sick. They’ve become the FOX News of the tech world.

Luis Felipe Valencia says:

The Verge is so hypercritical of Microsoft.

brandon quintero says:

Serious question should I buy this or a MacBook Air from 2013?

Agumon5 says:

I just don’t see the point to this. For about the same price, or maybe one hundred dollars more, you can get a much more functional thin and light laptop.

harshal ghuge says:

At least this product should be released in India!

Honorien says:

Why does everyone has to point out that it can’t be used for photoshop as if someone really expected it to do it like a full desktop pc.
Nobody puts it features in relation to the price, and for it’s price and feature rhich set it is perfect. Especially for those with a little less money to buy something pro’ish.
It always sounds like its a bad tablet nore a laptop. But try to find a laptop elswhere with these features or a tablet that can do that much. You’re not going to find anything. Like I mean really nothing.
Also many reviewers seem to miss the usecase. It’s for students, it’s for simple tasks. And though it’s not as fast you can still use photoshop if you can wait 2-3 seconds longer than it takes on a pro. (Yes you actually can.)
Yes it’s trackpad is small, but so is the device. There is just not more room for it. So why are you complaining?
Who in the world does think about heavy gaming on this? Sure you can play indie games, but do you really expect it to run some big titles?
People just don’t see the relation between price, features and power. This stuff doesnt come for free and yes in such a small case there is no room for an full desktop i7 and therfor will be less powerfull.
I don’t understand what people are expecting. I could take this further. It’s not only like this with devices everyone today thinks that everything comes for free and don’t see the consequences. This makes me somewhat upset.
Nice day to everyone still.

386vwade says:

2gb ram enough for just browsing,downloading,watching Netflix and backing up my IPhone 6 plus iTunes? I’m coming from a MacBook Air 11 2010 Any advice would be appreciated? Thanks

ChrisRiquinha says:

Just out of curiosity, how would this compare to a decent 2 in 1 laptop, such as the Dell Inspiron, for basic media consumption, social media, blogging and internet?

386vwade says:

I’m looking to buy a MacBook Air 13 or a Surface 3, I’m stuck in the middle. I mainly just want something for watching and downloading movies,music and backing up my iPhone 6 Plus. Any Advice in what I should buy?Thanks

anzatzi says:

Its the Microsoft tablet the Verge wants to be a MacBook Air

Kheng Wei Ang says:

I really like the Surface 3, but the price is a lie. Realistically, you’d have to have 4GB RAM and 128GB storage, which is at $599 ($499 model has 2GB RAM, seriously?). You’d also need the keyboard and pen, which is a total of $180. To have a realistic device that you would actually want to use, it will cost you $780, a far cry from the $499 advertised. I would be willing to pay $600 for the whole package, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, pen and keyboard included. If Microsoft could get it to this price, it’s game over. There would not even be competition.

George Kalaitzis says:

The stylus come with the tablet, at least with the one I bought

Ujwal Dey says:

Fantastic review. Highly objective, well balanced and very unbiased towards any other company/product.
Keep em coming.

Alexandre Maranhao says:

It could come with USB type C, i dont know why MS launch it with microUSB port, on real, i dont know why any mobile gadget now come without it

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