Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker – REVIEW


Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker review
Possibly the best premium bluetooth speaker I’ve reviewed so far.
Thanks to the fans/subscribers that suggested this speaker





Alex Arnold says:

Mine was amazing, but it only lasted a year before the circuits fried

Sebastian Lai says:

Hi Jim, i love the video reviews on the bluetooth speakers. Would appreciate you comment if you have had any experience on the Marshall Woburn? I tried doing a search on reviews in english on this model but was unsuccessful. thanks a million.

Công Minh Phan says:

Marshall is the best

Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter says:

Do you guys have your copy suffering from reliability issues? I read the reviews on the Apple website and found many many MANY people with their copy that do not last for more than a year, apparently with fried up motherboard or something. Also, it seems like there’s a problem with bluetooth connectivity as well. Prompt response please?

David Hernandez says:

Hello JIM:What about the B&O Beolit 15 and the Harman Kardon ONYX Studio 2?
Can you make a review of big size luxuries Bluetooth Speakers? And portable also! 🙂

Salvatore Cipolla says:

Yes, it’s a bit on the big side. And yes, it has no battery. But guys, it sounds great! I got it for half the Marshall website price and there’s just no comparison to small bluetooth speakers.

Ojas Padekar says:

Have you tried the Woburn? I assume it’ll sound better than this.

Leo Vince says:

Hi Jim, what do you do to the items you have purchased after you reviewed them? Do you sell them at a lower price or you keep them?

Shashank D says:

im too scared purchasing this after all the reviews about the wires burning and the thing not working after a years use. is this true with all batches ? or is thia now resolved?

Fernanda Reple says:

Hey Jim, Couldn’t find my previous comment. Can you make a review on the Thodio iBox XC?

Lord Finesse says:

Music 3:40? Awesome review, always professional and on point

Kris Palamos says:

Very informative review. That said, what song was played after Tori Kelly? Thanks, Jim.

Philip Muir says:

listening to it in the store, amazing! if I didn’t think my wife would kill me (I have many speakers already) if definitely get one! price seems steep, but not for the sound quality. very clear, but definitely not for house/techno or rap.

looney2nes says:

Who’s the artist at 3:38?

Gabe Ulrickson says:

why do a review of a speaker if you don’t test the sound

Anatoly Sokolov says:

Gus! What we know is that there is 2 versions of the stanmore out there. One with and one without optical input. What would you say is the point of having optical input? Is it critical for such kind of device?


which is the best marshall hometheatre system with or without preamps?? i need loud and clear sound quality for listening to metal songs. money is no bar but it should be worth the price… pls suggest

Farooq Ahmad says:

Beautiful speaker. Is this a good option to connect to a record player, as opposed to standard/paired bookshelf speakers?

Julio Errecart says:

Great video and review! Also, the image quality is excellent. Can I ask you what type of camera did you use to film it? Thanx

Sandy Sun says:

what is the background music?

Average Joe Survival says:

Thanks for making this. I thought it has a 20hr battery life? Didn’t you say it has no battery and needs to stay plugged in?

Birkir Mánason says:

Can you review the smaller sibling, Marshall Acton?

Marco N says:

I both enjoyed your review and the photography of the video, which was impressive and helped a lot to “feel” what you were saying. 🙂 good job!

XXIVA12 says:

Nice review, nice speaker… gonna get one of those. Cheers mate !

reinhard lo says:

Very informative review. Thank you very much.
Could you please tell me what’s the artist/title of that track playing from 2:53 min onwards?

Guysen Pauline says:

review a House of Marley speaker when you can.

Ella Actually says:

This was an absolutely WONDERFUL review. VERY well done. I’ll be saving up to get this gem. Thanks again!

Jan Pelc says:

Professional review, very nice and easy to look at, very helpful. THX!

Adetokunbo Oredein says:

I just bought the new version of the Stanmore it sounds amazing .

qun joo says:

Great job with the review. Loved it.

valveman12 says:

Dammit Jim! Now I want one.

Jairaj Kale says:

Hi Jim,
While going through various reviews of Marshall Stanmore on various websites, one comes to know that there is a problem with Bluetooth connectivity.My question is -1)     Can we connect our cell phone to Stanmore through a wire directly
if in case, the Bluetooth doesn’t work? 2)     Can we connect DVD/TV to Stanmore directly through a wire, if I want to watch a movie on a TV and I desire to use Stanmore to act as
additional speaker along with the TV? OR in simple words, if I want to watch a movie on a TV.  Can this Stanmore be connected to the TV or DVD?3)     What is the best model in Marshall, which gives crisp clear and loud sound?
My purpose.  I have two houses and I do not wish to install sound systems at these houses. Carrying a blue tooth speaker is a suitable option.Your advice please……

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