Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Review!

There is no doubt that Lenovo has built an Android tablet with fantastic hardware, and are continuing to push the boundaries with regards to design. Get it here! http://geni.us/YogaTabletPro2

Full written review! http://goo.gl/ix5mrF

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Austin Matthews says:

I designed that shirt you’re wearing!! The “Do What You Love” shirt with the purple and green on it.

Manish Sharma says:

ok this ui looks way too similar to ios. 


Anyone know how to quicken the battery charging, it’s taking over 10 hours to charge, it’s insane!

KugelBlitz says:

U look like Duffy duck

Dylan Jordan says:

On a lot of tablets you cant watch films online on sites like putlocker, is it possible on this?

Christopher Haynie says:

Great review really informative. I also watched Kevin’s review of the yoga 2 tablet today and you both ran into the same problems with I thought was ironic since you reviewed the pro and he the cheaper model. There shouldn’t have been so much lag on either but especially on the pro also the choice of processor was a joke for the size of the tablet. I am looking for a big Android tablet because I have vision issues and I think a bigger one would help i am also a heavy tablet user. My health insurance will pay for it so price is not a issue. If you could recommend one I would appreciate it.

Allen D Lopez says:

What’s the name of those games you showed? especially that air strike looking game?!

andryan kurniadi says:

still, i prefer the akhmenrah tablet..


How to mirror it to a TV?

ComeAndPlayWithGames says:

Does this yoga have a windows version like the 10.1″ one?

Firdaush Bhadha says:

The software is actually embarrassing bad….Wow the app drawer and the slide from bottom thing is just obvious,. 

Hector Solorzano says:

How do I setup the lenovo Yoga 2 with an external audio system like an amplifier….?

Michael Rogers says:

I will wait and see what other 13″ plus android based tablets with fhd+ screens and better processors are shown at Mobile World Congress in March of this year. This is just stage 1 for large tablets. And it sounds and looks like Lenovos UI skin and intels processor isnt favorable for this hard application. I will wait for the ultimate extra large tablet that done right from either Samsung, HP, Sony, or Asus…….

Michael Joiner says:

This had the potential to steal me away from purchasing Samsung’s note pro 12.2 inch tablet.

But it fell a little too short.

Jaroslav Hellebrand says:

What is the game that u play there pls? :Oo


You can add any size pen/flash drive i have a 256gb flash drive which work perfectly using an otg cable, 512 and 1tb flash drives also work. 1tb hard drives and above also work but must be formatted first.

L Lagrange says:

how come it’s 2016 and this is the first time I hear about this tablet .-.

Kenttheclark says:

Whats with lenovo and choosing crappy processors? 

Kenshayla Sutton says:

how much it cost

Alan Buezo says:

Android and iOS just don’t go together well, either you buy an iPad/iPhone or an Android tablet/phone, idk why the hell Asian companies do this, people don’t buy Android and expect an iOS experience and people don’t iOS and expect major customization features

LohenArc says:

As someone who has the 10″ Android version, here’s some thoughts on this device. Obviously my experiences are not completely applicable to the 13″ Pro version but the 10″ is the closest you’ll get to this.

1) Hardware is good. Tablet runs fine. In fact when you press the 3rd on-screen android button (that shows all the slides) it displays how much free RAM is remaining and allows you to close most of the apps quickly. It should be noted however that this tablet is incompatible with the new MS Office for Android, which is said to run on only ARM Processors. 

2) Design allows you to either run with no case or a minimalist one that doesn’t allow for different poses. I had a Nexus 7 (2012) with a rather nice stand/case and my Yoga 2 wiped the floor with it in terms of how I could set it down, hold it, and use it in general. 

3) Screen resolution on 10″ (1920 x 1200) isn’t as high as other tablets, but its good enough for me. 

4) Battery lasts a long ass time, but also takes a long ass time to charge. Well, it’ll charge quickly when plugged into an actual DC outlet, but to a USB? Eh, you’ll be waiting…

5) Most of the pre-installed software is either deleteable or avoidable. Most of… some things stay on the device even if you go to Settings -> Apps and look for the delete button, but not much. I find the ability to open up certain apps in a small window, that is expandable and moveable, to be extremely useful. However this feature is limited to a few apps, like Chrome, Calculator, File Manager, Video, pictures etc. 

