Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

We absolutely loved the Marshall Stanmore, this is a slightly smaller, and portable version of the bluetooth speaker.

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Kas Nijhuis says:

“I *heavy breathing* have *heavy breathing* astma problems *heavy breathing*”

calie fick says:

marshall or jbl

Miha Vidic says:

I bouth this masterpiece, fakin amazing for all music even psy trance. good base, good natural sound, long lasting battery. very good purchase

Mr. Wallace says:

Anybody want me to compare Kilburn with revolve +…Just purchased both. Guess which one I like)))

risshi agarwal says:

I am thinking of buying this product in a couple of days, but what if i want to watch movies using this speaker, will it audio sound good?

lloydino25 says:

Did you mention your using a Bluetooth app for sound quality? If so please tell me what app your using?

papito cholo says:

good review! has d pros and cons of the speaker thanks mate!

DailyDowta Highlights says:

Where will i buy for a replacement battery?

Everything says:

Looks tacky, sounds boxy.

Jean-Marc Joseph says:

Hi Andrew, this is an awesome review. Thanks to you i decided to buy this speaker.. But once I have paired my iPhone, my wife’s Android phone and my computer via Bluetooth, do you know how to easily switch from one source to another?? What’s the point of being able to remember 6 different bluetooth devices?
It seems the Kilburn automatically connects to the last device I paired and pressing the source button only switch the aux cable input.

Bidhan Das says:

Which country produce Marshal

Frankie Sanchez says:

Great review video . But I wouldn’t complain about the weight D; . If we do they’ll try to make it lighter and just how you mentioned the build quality is very good , I’m sure if they focus on making it lighter the build quality will lower D; .

Mr. Wallace says:

Compared to Bose Revolve + ???

Jesse Bijl says:

Great video dude! I have a question. Do you think the Kilburn would be great when I play sports? Is it then loud enough? Or do you prefer the UE Megaboom for outdoor?

Captain Sunday says:

You don’t need to pronounce every little part of every word. You sound like a jerkoff.

Murinho518 says:

heavy is good with speekers

OshawottPro says:

I only listen rap music, is this speaker worth it then?

SaVaS says:

One more to add to the “Pros”: When the battery is fully charged, gives you up to 20 hours of play time. It is quite important. Cheers…

ChickenwingGirl Private says:

Is it real leather?

test 1 says:

Marshall vs jbl boom box . Which is better?

Lemon says:

Having a tough decision between this and the go and play HK. I absolutely love the look and “vibe” to the Marshall. But the HK has better sound and is capable of hooking up a second go and play.

Lee Crt says:

Just ordered a Kilburn. Waiting on delivery as I type. In cream. When I cruise in my cream color 1958 Plymouth Fury it will be in the back seat. Hope it really rocks as well as they say it does.

Lonk Fonk says:


David Barron says:

Thank you for mentioning its better than the UE Megaboom. I’ve now decided to buy this.

Cassio Murillo says:

review of a speaker without turning it on and showing the sound? wtf is that? it’s the review of a piece of furniture or of a sound equipment? my god..

Anss Graffiti says:

Fake video

Francisco Barbosa says:

Is this much louder than the JBL Flip4?

iKian11 says:

i m looking for bluetooth speakers – about 300 € that look nice but also are great in sound. are these the best?

Chaseing Rainbows says:

Us aliens got these

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