Logitech Z533 Speakers & Bluetooth audio adapter. Fast unboxing, Sound quality test / review

Get the Logitech Z533 here
➤ http://amzn.to/1Fj19ua
Get the Bluetooth adapter here
➤ http://amzn.to/1QIEhpm


deceptikhon says:

when you plug headphones into the remote will the remote controll the volume of the headphones or does it feed directly like the z213?

Thien Cao says:

Z533 vs Bose Companion 20??

ZazL says:

what’s the difference between the Z533 and the Z532?

It's Party Time says:

the woffer is real good ?

Oath Blivion says:

I fucking love how he played Red Hot Chili Peppers, you earned a sub just for that!

Musashi says:

my subwoofer doesnt catch some bass sometimes, whereas my z-323 subwoofer actually catches the bass that my z-533 subwoofer doesnt. anybody know why?

Suhasis Saha says:

Are we getting the woofer into action here while using the adopter. It seems NO to me 🙁

Walter Blanco says:

can u make another video pls bass test some ncs musics

ThisGamerNL says:

i want to buy this set by http://www.bol.com but where do you buy the bluatooht pad

Topher says:

How is the bass? does is “shake” the room? I found these for 50% off and I’m looking for more bass than what I have now..

kwstas papadovasilis says:

which is the name of song at 2:26 til to 2:32???…..Is there anybody who knows?????

Colin says:

This or microlab fc 330? microlab are 74,8 $ and this logitech is 99,8 $ . The microlabs have a lot of positive reviews 🙂 this is kinda new on the market and is no comparation on this and the microlabs on the web …

CrAckZ says:

nice music 😀

Simone Florit says:

song at 2:16?

NoisyNathan22422 says:

How is the distortion or does it even distort with max bass? I also like these speakers cause u don’t need the satellite’s and you can use the sub on its own. I pluged a Logitech Z333 subwoofer into my alesis elevate 5 studio monitors and the results were amazing although the subwoofer does distort on 60 or even 50% volume sometimes. Is it worth me upgrading the power?

Giannhs Kampisellhs says:

Logitech Z533 or Trust GXT38 Tytan ?

Koti M says:

z523 much better

MartiniGasolini says:

The clarity is insane

Samuel Jones says:

Does using the Bluetooth audio work if you wanted to watch a movie on say an iPad
And does the high volume base get distorted when using the Bluetooth audio connection

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