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LG CM4550 unboxing and review. This thing is a beast. Unboxing was a lot of fun and so was listening to it. This is a 2015 model but the year doesn’t matter, the sound quality matters, and this thing delivers. Hope you all enjoy and if you manage to get one of these you wont be disappointed.

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Not Red Foxy by jimmysquare https://soundcloud.com/jimmysquare

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Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/2xS_gOJCOEc


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TOom Jones says:

Nice and light is not cool, it’s cheap. lol

Banshee Hawk says:

The only way to test this bad boy is to play metallica.

Craig Harris says:

Enough with the talk who cares about the review. Let’s hear the sound quality. Smh

The gamer Flex says:

im having a problem setting up the remote

The Tech Channel says:

100 comment 🙂 P.S i got a panasonic badd system smae price 600 RMS/WATTS ;-; NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Shawn says:

Would this be loud enough so that I can play along w the music w my electric guitar or drums?

Jael Llabres says:

can this be connected to a dvd player and karaoke player?

Joe Aral says:

700 watts my happy ass! Reminds me of those giant , heavy boom boxes from the 80s! Save your money and buy a 5.1 or 2 channel reciever, then speakers, then subwooferS . You gonna be happier in the long run, when this thing starts fucking up!

Germesus says:

In the Russian version of the CM4560 there is no record for USB, no RDS. Also in this model there is no graphic equalizer, which is not very good.

Bk94541 says:

U look kinda HOT 😛
I would suck the ssshhitt out of U

Spank Me says:

is it just me or is this guy seem like a butt pirate?

The Protocol says:

What do 700 Watts mean? is this a total output in RMS? If so then I’ll take it.

Tyson Esquivel says:

I got the same one for 120$ at Best Buy

Numerius Felix says:

What is a sound system with a huge big bass subwoofer

The King Must Rise says:

I have the same one

Bonnie Franklin says:

Is this system worth buying ?

Cuentos de la Cripta says:

I bought this at brandsmart for around 70 bucks, I love this system, for the music i listen to its perfect. I was at first hesitant because i saw that it has a bass boost and that made me think it was targeted towards bass heads (which i still think but they kinda failed at it) but the sound is so crisp and detailed, it sounds very similar to the Audio technica M40x headphones which are godly but with a little bit more of bass than that of the M40x.

Guys, buy it!

Cody Quintin says:

I would like to see a review of a similar priced audio system that i think would compare if not be better that this one. i have looked at several different ones and i think this would be best to compare to it.

Pavlos Ge says:

dude im gonna sound retarted but how do u operate the subwoofer.i can’t find an on/off butoon for it nor a setting on the controller

je vader says:


Drew Andrews says:

I am a huge fan of deep/full bass. No need for another subwoofer. Not sure why he thinks he made need another subwoofer. My system is on the floor and even at low volume levels the bass is phenomenal. Purchased it this past Black Friday at Best buy for $129

CrazZyDROPiT says:

Its not fucking 700 watt rms

Zacharoo418 says:

Is there a way to add another subwoofer?

Gabe Ulrickson says:

Not really a mini system having 700 Watt base power just being powered on I wonder if you disconnect the subwoofer if it will drop 240Watt of RMS or still output that power

Marcos Probst Probst says:

Vamos detonar essa porra toda.

Terminator161096 says:

ty for the review, just a tip, the red on the speakers is actually called a surround.(no hate not everyone is an audiophile)

Daniel Zepeda says:

ESo aparatos basura no suenan tan fuerte no como los q yo tengo ahora

Dylan Wright says:

2x150W 1x400W

Catherine Beavers says:

You are adorable!! i just bought this systems last night from the dell website for 119 bucks!!.. i lucked out.. i hope its still holding up.. i dont blast my music anymore so it should last for me..lol

Asep hernawan says:

Mslah audio polytron rajanya.
Bb5510 bigband yg mantap.

Marcos Probst Probst says:

Haikaiss rap brasileiro, pode crer jogador.

Connor Sherman says:

Any way to connect this to a tv?

donnald troll says:

700watt my ass

Darren Cashen says:

will u show how to set it up please?

Ramesh Gajje says:

How much brother thise speakers price

Jeff Meltesen says:

Can anyone give me the dimensions of the head unit?

Tony Kart Racer says:

Geezus…… is there a car in that box?!!

20198570934807 9280394820948 says:

“red and white on the back of the head unit”. Its called RCA

Lerz says:

If that’s a mini i can just imagine the big one….

Josh Matthews says:

Get a Klipsch system. Don’t ever buy anything audio related from LG.

Stargazer says:

Is there anyway of getting this system to work with a pair of headphones?, since it only comes with a port in jack

Chelz Shay says:

Uhm. Your voice is really hot and so r u. Damn lol

Dylan Wright says:

When I got it it was pretty heavy. For $175 at Best Buy.

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