Marshall Stanmore Review – Best Home Bluetooth Speaker for the Money?

Marshall Stanmore review covers everything from design & features to sound quality [Links Below]

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The Marshall Stanmore is an exceptional speaker that does everything you’d expect from a speaker bearing the Marshall logo. Sound quality and styling definitely set this speaker apart from the rest. However, it’s classic rock vibe look won’t be for everyone. So in this review I not only talk in detail about the sound quality, but also mention some reasons you may want to consider something else as well as comparing it to some other options.


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Original Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker Review Video


CalitranoN says:

for my birthday or next christmas no doubt!

Joe Farhat says:

excellent review, very detailed & well described!

R4inm4k3r says:

wait, does this speaker has batteries or only ac-power ?

treepizzle says:

better than the sonos play5?

rick72379 says:

Can i plug in my guitar?

suvroutube says:

Marshall or Bose sound touch 20? I am confused. Superb review keep going.

Chad Miller says:

Had my Marshall stanmore for one year now and am as much in love with it today as the day I brought it home! Personally I’m most into hard rock and metal but do love artists from all kinds of genres as well and haven’t found an album that hasn’t sounded better on anything more than the top notch sound of the Marshall. Obviously it is rock n roll Heaven!! Guitars and drums are live sounding like concert in your living room. I use the 3.5 cord to run a cd player thru it and it plays the cds while boosting the volume of the cd to incredible volume. Talking to someone right next to you will be like talking to someone at a concert!! Loud and proud!!

Michael Miramontes says:

great review. it’s very in-depth and helpful

t0xicGamingHD says:

which is better, the marshall Stanmore or the marshall killburn?

Budd0801 says:

I heard something about this model that it clicks and doesn’t work over time like after a year or so? I just ordered mine, so should I cancel my order or what?!

马田 says:


Nish aanth says:

marshall Stanmore or b&o beolit 15

Nick Williams says:

One of the best reviews of anything on you tube

Steph Boeker says:

Have you an opinion of the “Kicker Amphitheater BT2 ? I ask because of
the price point from $109.99 (refurbished or used-like new) to $160.00 –
$199.00 (New). I’d like quality over base but must be loud enough to
rise above my carpenter shop power tools.
Thanks for your generous consideration,

TheWindyCity says:

Great review and comparison.  Thanks for making up my mind!

CaptainKarma1972 says:

You were Spot On with this review …. tried it out at the local retailer alongside the smaller versions , Stockwell & Kilburn and it was the best for bass and clarity with the sound. Keep it up ! Great stuff !

Pyae Phyo says:

How’s your Marshall speaker doing after a year of use? Is it true that Marshall speakers tend to stop working after few months? I saw a lot of complaints on apple store website. I am thinking of getting one but from what I’ve heard, they have the worst customer service 🙁

Marcus Grode says:

Is the Acton better than the kilburn?

Andrew Geddings says:

I just sent back my bose soundtouch 2 series III because I wasn’t impressed with the bass quality for the price. When cranked all the way up, the bass sounded more hollow than at mid-level. I listen to a lot of heavy bass EDM and trance music, is this a better option than the bose? Thanks!

j2112c says:

Great review, many thanks for super professional presentation.
Just bought one of these at a good price. Many thanks.


Wow! No stone left unturned. A million thanks for this comprehensive review. I have been debating over the past several months about purchasing the Stanmore. Just moments ago I made the purchase on Amazon, in great part, due to your superb review.

Jhedan says:

I got this as a gift from my GF last Valentines, I must say I was amazed with the quality and “premium” feel of it, it looks and feels like a vintage rock & roll mini amplifier.
Its VERY loud and I usually have to keep it under control so that neighbors don’t complain.
i have it hooked to my TV via optical and even its more aimed to music, movies and videogames sound really good.
Like the review said, sound is smooth, clean and with no distortion, very well balanced, bass is strong but not overpowering, highs are crisp and mids are mild and defined.
Its only downsides is that its not very portable and is a little heavy, aside from that this is a very underrated speaker that outperforms Bose and Beats.

Benjamin Sedlinger says:

Ok and the marshall homepage says 2 x 20 watt and 1 x 40 watt. So you are right all together

João Marco Silva says:

Hey guys, what about the Marshall Acton?

Jairaj Kale says:


While going
through various reviews of Marshall Stanmore on various websites, one comes to
know that there is a problem with Bluetooth connectivity.

My question is –

Can we connect our cell phone to Stanmore through a wire directly
if in case, the Bluetooth doesn’t work?

Can we connect DVD/TV to Stanmore directly through a wire,
if I want to watch a movie on a TV and I desire to use Stanmore to act as
additional speaker along with the TV? OR in simple words, if I want to watch a
movie on a TV.  Can this Stanmore be
connected to the TV or DVD?

What is the best model in Marshall, which gives crisp clear and loud sound?

My purpose.  I have two houses and I do not wish to
install sound systems at these houses. 
Carrying a blue tooth speaker is a suitable option.

Your advice

Tai Sharon says:

Would you recommend Marshall Stanmore or Bose Soundtouch20 series 3? Is it worth paying the extra for Stanmore than Acton?

Berend Timmer says:

how does it compare to the beolit 15?

oscargt23 says:

how many watts? is it louder than the iLoud?

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