Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Speaker System Review

A great value for money 5.1 surround sound system.


Goran says:

Why is everyone trash talking him?!
He made an excelent video and definitely pointed things out correctly.

I have 2.1 version and when he said that they were good at everything but not great, he was right!
It also helped me decide to get them and have no regrets.

javy0820 says:

how is it that you have hair on your neck but not your face?

rapper250 says:

dude your beard sucks, just shave it.

Narindra Maharaj says:

Wana set up two to make a 10.2 how can i do this?

alan desariO says:

2017 October just got one of these and it’s much better than this guy is making it out to be. It has such deep and punchy bass I have to put the sub down to almost half and I game and watch movies and play music. This system which I bought for 350 is amazing and it doesn’t distort the louder you go it’s very clear and I’m very very happy.

Amathusukx says:

I have these, should come with a guaranteed piss the neighbours off warning, loud and lots of Bass

Playboyer670 says:

which has better sounding satellite speakers?

Falaque Pratista says:

does this still lacks of treble? like z2300

Gustav Hohls says:

cheaper graphics card more expensive sound, seriously. playing laging games while audio is super clear when you die lol

Ben Wilderykx says:

Hello Friend.i have de Logitech z906 , now i have a question how do i connect it to my receiver i have a old one the yamaha rx-v440rds is this possible  and how do i do this.thanks grz from Belgium.

FRESHevo says:

hahaha he said buy a cheaper graphics and spend more on speakers

mason jokinen says:

good video but you are a really weird looking dude

Tybok C says:

as the sub uses spring clips to connect the speakers.. I suppose one could use good speaker cable 14AWG gauge. Then put the speakers where you want them..

Frenchdayz says:

If these are like the Z-5500’s, then they’ll last 3 years tops, the control pod will fry, Logitech will run out of replacements, the control pods will sell at $150 a piece on eBay, and you’ll want to throw your system from the top of Logitech HQ on top of the CEO’s car.

Oz DeaDMeaT says:

Does the control box on ur desk move much? it looks lite and like it could slide when pressing buttons. Is that the case?

Playboyer670 says:

great review but geezus you look like Gollum if he/it gained weight and grew a beared lol sorry man why not just look presentable for your review not that it makes a difference but you know what I mean.

Playboyer670 says:

for gaming you would rather spend more money on a better speaker system than a better graphics card??? I’m dead.

Lesly Leon Lee says:

Amazing. A speaker review without any sound played on the speakers being reviewed.

SteabyNeedsSleep says:

Everybody complaining about his beard is either 40+ with three hairs on their chin or 16 and from arab countries. Fuck off and compliment the excellent review. Cunts…

Wats Doug says:

You’d think that Logitech would add cooling fin to the 906 sub to keep the heat from baking the wires. Have to admit the Z-906 is garbage….

Benediktas Kamantauskas says:

Could you please comment on how loud is the static sound? When the sound source device is off, and console volume is at half and at full volume?

George David says:

just to annoy your neighbors? are you lucky you’re not living next to me.. sodomy and hard beating..

Josué Díaz says:

My neighbors hate me with the z506, now they gonna hate me more with this bitches! muahaha

In SoCal says:

I have them for my home theatre television in my living room..NOT for my computer. Sounds fantastic.

Frank Trujillo says:

Complete and total beard fail.

Treeko Thirdeye says:


Koen Vanbelle says:

Got this little beast a few days ago. I was really exited about this system and I must say I’m not disappointed… So far so good.

George David says:

wow.. you just said you’ll spend less money on a GPU and more on some pair of speakers because is more important for games? :))))) Judging by that old mobo box you have I can tell you don’t know a lot about computer gaming.. this is the most stupid thing I ever heard and any PC gamer would agree with me.. you are the first person saying that .. that sound is more important that 3d video performance.. well … use the integrated HD4000 or whatever you cpu may run, and be happy spending all those money on some crappy 5.1

Mukaila Alhassan says:

How can l get one of those now TechDredge…?l really really need and want one of that system really bad,l know you did this video earlier this year and l’m asking you now in Oct.l will be very glad if you help me.really really GLAD.

Vasile T says:

Cheeper gpu for audio , u mad bro ?

Kabab Man says:


davidogan says:

Best review of this product on youtube. Thanks. And don’t mind the detractors commenting on your “beard.” They’re just infantile and stupid. There seems to be a lot of them these days anywhere. The content is what matters and your video is very good.

Joe Cherry says:

FFS, grow a beard or shave that shit, one or the other… I had to scroll down so I couldnt see you give your review because your facial hair was driving me nuts!!!

Jerrythe coo says:

Can this system be hooked to a smart TV!??…..

icemanaxs says:

Good review

PsychoJohn says:

Good review man, like your style, very geek that’s what a tech nerd should look like, don’t mind them stupid comments

kuboss007 says:

About gaming – I would definitly buy better graphics card instead of better speakers


get a shower fuck

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