Men’s Watch Collection Review | Daniel Wellington, Michael Kors, Nixon Unboxing

Hey Guys, in this video I wanted to talk about my watch collection and favorites pieces I won from Daniel Wellington, Michael Kors and Nixon.

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Mistress Vegas says:

I have seen this watch its oversized and great get it cheap here:

Benjamin says:

Re-evaluate what’s important in life

Ayzmz HD says:

Man. These watch enthusiasts make the watch world look like shit. They get mad, disrespectful, and aggressive because someone (who dsnt know much about watches) dsnt have the watch they like o the watch “he’s supposed to have”. Its his money, his video, his watch collection. If u dnt like it then move on and leave the video instead of being disrespectful. His watch brands or collection dsnt concern u.

gurinder kular says:

hi neemzzz, the negative comments are actually directed at the manufactures of your watches. The watches in your collection are most likely built in China using the cheapest possible parts. however the retail price will be the same as an entry level Swiss watch. These watches are designed to maximise profit for the brand and have very little resale value and a very short lifespan, they are not built to last. You like many others have fallen for the marketing hype and this frustrates watch enthusiasts hence why you have received so many negative comments. that said you obviously love your collection and that is all the matters. however when purchasing your next time piece I would recommend looking at the following brands Hamilton, Orient, Tissot and yes even Seiko or Citizen. you will find these offer much better value for money and kudos then those you currently own for more or less the same price.

orel boskila says:

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Tin Nguyen says:

Different people have different size pocket ($$). People buy what they can afford. There’s nothing wrong with that. The reasons why I would not consider a MK watch is 1) MK is a fashion brand, which means they licensed watch manufacture (Fossil) to produce their watches. 2) all of their watches are made in China. For the price of a MK watch, you could get an entry level Swiss Made watch like Tissot.

Элиза Александрова says:

Very good case for the price!

Nitesh Sinha says:

Nice watches dude.

Us Jewelry says:

Cheap and

Jeremy Baehr says:

What model is the last Nixon?

Alan c says:

Damn you have a crap collection

Ricky Penson says:

This guy is a horological idiot.

Ballsdeep Singh says:

I buy knock off watches… solid watches with the name …l they copy them so legit now, to the untrained eye you can’t tell. Some even as low as $6… time is time… you pay for the name

Junito Lopez says:

First time in your channel. Thank you for sharing. You know what goes with all those masculine watches, Bleu De Chanel…but that is another conversation. Keep doing your thing, ignore the hate. Thumb up!!!!


Where did you get that box? ITs sweet

Gary Gutteridge says:

I love your collection ,take no notice of peoples horrible negative comments there just nasty horrible people

masa mizota says:

this is DOGSHIT, cheers archie

Ralph Sheppard says:

neemzzz i need to be honest . those watches are just peices of shit . want advice from a guy who wears a frank muller . sell all those fucking shitters . work ur ass off and save money for a rolex explorer ll polar second hand. those second hand are 3500 usd and it will keep its value for many years it may increase or decrease

邹韬 says:

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Edward Valentine says:

Nice watch collection bro wear what u like don’t matter what brand it is

Macky Mode says:

Yo dude, seriously, you can buy any watch you want, but don’t recommend them in public because you clearly don’t know anything about watches. MK? Invicta? Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus.

Camelot says:

These are designer watches for young people. These watch brands sell clothing, purses, wallets, etc. He did state that these watches are what he can afford so no need to hate. However, I would recommend selling these and getting one really nice watch for $1000 to $2000. Just my 2 cents…

David Nieves Jr. says:

This is a good video. I don’t have a lot of money, so my watches are only around $100 each. One Timex I have was $18, but is so well built it could have cost so much more.

This video proves that watch collecting is about the love of time pieces, not the retail price. I like Seiko, Citizen, Tissot, among others. I don’t know that I would buy a Michael Khors, but possibly a Daniel Wellington could find its way into my watch case.

Cool collection. And, by the way, I have that watch case, but six slot.

Greenbird G says:

Thanks for showing us your watches man!

Zach Rush says:

Shave your hands!!!

Tin Nguyen says:

It’s great that you like what you buy. That’s all that matter. But I wouldn’t buy MK watches. They are made by Fossil in their Chinese factory.

BurztLimit says:

Whats the model number for the nixon one bro? Really liked the look of that piece

jesus espinoza says:

Is Nixon a good brand?

Iman Iman says:

for that price point, look into mvmt watches.]

Alex Orozco says:

As a watch collector, I don’t understand the hate this gentleman is receiving. Buy a watch because YOU LIKE IT, don’t buy it to show off or prove yourself. If thats you, you’re missing the point of watch collecting. I’ve spent anywhere from $50 to a couple thousand dollars for a watch. And thats the beauty of collecting, you’re in control of what you want to collect. Nice collection man. Keep buying what you like!

BW Montages! says:

Whats your opinion on the emporio armani black strap, silver face, chronographh watch? Im thinking of buying it, but am not sure if the leather is durable and strong. Its the model AR1733.

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