Mars by Crazybaby Review – Levitating Bluetooth Speaker System!

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) This is a bluetooth speaker with a gimmick. But a very cool gimmick: it floats in the air with magnetic levitation! See more speakers: & Subscribe for more!

1:02 – Hardware overview
1:57 – Levitation demonstration
2:58 – Audio quality
4:01 – App configuration
6:02 – Additional levitation demonstration
6:40 – conclusion and final thoughts

So first with the cool – the levitation system is remarkably stable and really looks as cool as it does in the photos. The speaker slowly rises from the base section (while playing some awful music to ask the little motors moving the magnets inside). It’s possible to spin the speaker in place which is kind of fun to do. Knocking it off center will send it crashing into the side of the speaker so be careful not to knock it too hard.

But the floating is where the wonder ends. The speaker only works over bluetooth from a compatible device. There’s no line input. Audio quality doesn’t come close to matching its high price tag, especially if purchased as a stereo pair. The audio sounds flat even after adjusting the EQ settings and the “sub woofer” provides no deep bass punch one would expect. In short it’s not an audiophile device. The Amazon Echo and Tap sound better in my opinion and they do a lot more for less money.

But the Mars does look cool. A lot of engineering went in to making the levitation works as well as it does. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the acoustics. But I suppose pairing two of them together (for $600+) for stereo sound will provide passable audio provided the volume isn’t pumped up too loud.

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alupihan says:

$330?! I’d rather buy a decent working home theater system with that money!

Raghav Sharma says:


AdventuristoSupremo says:

Saucer section? Do I detect a Trekkie within you Lon?

TrainerRedTrap says:

Dang, never been so early.

camaroone123 says:

sweet and thanks for you’re time

Chris Wheeler says:

lon seidman can this work with all laptops with bluetooth

Big J says:

Nice video Lon! I recently bought the Anker A3143 Premium Bluetooth speaker for $60. Probably the best budget speaker I have ever had. You should review it 🙂

Lenard McLean says:

If it were $30, Maybe! It would be a neat gadget. $330? They must be joking!

SuperBigDog2U says:

When you get these Amazon Vine products, do they make you send them back after a certain amount of time?

Stewart Bruce says:

I wonder if it could serve as a coaster for my beer ????

steviejacko says:

Lol i wamt one in the shape of the uss enterprise , thumbs up

2 Spooky 4 Me says:

I won’t buy any of these cool levitating speakers till they improve the speaker quality.
The point of a speaker, is the sound quality. Entertainment comes in 2nd.
I will wait later till this technology gets better I suppose.

Senen Espada says:

Alien SmAlien’s gadget….

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