Linx 1010 Windows 10 Tablet – Review

Review of Cheap Windows 10 Linx 1010 tablet stocking filler available here UK –

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sounds like your slopping there’s no need at all your o my taking, what a scruff

Narcotic -Coma says:


Dharius Cartel TV says:

can you connect to your Xbox one

Conor Stubbs says:

Hi, is Cortana available on the 1010?

d Jordan says:

thank you chimaira 67

d Jordan says:

thank you chimaria67

Tom Davies says:

Hi I have ordered this tablet with the keyboard and it’s coming tomorrow , have u got the keyboard with it and what is your overall opinion on it

Tom Barry says:

Very good review, cheers

Sue King says:

can anyone help linx 1010 has just stoped working !can not close down or do anything .any one got aNY advise 🙂

peter baker says:

I beg to differ on the wifi, it preforms far better that my TAB3.

A mar says:

Hi great video ! could u pls review quantum 10.1 windows tablet. Its a great budget tablet..

FootieComps says:

upload gameplay on this please

Johnathan F says:

Do you have the keyboard? If so, how much noise does it make when typing? Would it be suitable for use in a lecture hall/library?

Lll Lll says:

I’m no expert at reviews but he does make a few errors… but its good that you’re making reviews.
keep going man!

Sobski 117 says:

are you planning to do a review of the Linx Vision 8? also, great video!

Jimbob Gone hunting says:

Does anyone know how to screenshot on this?

Marvin Obigwilo says:

does this play really old games like deux ex and postal 2 or 2d indie games like hotline Miami from steam well

samuel groome says:

Not sure why you recommended a surface. I got one of these second hand for 80 quid on ebay with a keyboard, retailing for 130 quid at the moment on amazon and from what I read and see for the money I’m paying it’s a stonking good tablet. I heard the Asus transformer T100 or whatever it is comes with a crap keyboard and in general is crap. Costs more than this Linx? For what I want out of a tablet. which is netflix. movies when I’m away on work. Data processing. Word documents. I reckon it’ll be a real performer.

Not that I won’t be getting a transformer 3 pro further down the line 😀

Max Rex says:

thanks for explaining im going to buy windows 10 tablet it looks and runs so cool

rikuk3 says:

256 sd card runs fine here

Niall Wood says:

What is the highest micro sd card it can support??

William Glover says:

For typically £60 to £90, fantastic value. Does all I need.

spector969 says:

Just ordered this from Amazon, black friday deal – £119 with keyboard included, looking forward to trying it out 🙂

Catherine Crothers says:

What’s the difference between tablet mode and desktop mode on this tablet?

NonsensicalVids says:

you said it doesn’t have a card reader, well it does thats the micro sd card slot

Zhang Kelsea says:

Hi there do you have any interest in reviewing our tablet?

astront917 says:

blimey,what do people want for a £100 ?

viewing angles ? who looks at a tablet from round a corner,not picking on you personally but I look at my devices ( phone and tablet ) straight on,

people are obsessed with any criticism they can think of ,Jesus we’ve never had so much choice when it comes to consumer goods.

these type of tablets kick the likes of apple up the arse when you compare it to a £600 iPad etc.

as for the review I found it a bit limp,waffling on about the WiFi etc.

Martin Allen says:

Irrespective of whatever finish they use, the fact that you can now pick up devices like this for very little money is fantastic. A lot of these reviews focusing on aesthetics, but who actually cares all that much.

Amy Payne says:

If it was 1080p I would buy in a heartbeat.

BlueBirdMasquerade9 says:

After my shotty experience with my rt for a year I was wondering if this would be worth purchasing instead of investing my entire bank account into one of the surface pros? I just need a tablet that will let me download and read PDFs for my college classes and for basic Internet tasks such as email and school accounts. The only reason I’ve stayed away from Apple and Samsung is the lack of a USB port. I’ve only got 2 years of schooling left but I don’t think I can battle with my surface rt any longer so would you recommend this to a college student who isn’t looking for fancy tech?

Darren M says:

What camera do you use?

d Jordan says:

hi can you play Xbox One games on this laptop thanks

The Blue Mantis says:

I ordered one of these just now, should be getting it from Amazon either tomorrow or the day after. I also ordered a clip-on game controller which supports tablets of this size apparently. I hope to make it a portable Steam device. I know, no Crysis, but most of my Steam games are low-end and this will be fine.

Important question though: should downgrading to Windows 8.1 be an easy process on this? I hear it’s a much better OS (I use Win 7 on my PC) and there’s also game compatibility, so since Windows 7 isn’t a good tablet choice I’m looking to get 8.1 on it.

TheUltimateProgrammer says:

My linx 1010 takes 5 to 20 seconds to load YouTube. Is this normalN

Adrian F says:

it doesn’t have wifi 5ghz support

James Vickers says:

go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Centre
click troubleshoot problems > internet connections
so hope fix that 🙂

Rallmons says:


OfficialMohamedCharani 2 says:

please tell me are you experienced lag on the tablet

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