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Hey everyone! Today I will be doing a fashion review. Since Fall season is coming up and school season is just around the corner I thought it would be great to talk about this new watch website that I just discovered recently. I received this Daniel Wellington Classic York watch that I have been eyeing. Let me know what is your favorite watch brand or watch model! Also if you use JAIR-15 at the checkout on you get 15$ off all Daniel Wellington products!




✘ B L O G


✘ T W I T T E R

✘ I N S T A G R A M

✘ T U M B L R


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Disclaimer : I am not getting paid or affiliated by any of these brands/products



Tri Tran says:

the extra strap comes with or you bought separately??

Gent's Lounge says:

Daniel Wellington, FTW!

Angel Santizo says:

I want one of TAYROC please

Atihan Özbek says:

Hey Jair why not try a Komono watch?

jjnewbold says:

My favorite watch I own is my green.faced, steel band Lacoste chronograph. I love it and I get so many compliments on it.

Cody Manherz says:

+JairWoo  Hey. I recently bought a pair of Desert Boots from H&M. They are a tan color. Can you please give me some ideas of what to wear with them? I would REALLY appreciate it!

Lenin Guzman says:

Yea you forgot to tell people that the watch is 200$ of course its free shiping , Anything in the market over 100 is free shipping 

Nick Ca says:

Panerai love it!!!!!

TheEl1T3Gamer says:

what color leather did you pick? because I really like that watch and I’m planning on getting it

Gustavo Lembre says:

daniel wellington is the worst shit man. All they do is pay people to make em say good things. They don’t even have a sapphire lens and goes for over 100. Looks like some cheap crap that you finf on a beach shop for 5 bucks. Ugly af

Edmund Tan says:

Can I know ur dw is how many mm?

Bigsnackdaddy says:

Stop being so gay

MAANAN S. says:

hey are u hindu ? i see Ganesha behind in background..

lasse langsig says:

This is the most fa

Strider says:

Reminds me of the simplicity of Mondaine watches, love them.

Miguel branco says:

Great video again *o*
Man can you do a daily routine video? Thanks for read the comment

Siri says:

Tou no know if You have 2 or 3 watches? XD

キング関西の says:

話長い はよ腕時計つけろ

N0ZP1K3R says:

Less talkie, more showie

Ericsistible says:

The watch is undeniably beautiful but I’ve done some research of my own. The price tag associated with DW is a bit high for what you’re actually getting. They retail for 229 on their website and for about $100 USD less, you can get a better quality watch from trusted brands such as Seiko, Bulova, Accurist, etc. Now these brands differ as well in terms of Japanese/Swiss/Chinese quartz but quartz is quartz and don’t vary very much. I have a Bulova that is VERY similar to the DW design and has lasted me awhile. Just wanna save you guys some money!

Drine Maloles says:

Fake one again. The box should be in brown

Ruben Rodriguez says:

Hey Jair I saw this video about right when it came out. And I loved the watch it looked so nice!! So this summer I got a job as a lifeguard and so since I make my own money now I can go shopping more now. And yesterday I went shopping for a watch and bought the same watch you have in this video and I must say it is really good so thank you for your videos!!(:

will44682 says:

Beginning music sounds like sims 3

Calvin Lee says:

Do you have to buy the more casual looking strap separately? Or does it come along with the watch?

iFiloKootz says:

LOVE TO RECEIVE THIS WATCH JAIR!!! Already visualising it on my wrist!!!

Creek says:

A basic bitch watch.

Phil N says:

Nice watch. Great that you can change it up with the different straps. Very cool.

My fave watch ( I only have two watches) is my Tissot. It’s a stainless steel square face watch, and I’ve had it for a few years & I love the quality. It’s a sturdy, handsome watch.

chazzotv says:

i searching my wardrobe thinking what will go good with this watch … but i was wondering can you tell what are the colours that kinda peek out

Lam Emilie says:

I love G-SHOCK so much 😀

Linus Chan says:

genuine leather is the lowest class of leather 🙂

Siwoo Kim says:

What size are dose?

jordane payne says:

When the give away

daynal says:

Jesus you speak fast, and the hand movements are distracting! 

vesinos invasores says:

friend you just get the fake one…

Egil Horn says:

I he gay?

Alfree Parani says:

Are you wearing lipstick and make up? bro this is a Mans watch. lol

lasse langsig says:

This is the most fake shit ive ever seen

Squatch gaming says:

My names Daniel Wellington

Tri Tran says:

is that brown or black??

Ciro Lagunas says:

Dude you’re awsome

Kreator Deshmukh says:

Lemme tell ya’ I’am You’re #1stIndian  Fan <3
Aight  Fella, Whatever work you're doing is Awesome an Fab 😉 
Keep Rockin 
Well Looking for more awesome work from ya'
Peace 😉 
R.I.P - Ride In Pride .....
Kreator Deshmukh

Tim Van Oostende says:


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