LuguLake: LED Bluetooth Sound Bar Speaker System!

This speaker system will rattle your room with BASS!

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$35 off discount code: TJA33VNO

Subwoofer, LED Light, FM Radio, USB Reader supports MP3/WMA Dual Format Decoding – Black

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Acemaniac1000 says:

They are even cheaper in Germany… Just 98, 89 EUR…. LuguLake 2.1 Soundbar mit Subwoofer (Bluetooth, USB, FM, LED-Licht ) schwarz

SRV says:

my friend has the same looking system.. but the brand is named ‘FnD’ ????? exact copy

Sean p says:

Is the bass good?

ricky stewart says:

how loud is it man

Vladimir Putin says:

dude you’re awesome

anirban747 says:

I am bit confused now… the same product is being sold in India under the name F&D. So whose product is it? Lugulake or f&d. Nevertheless it sounds great and I ordered one as well. search for f&d T200x and you will see the india versio



Segwanot R says:

cool dancing. lol

asnpnay says:

Picked one up using your code. Thank you!

Snick Gaming says:

them dance skillz doe 😀

Canos says:

Cool but please clean up your cables! 😀

Vhin F says:

wish the code still works.

melly mell says:

hey do u have any new discount codes?? and where can I buy that blue light behind your tv?

Jörgen Nilsson says:

Pump up the bass pump it up 🙂

Gabe Ulrickson says:

its not a sub breather its a port so that the pressure of the bass can escape

Katia ClintGirl says:

kkkkk nice moves… you’re hot sir .

The Killer says:

my is this but the name is fenda

Mackdez says:

thank you so much I absolutely love the way you edited the video

Dashaun McAlister says:

What’s the name of last song you was dancing to

Beautiful Dyzaster says:

Awesome! Thanx for sharing this.. 🙂 … And for backin’ that thang up…haha.. Best day ever!!!! Lmao

weedoverdoz says:

Nice looking system fam send me the logitech lol .I can do some with it if u gonna trash it

lu F says:

Is shipping to germany possible, so i am able to use the code ? 🙂

johnson manuel says:

4:42 Oh The Cringe!!! Rofl xD

BonJov75 says:

Cool mate!!!

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