LG Watch Sport review — Best Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch!

Andrew review’s of one of the first Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches, the LG Watch Sport — which comes with Android Pay, Google Assistant and LTE connectivity!

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Saumitra Tanmoy says:

Is this watch going to have a brown leather strap?

Daniel Urribarri says:

It’s so thick, I wonder if I would be able to go into my pocket without the watch getting in the way of it

confuzler says:

I like it.

Giuseppe Spera says:

Great review, highlights all the major selling points of this smartwatch but doesn’t offer an in-depth insight at the pros and cons of standalone app + LTE module use. Still a great review, and I am curious what’s the wallpaper you’re using at 04:25 on Pixel? Looks like it’s taken from Google Maps but I can’t find anything similar on Play Store. Thanks for the answer!

eric golden says:

andrew watch band heavy and hard to bend. take it easy on g p s? watch overpriced and ugly

ima_lil_dawg says:

does it have a sim slot??

Amilcar Martinez says:

Esta hermoso, me encanta!

Daniel Herrera says:

Great review, but the watch is too expensive.

true innovation 21/22/23/24 centuries says:

the gear s3 is better to me

g1981c says:

i don’t think the $349 price is too much for what you get. people pay $10,000 for watches that can only tell time.

RJ Buletic says:

Looks like the urbane 2

Jet Earlewood says:

Nice video you put out. I’ll need to do more research. The LTE means there is an eSim? I’m overseas and have been looking at the China stand alones that accept Sims. I’m concerned that they’ll break easily. I use an LG G PRO 2 and that would match up nicely I think. Thank you


(1). do this watch act as standalone i.e. you dont require a smartphone at all for its dependency ??
(2). which will be worth to buy – LG Watch Sport or Huawei Watch 2 ??

repairdrive says:

Great review guys!!

Johnny Ngo says:

By far the best LG Watch Sport watch review. Great job Andrew!

Mick Harrison says:

gear S3 looks a lot nicer.

Tilen Majeric says:

if you are into sport, you have to go for the Garmin or Suunto watches.

Never a god says:

FAT and ugly and FAT………..

Eddie Ell says:

5 day battery life and we have a deal…below that I’m not interested

Prabhu Shankar says:

Is there a difference between GPS Lg Watch Sports Vs AT*T variant of the Lg Watch Sports?

StephenSchleis says:

Apple Watch is leagues ahead, most features in this watch Apple invented a 2 years ago.

Matthieu LESPIAUCQ says:

Super montre connectée le top actuel !
Quand la trouvera t-on pour la France ? La nano-sim sera telle compatible au réseau français ?
Si je fais une commande outre Atlantique, fonctionnera telle sur le réseau français, européen ?

whichri79 says:

sticking with my pebble classic

Fashizy says:

I wish LG would recess the screen just a little. One thing I hate on my LG is the screen is flush with the bezel which means I have no choice but to use a screen protector. When I had the LG watch R I never needed a screen protector.

Hozan Kader says:

You got about the LG Watch Urbane 2

look4arsch says:

Intro/Outro song name please?

ThePaperCIip says:

That is ugly thick

Matias K says:

The Urban version costs 450 EUR…
Apple earbuds 169 U$S
PS4 pro 400 U$S

And AMD Ryzen that was developed over years only 325…
I think that is not only overpriced… is a joke.

Well marketing is everything and if you are an idiot they are going to sell it.

Daniel Allen says:

WhatsApp and Gvoice please

mike says:

I want a e-ink smart watch with huawei design . Always on display and > 1 week battery life is a must for a watch . Pebble round was very very close but the cut the battery and the display unfortunately .

Joshua D. says:

Nice homescreen setup.

Scuba Sausage says:

This is no Pebble replacement. God dam you fitbit!

StephenSchleis says:

Why not just steal everything from Apple?

Hannes Ziegler says:

I need a watch that I don’t need to charge all the time, and integrates with my work fitness program, and tracks my sleep. Otherwise this is great, best smartwatch I’ve seen. But until these things last for a month without a recharge, I’m not interested.

AwesoMarron says:

We’re simply not getting any gear S3 Frontier level design on Android Wear devices, are we? :/

R.K. Dhingra says:

i gues moto 360 is far bettr

Mihir Modi says:

Review lacks word on performance and responsiveness, would really like to know how quick it feels compared to flagship smartphones.

Ravi Rajyaguru says:

I think Samsung gear S3 should also come as a google play edition with it running Android wear 2.0! Now that, folks would be the best smartwatch.

luis ramirez says:

I love my lg watch sport but the battery life is terrible when you have the LTE on. tomorrow I will test it with just 3g see if it last me a work day. I called both Google and LG and none could tell me how long it should last with the LTE on.

Nick Tsiotinos says:

Battery longevity is still the major issue. Until that is solved – all of these devices are next to useless.

TekUnicorn says:

I’m sorry LG, but this new watch looks hideous… I’m gonna stick with my Samsung Gear S3.

MightyGalactus says:

Can i nake the buttons face my shoulder? Dont matter which hand.

Ho Chi Videos says:

would moto 360 support Android pay?

Brian M says:

Very nondescript design, they seemed to put no effort into the design of this watch. It looks cheap, not premium in any way. Looks like an older Samsung S2 watch except the S2 is better looking. Good to see Android Wear 2.0 arrive. Still not a match to Tizen or Apple Watch OS, but an improvement. Huawei and Zenwatch kick this watches ass for looks and design. And of course for smartwatches in general the Gear S3 is on top.

Claudiu Lucian says:

from the video I understood that the “bands are integrated”, that means you can’t change them with a leather or metal one to make it more classy, right? If you can’t, I see the it somewhat limited, we need a watch for everyday usage and sport.

I Am Mr. Nice Guy says:

I just got the gear s3 and no even at only $323 it is not worth it. because the only feature I found useful I’d the speakerphone phone calls. can’t surf the net can’t read emails can’t read news. who cares about notification. it’s going back to Samsung

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