Loudest Bluetooth Speaker Ever | Best DJ Speakers | Belva 15″ PA System

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker – Best DJ Speakers Belva PA System
On Sale US: http://amzn.to/2qy3rng
Or go Directly to their website:

This is the loudest most bass heavy speaker I have owned. The fact that it has bluetooth and can be paired with pretty much anything is amazing! Perfect for parties or DJing an event!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for begginer DJs that want a sound system!

Will work wonders for entertainment centers as well!

I hope you guys enjoyed the video.

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The sound test was produced by Chuki Beats on Youtube.

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Mtiu GT says:

Its nowhere near to my 3000w system and i tryed its 127db (Good thing that i live in a lonely place so i can max out :D)

_Shooter says:

nicee! I gotta get those for my apartment. I have a lady who lives above me and I swear she’s like 5’3 but walks like she Sasquatch at 12am until 4am moving furniture kids running etc. put this thing on and stick it rite to my ceiling and play some loud ass MOBB DEEP. BETTER YET SOME OLD SCHOOL LIMP BIZKIT HAHAHA

Jon Booth says:

My Alto TS215s will crush these.

DJ Dynablend says:

They look huge! Great video man

chris jones says:

Iv never heard them how ever there just another chinise copy speaker that low end speaker manufacturers put there brand on but like I say iv never heard them

Drew Bord says:

For a minute, I thought you was going to Twerk! How Sick would that be…. LoL

Rosie Duarte says:

Dammmm that’s a speaker! Did the neighbors call the cops on your party cause of the speakers?

Matthew Clark says:

Lmfao they all skinny and trying to bounce some booty I’m dead.

My Passion 4 stuff says:

I’m a DJ and I can say these are jokes …well at least you like them !!

Brandon is lit Dope gaming says:

Why your neck is side ways ever time you talk

i am not a person says:

i have a question i have one of these and it buzzes idk what to do….


Could u just use Spotify of my phone to it

Brandon Dunnam says:

want something big, the dimandboxx xl

ThunderSplash12 says:

Oh yeahh! Love that content bro!

Miguel Hernandez says:

these thing’s will blow your neighbors house away

Bryan Escober says:

nice review man cool to see your channel grow and the reviews getting better everytime

rawbasic rawbasic says:

Found them on ebay for 150 each

floridaboy200284 says:


Peggy Hill says:

Nice to see y again!

AlbinRaygoza says:

These speakers are lowkey crappy. I mean yea you get what you pay for, but these give to much feedback.

Joe Swason says:

They’s a Joke lmao

Audio Hutch says:

Yeah right my channel features CUSTOM MADE boxes like that that are WAY louder and 100% PORTABLE. No need for outlets because mine have their own battery bank. Not to mention that my system is 800 watts RMS COMBINED compared to these 600 watt rms COMBINED

TheMozdec says:

Hi love your show! I want to ask if is it pairs when you bought it under $400? Thanks in advance.

DJ Brandon says:

As a Professional DJ those speakers don’t look bad at all, obviously these can’t compare to top of the line speakers but for beginning DJ’s or home party’s these look like a hidden gem!! Nice brother you need to max thèse out till they clip lol

Gerrit Hausherr says:

Man you crazy wtf my ears were almost bleeding. Why would you cut that sound in your video

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