Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker – Review

For its latest Bluetooth speaker, Marshall has gone smaller, and, for the first time, portable with the new Kilburn. It cuts the cord for up to 20 hours of wireless playback so you can take your music with you wherever you go — in style.

From top to bottom, the Kilburn simply exudes cool. Available in black or cream colors, the exterior of the speaker is wrapped with the same vinyl you’ll find on Marshall guitar cabinets.

The Kilburn has all the controls you would expect from a Bluetooth speaker, plus analog bass and treble knobs. The speaker delivers solid sound quality in all frequencies including respectable bass for a small portable.

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Lüci Lüc says:

I’m a bit dissapointed because in so many comments I just see “Is the Bass good?” Goddamn it’s not the only thing that matters.

Brad Rogers says:

I bought this last weekend and holy crap is it awesome. I had a JBL flip2 and the battery life was only about 3-4 hours max. I’ve had this at the pool rocking for 2 days now and still have battery left. The woofer and tweets are perfect, and with the knobs you can adjust the amount of bass and treble to really dial in the tone you want. Yes I’m a guitar player so that’s another reason I wanted it.  SERIOUSLY, IF you want portable awesome sound – grab it. one more thing I love about this speaker – the rechargeable battery is replaceable! So as long as you don’t drop it, I see this speaker being in the family awhile…

Kiko TV says:

Which one sounds better Marshall Kilburn or Acton ? ( i dont care about portable)

John - 007 Files says:

Thank you for the review..this was just the info i looked for..

Linh Nguyen says:

I just got this speaker, and I have to say that if Marshall can actually make their new amps sound as good as this speaker does, they’ll be dominating the guitar world again.

Strange that they do well as a lifestyle brand but keep cranking out overpriced junk in their main department.

Fernanda Reple says:

Hey! Can you make a review on Thodio IBOX XC? Thanks in advance!

Screwyouguysimgoinghome says:


Kirill X says:

On one of the videos someone said that battery is replaceable underneath. Can anyone confirm that? Are the batteries proprietary  or standard?

Ebin Ebin says:

which will give a harder sound… This or jbl extreme


As someone who sells this speaker daily and have used it in the world I can honestly say it kicks ass! The sound, design and of course..the inputs. Optical?! WHAT?! Thats right…use it as a sound bar in a pinch 😉 However…could offer more than just bass and treble. 8/10 easy!

oscargt23 says:

how many watts? is it louder than the iLoud?

metaspherz says:

At first look I wanted one because it would look nice near my Marshall stack. But, the price is too high for the 2 x 5 watts speakers. The 15 watt woofer is nice though. But, I’m more into mid-range and treble. My 52″ TV has 2 x 6 watts surround sound and a solid bass reflector system. The features are nice but it’s all mostly for nostalgic purposes. Guitarists might buy it though. It looks like you could, but who’s going to, plug in a guitar? Anybody? Sure, it’s NOT meant for that but it’s tempting (with the correct TRS adapter) , right? There are dozens of Bluetooth speakers 1/3 the price that put out equal or better sound and volume with nice sounding bass ($99 Oontz, for instance).  However, at the same price, though not as portable, I’d prefer the Marshall Stanmore with 2 x 20 watts and a 40 watt woofer.

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