LG Gram 15 Review – The Lightest 15″ Laptop Made Much Better!!

Dave2D review of the 2017 LG Gram 15 notebook. The best laptop for portability with a big screen.
LG Gram 15 – http://amzn.to/2njqvjS
Laptop Sleeve – http://amzn.to/2m4r5kE
Blue SSD – http://amzn.to/2kKatOh

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KL Tah says:

It looks like the RAM and SSD are user upgradable. Is that right?

marchanray_ says:

i remember coming to his channel when he was at 50 k! the fact that hes almost at half a mil is crazy! keep up the good work Dave 🙂

Nuel 360 says:

Msi leopard pro review it pls

bostonguy27 says:

Pretty sure this thing is lighter than my old rabbit…

Chris Diaz says:

I also care to know how many pings are needed from a outlet. 2 or 3. Helps knowing you don’t need all 3 pings to charge your laptop on the go.

Rahul Kumar says:

man, I wish they managed to fit in a 940m in this…. or at least some sort of good graphics!

Arad Levytan says:

Where can I find the wallpaper on your TV in the background? Thank you so much!!

jkminky1 says:

Interested to know if it will charge from usb-c, especially from an external battery pack- such as rav power 30w usb-c battery? would be awesome if you could do a video on this. would make the laptop much more portable and functional if you never need an outlet – even over a whole weekend?

Kiva Gordon says:

I might consider buying this for my daily work.

Xinsheng Huang says:

OMG you are using a RED for making these nice reviews!

Ankit Vaidya says:

LG gram 15” or HP Spectre 360 15” 2017?

MGR GuRkhaL! says:

i know its random, which laptop is better, hp 255 g3 or asus vivobook e200h???

DjDanny44 says:

WTF is happening at 1:20 LOOOL! :O

ZeroX Al-Attas says:

i like this one! i have my bad ass pc for bad ass work. but i need this to bring to my lab and do analytical stuffs, like graphs, power point. shouldn’t be a problem aight?

DopeSpill says:

2:52 Lmaoo every time i watch this!

SlightlyWetFart says:

My gf kept closing her tit in her last laptop. Does this one have the same problem?

Сергій Швець says:

Dave great review) Thanks

vj hara says:

But does it bootloop…?

Nor Azam says:

ive seen two laptop that are comparable to dell inspiron 7567. the acer aspire vx 15 and hp omen 15 that have a better screen. could you do a review and later compare it side by side for budget gaming laptop.

Frederick Feld says:

can you review the Xiaomi Mi air 13 please?

Fajar Syahruramdhan says:

So, it hasn’t been nice? Kinda miss it when you closed the vid!

maools says:

when he said $1200 I’m starting to look up next video to watch.

Jack Hong says:

ive been waiting for this. thnx subbed. but one question
how’s the pinch zoom on track pad? i wanna see if it still lags like previous generation.

Daniel Williams says:

I come here to see Lg lifted by a balloon

ndgo says:

NOSALE! No nvme I won’t even consider it.

Kurt Michael Lopez Diola says:

Where do you get your wallpapers? haha

Fan Chiu Ho says:

LG is almost there with this one
Get a model with Iris graphics, up the battery to 10 hours on work, and add TB3 support. I wouldn’t have a problem recommending a beast like this to professionals.

Dave Lee says:

This is a great laptop for people that want awesome portability with a big screen.
I almost dropped this laptop. I should stop spinning them.

Sloth Man says:

omg! this guy covers everything! this is a REAL review!!

Brruah !!!! says:

you sometimes look like Mr. bean

KL Tah says:

Only 68 Adobe rgb and 86 rgb. Disappointing for an LG

Aws Alahmad says:

THUMBS UP just for the slik intro

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