LG Gram 15 Laptop Review!!!

LG Gram 15 is the lightest 15-inch laptop and we put it through its paces in this review

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Murat Kalay says:

Two Questions.

1) Can you please do a test on the way it handles video editing?

2) is the 500gb internal memory still 1kg?


Thanks for making this video man. I just bought it!

Reuben From Intel says:


Clara Lim says:

Does anyone know if the SSD can be swapped out for an upgrade?

Simon Deelstra says:

those headphones behind you!!!!!

Nicholas Klingler says:

512 terabytes of storage? Damn that thing holds alot more than I had thought.

Ramastic says:

Did it really get 7-8 hour battery life? Are you sure your not lying?

EverythingSamsungPro says:

Can you do a comparison to the Surface Pro 4!!!

Vishal Giri says:

one more anime fan, ANIME ROCKS!!!!

Niklas Kniesche says:

512 TB storage? Lol!

SERGE says:

Cool review man! Agreed to not have a back light keyboard is a big no no maybe only in a lower end device but even than its just a nice feature to have the fact that they didn’t put it in shows they where forced to cut corners somewhere.

In terms of simple plain design. The MacBooks and zenbooks pretty much set that as a standard. So now a lot of laptops are going to that minimum stoat design!

rockhardfreak says:

who else thought the weight was 15 grams

ArnoldsK says:

Thats a lot of storage but it’s not an ssd.

Reuben From Intel says:

This laptop is overpriced. You can get a MacBookPro for only $1300

AQUIBSTAR777 says:

I wish that can be a convertible laptop…

EverythingSamsungPro says:

Thunder E, You have the best reviews ever. How tall aaaaare you!!!

Muhammed Bajunaid says:

Excellent review, clear brief and to the point. Looking forward for you compare this against Samsung Notebook Pro 9. Many thanks

Lynard Ramos says:

i love you kneega… 🙂

Curtis Shaw says:


European Tech Geek says:

Amazing device! In Europe it isn’t well known yet

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