Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker – REVIEW

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Marshall Kilburn II Review


Faraz Arshad says:

5:15 Music name?

Caleb Danvers says:

You still haven’t done a review for Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones and Skullcandy Crusher II Wireless

GateOP says:


Ember says:

Good review. Too much brightness in the transitions.

Muhammad Kharismawan says:

Most Bluetooth speakers/ headphone still stay with BL4. 2 because they can’t use the latest hi res code like APTXHD and LDAC with 5.0 I hear.
It doest matter if headphone uses 5.0 anyway, because that new feature is just dual, separate pairing with low latency (most probable immediate use probs be on truly wireless earbud.)

iPadmini22 says:

Thanks for that review! The real issue is just: With real studio monitors to my left and right ears I really can here that YouTube compression…

Jossell Araiza says:

Kilburn 2 vs
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4

Always VIRAL says:

Please review Acton ii

Daniel Dias says:

awesome review

Keenan Paterson says:

As soon as you said “all right folks” I got a TD Banking add

Haeli Kim says:

What’s the name of 2nd song?

dominic hammond says:

Is this louder than the Sony XB41?

Faraz Arshad says:

5:34 Song name?

shyam says:

finally, I loved the bgm on this video .You nailed it!!! Keep up your great work

Shuja Assad says:

pretty strong sound ….

David Benjumea says:

Pls do a skull Candy venue review!!!

Fabrizio Ciccocelli says:

how does this compare with bose revolve + ?

Kevin Wendover says:

Finally a speaker I’d buy

sadashiv nayak says:

Which one you would go for Sony xb41 or this Marshall kill burn

Quintin Howell says:

Wasn’t interested in the product but I just like watching Jim’s reviews

Chill Guy says:

JimsReviewRoom has the best video quality on Youtube | Change my mind.

Rajesh says:

Jim…Can you review Bose S1 Pro..?

Gefterws says:

i think many would like to see your review of onyx studio 5

Adam Orozco says:

I’m planning on buying a JBL Charge 4, but my parents want me to show them a great review so that they can understand whether it’s good or not. Could you please review the JBL Charge 4?
Thx, love your channel, video production, and work put into each vid.

Ng Zo says:

Hi Jim, could you please do a review on the newly announced Audio Technica SR50BT headphones? Need help to make that purchase decision! 😛

Gandalf Sivi says:

Jim, bluetooth version since v3 to v5 are using the same codec, same everything sound vise. Difference if just for other applications when reducing power and or increasing range makes sense. In other words, for bluetooth spreakers v5 means no benefit.

Miguel Velazquez says:

Better than the xb41?????

Aiden Aidens says:


MBFC TV says:

Your editing is fantastic

Faraz Arshad says:

5:54 Song name?

The facts says:

please do some medium priced headphones idk which one is better in 2018
idk if sennheisers hd 598sr still viable ? and ur youtube is based around average consumber products not everyone have to money to buy 350 dollars headphones.

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