Unboxing, review & tutorial of a very cool new gadget by Logitech.

This Adapter allows you to turn just about any set of speakers/surround sound system into Bluetooth/wireless capable speakers.

Full Specs: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/bluetooth-audio-adapter?crid=47


Main 1 says:

How do I connect this adaptor to the PC case? I don’t see any audio in? Is it the MIC socket or the headphone socket?

Waseem Khan says:

Nice, but how can we connect 5.1 setup logitech z506 with this bluetooth adapter? do we need only one adapter?

RaymondHng says:

What if one has two laptops and a smartphone? Can all three devices be paired up at once with this unit so one does not have to change pairings when switching among devices?

Simon Haley says:

Will this work with the Logitech z906??


Wer eine günstige und gute Alternative sucht kann mal hier vorbeischauen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0FN0VHD1Fk

Whoever is looking for an inexpensive one (a clone of this) should watch this (its in German) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0FN0VHD1Fk

Fernando Nonaka says:

what about the power suply? Does it stay always ON? Or it turns Off when not using after 15 min for example?

beastwork says:

you can’t turn the frickin thing off. if you want to connect to anther blue tooth device the logitech will interfere unless you unplug it.

junrongjr says:

What type of power cable does this adapter use? I know it’s 5v power cable but I don’t know specifically the name of it. And where to find it. I want to find a USB to 5v to connect to my Bluetooth adapter

aplace inthesun says:

What’s the spec?
Bluetooth 4.0?

10 Of Clubs Gaming says:

what app is that?

Brian Hinton says:

Very interesting Thank You, Brian UK

Paul Edwards says:

plug into hi-fi not speakers. I got the esinkin version which is identical – and cheaper!

industec says:

This fucking device is a piece of shit. Why the hell does it only work on smartphones and tablets and not on laptops. You must be one hell of a big retard to design something like that.

Chris Go says:

Why not use RCA to RCA vs headphone to RCA?

Tech Defender says:

So this is basically a chromecast audio?

Shamanarts says:

excellent device!

Trump Fan says:

You have a modern device and an antique stereo system?

Orion's Harmony says:

does it work the other way around? i mean from a 3.5 output to bluetooth headphones

siva shankar says:

Is audio surround through speaker??

Naveen - says:

hi… thanks a lot for the video.. does it support 5.1 channel audio???

I Love Music says:

USB audio adapter –>> http://ali.pub/olzne
–>> http://ali.pub/lxsck

MrLegion501st says:

hi, do you know if I can plug one of these to a mixer? I mean, I want to stream audio from a laptop through a mixer, and then the audio comes out on some bigger speakers

Mubarak Hossain Khan says:

is it work on logitach z906 sound system ? can i got surround sound ?

liftedelement04 says:

great vid! i cant wait 2 get mine

AmFilms123 says:

Does it work with Win-7 laptop?
Can I use this watching a movie in VLC on the laptop?

SnackZ atPC says:

i hope this one works with my logitech z906 speakers

MrSupraDuper says:

your accent is stuffed

AnimeFanDeluxe says:

could you tell me what the voltage,amp rating is on the power adaprer? i might be able to fix one of these in my car since its looks better then other stuff

Chris Go says:

It kind sucks makes popping sounds from your computer to speakers when sound or videos are done.

Abdul Majid says:


aCe Rahmat says:

Thanks for the review picster_nz, it helped me to decide to buy this product.

Simon Deelstra says:

666 subs, hahhah

john argue says:

goood review. showed setup and working. thumbed up

Jay Kay says:

This guy reminds me of Ewan McGregor

C_ Farther says:

Well done, great demonstration. I have a question: if you use two speakers with rca jacks, it appears only speaker can be connected, is that right?

Little Gator Farm says:

How annoying is the chime sound when it pairs?

Richard Hargreaves says:

can I pair it with a Samsung TV?

Daniel Feneck says:

Thanks man, was wondering if I wanted this. I do. Cheers.

Daniel Cloutier says:

I bought this and want to connect to my receiver from double the distance essentially. I know Bluetooth essentially doesnt get much further and so is there any alternatives?

Sierpi2i5 says:

Do I see correct (on the bottom)? Power input is 5V, 150mA? That means it could be powered via USB?

Nitin Justa says:

Thank you. Placed order.

BongEyedBastard says:

Excellent tutorial / review. Thanks mate.

Raymond Fields says:

Can you pair Bluetooth headphones?

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