Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10-inch (Android) Review

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Several notable tablets have launched already in time for the holiday season, possibly overshadowing the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 in the process, but its $299.99 cost might prove attractive enough to pursue for many consumers out there.

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Shengg Mivh says:

did you buy the keyboard or it doesn’t have?

Srihari Rajole says:

hi, does it have a fm radio? Thanks

Abel says:

Ugh, Android’s UI for tablets makes no fucking sense.

Darkness GG says:

can I download windows 8 in this ?

Delloffy says:


kennetskYz TV says:

Which one is good this one or samsung galaxy tab s?


great vid man. quality top notch

yeahSOwhat says:

Anyone, my lenovo yoga 2 10.1 is charging for over 48 hours and still at 78% …it took 24 hours to get to 50% and since then moved just 28% in additional 24 hours….wtf is going on ? THANK YOU

Виия Шитаев says:

Здесь русские есть


Its shit but hey what to expect from the chinese …

Miracoulus Drawings says:

I had that tablet before but then it had some crashes on the screen so we sent it to media markt to make the tablet and after 60 or 80 days we got a Samsung galaxy tab a in white and wich one is better but I buyed a book cover for that one and it works just like the Lenovo kickstand

Gallashartlane says:

Should i buy the lonovo tab 2 or this one?

BYTE says:

You said 1gb of ram but the text on video said 2gb what one is it?

Aqib Qadeer says:

pretty good tablet but the design which is innovative but i dont like it but the price/performance ratio is pretty good

Ene Mwadi says:

does this support expandable storage ?

Abottah says:

how to add font in win on Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10-inch


can it make phone calls

Ryan Brookfield says:

Great review, thanks

Arnold D'Souza says:

annoying voice……XP

XtraGalaxy17 says:

Slow focus? Poor video recording performance? lol, what kind of IDIOT would take a picture using tablet anyway?
This one should deserve 9.3/10, at least…

Никита Русак says:

вы дебилы

Jan Tretera says:

Should i buy this or Apple Ipad mini 2 ??

444Lukas444 says:

I have it for a month now. If you have some questions just ask me.

Yehia Zakaria says:

Can i make phone calls from lenovo yoga tablet 2 10.1 inch 4g by using headphone???

Dave Flemming says:

does it have Bluetooth?

Mazin Abboud says:

this isn’t the projector model! price is repulsive for a basic tablet.

JKent1975 says:

Great review man, very helpful.  Thanks!

Vassilis Diamantis says:

Really who cares about camera performance in a tablet?

ليث عيدان says:

Pltpltpltpltplt whats up

Jar Head says:

LMAO you gave it a bad rating because of the camera? Who the hell takes photos or video recording with their tablets? The only bad thing I would think would be the gaming performance but then again, its not an Nvidia chip based tablet. For the price, it is a beast and I think a 9/10 would be sufficient

PatsFan 93 says:

Can this run madden mobile ?

Reda Zimirli says:

the best tablet I have ever used amazing

Julie Covington says:

Fantastic review…I watched it 4 times…Thanks!!!! :0)

Amer M says:

what a terrible condescending review. I have every yoga tablet but the 3 pro, and very single one of them out preforms most tablets. camera a? who..the…hellllllll uses a camera on their tablets?!??!!! I use mine for movies,comics, ALL games, browsing, everything you can think of your opinion is purely biased.

Shady Nathan says:

Can’t wait to review the other variant, the windows yogo tablet which is more awesome than this crap….

shattaD says:

the windows one is better.. comes with keyboard also

Ibrahim el-dharrat says:

1GB of RAM or 2GB???

Wilson Thio says:


Adarsh Kumar says:

I  Like to know that Which tablet is best Lenovo yoga 2 ya lenovo S8 and why

Vlad Grisins says:

screen recording or mirroring avaliable ?

ankit khanijo says:

Lenovo s8 or yoga 2 8 inch android – which one is better ?

Sara GameR says:

I have it!

silly cat says:

I have problem about buffering a video or streaming? Can someone help?

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