6) Speaking of pre-installed… the launcher… ah fuck. Literally, it’s the tablet’s biggest shortcoming. Yes, it looks like iOS, and it’s almost as shitty in how it’s locked down. With the pre-installed launcher, there is literally no way to wipe certain apps COMPLETELY off the screen. It really… just sucks ass. THAT BEING said I simply installed “Nova Launcher” and it makes the device look much like stock Android Kitkat. Negates most of the problem completely besides the two good aspects of the factory UI.

7) Last but not least, the “Drag up from bottom of screen” menu is something I’m happy about. It allows access to the Wifi, Bluetooth, and sound settings (among others) in addition to allowing access to not only the camera, taking a screen shot, or the settings, but you also get the “Lenovo Smart Switch” program. This allows you to adjust the mode of the Dolby Audio, as well as the screen, which can be changed between Vibrant (Excellent for videos), Normal (Casual Chrome Surfing) and Matt (if I’m reading a book or something)

So overall, I’d give the Tablet an 8.5/10. -0.5 Because of the inbuilt apps which can be annoying and -1 because the site pictures gave me the impression that the entire outer shell was constructed out of aluminum, but there’s still a fair bit of plastic to the Yoga 2, and the back panel, while not flimsy, isn’t COMPLETELY sturdy (aka has a tiny bit of give) Regardless, if I’m judging a tablet by its qualities alone and not those added because its part of a “set” of items (iPad, iPhone, Mac) I personally see no reason why I would choose the iPad Air 2 over this, besides the form factor. 

Ibrahim Bahakim says:

Grabs popcorn “iOS > Android” 

Ferdian Tanjung Mandahiling Koto says:

It’s just ridiculous that the software become the issue. I hope you do think of function of “play store” and xda developers.. We can modify the softwares on our own.

Ray Progamming says:


Miguel Peiro says:

Do you guys have any microwave reviews?

Nick J. says:

Hi can you use a usb keyboard and mouse on it? Thanks

Rick James Montayre says:

All tablets running Intel processors are all but rubbish. They are using the latest and greatest bullshit from Intel which is the Atom “again what?” Yes Atom, this processor was mainly used in netbooks roughly 3 years ago. All the Celerons and Pentiums from Intel are craps. That’s why Sony and Microsoft carefully chose AMD not Intel to power the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.

Damiano Galante says:

thanks ashton kutcher….

Nitin says:

The review is unbiased and neutral. good job. Keep it up


200GB cards are compatible with this tablet, I have one and you just need to format it.

Ruby rosetta says:


deLion ofdesert says:

is it better than samsung S2?

Paragonath says:

I think the hang mode is very useful. I sleep on the lower deck of my double deck bed in my dormitory and I just hang this up above me so I can watch movies and shows while lying down.

mac chery says:

This was a awesome and informative review, great job

CLS550 says:

The hanging option is perfect for a wall mount

Da Boss says:

is there even a one handed tablet nowadays lol

Clay Mann says:

What an excellent review. Learned a lot about the tablet I didn’t know.

Any word on updates since this launched? Is it performing better now?

I’d love to know why the external SD storage is so limited with huge cards coming out. Will they work too?

Ultimately its that lag that puts me off. I do wonder what it would perform like with different launchers and how much functionality you’d lose or indeed if you can use a launcher at all.

The price of this is dropping. It would make a beautiful magazine/comic reader but I’m not rich enough to just throw this much money down on a PDF reader.

wolfgames says:

It has a fucking projecter bruh

cal22583 says:

The Country Club Plaza! Makes me miss home 🙁

rebirth2526 says:

a fruit company. LOL !!!!!

Allen D Lopez says:

What’s the name of those 2 games you showed?

Kenshayla Sutton says:

how much it cost?

Sara Nath says:

Hab das teblet auch

Adam S says:

Shit I was gonna get this but after seeing that lag forget it

Kenneth Nordström says:

I have the Tablet and it’s better than he says. The ONLY and i mean ONLY bad thing is the camera, it’s only working good outside. But who is using it?. Best thing is the sound and the screen when you se a movie in QHD and also streaming is fantastic. Buy, you won’t regret it. It’s the best tablet in the world.

Joshua green says:

L got a

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