Lenovo Yoga Book Review: The Android laptop of the future?

The Lenovo Yoga Book gives off an incredible first impression. The bottom of this multi-mode hybrid is one giant touch sensor, used for typing and Lenovo includes a stylus. After using it for a week, is Lenovo ahead of the curve, or does this tech fall flat? Here’s our full review of the Android powered Yoga Book!


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Madison Roney says:

haha, anyone else see the poop?

Tariq banton kong says:

Huawei nova plus review

Ricardo Ramirez says:

They Should have use Remix os instead.

NasosMazdaspeed6 says:

with this pen can you like samsung copy, crop etc in the screen?

Hawaiian Cerveza says:

What stylus is that?

newfnshow031 says:

seems like the iPad air 2 is a better buy
or iPad Mini 4

shyguy says:

when is the release date?

Pulkit Chaudhary says:

can we call from it????????????????????????????????????????????¿???????????????

Marcus Coster says:

Imagine if they just made the bottom half an e-ink display! Then you’d be able to download 3rd party keyboards like normal, and you could use it for maybe persistent notifcations area and settings whenever you aren’t typing! ARGGGGGGGHHHH LENOVOOOOOO

Darshita Chopra says:

So, for Art, Gaming, Songs, Editing and YouTube, which one is better? Android or Windows?

Lokesh Jeswani says:

music at 3:20???

ghenva toor says:

So should I get an iPad pro (with Apple pencil and all) or this? I seriously can’t decide

John4 Fakers says:

What happened to micheal fisher

asdfrozen says:

I don’t quite understand this. Why replace the keyboard with a trackpad for drawing on when you can just draw on the screen itself?

Luca Daniels says:

I feel like this device could really benefit from a usb C port or two instead of the micro usb & hdmi

Diego Novoa says:

Put ChromeOS on it, a USB Type-C with fast charging and I’m sold… Looking forward to the next iteration, where I think Lenovo will nail it.

Robert Leal says:

Bezel is a little big compare to thickness for grip, but this product looked great. Maybe throw Andromium app on it or more chrome OS like.

Vivek Murali says:

Yes but can it run crysis?

Infidel Gastro says:

It looks very nice. I wish I could find an excuse to find these type of things necessary but unfortunately I can’t. Hell, I can’t even find a proper use for my laptop which quickly became a white elephant. A proper, powerful desktop computer and a smartphone is all I need.

eneidvaddeu says:

I love those bezels… lol

tanakattack says:

If someone is thinking about buying this thing, you should probably reconsider.

Intel has cancelled the Atom line of processors. So if Intel themselves has cancelled an entire line of processors, why would anyone want to buy a device using an obsolete processor when the manufacturers themselves have no confidence in continuing to produce its own product.

If you truely truley like the features of this device, wait until the next version and get the Windows 10 model.

If Lenovo decides to make a newer version of this thing, it will most likely have an Intel Core M processor in it instead. Which is *much* better than an Atom.

Smallsie 45 says:

does the android variant have usb c or micro usb??

Max Noren says:

What features are exclusive to android in comparison to the window version? Besides app support, can the android version be more “flexible” in the different way you can utilize the hardware? Like taking notes while watching a video?

arfived4 says:

Can you use a mouse with one of these?


I think what dis

Benjamin Francisco Tapia Rostran says:

Hum, i see you like tron… How about the last one? Do you like tron:legacy?

BriniaSona says:

Is Pocketnow Canadian? That would be awesome. #Job?

MrSpaghetti says:

I’d carry around a Bluetooth keyboard cause no way I’d type reports with 0 tactile feedback. The sketch idea is pretty cool, though.

Opu Ofbengal says:

Can the screen itself be used with the included stylus?

MARVIN Slomp says:

can i stick it to the bottom of a metal table and use it upsidedown?

James T says:

on screen kb no thanks this is a big flop

Panzer_Z says:

Sadly seeing as how it’s Android the software probably won’t be updated beyond 1 update and until Android becomes more tablet friendly I think the better option would probably be to pick up the Windows version.


dose it come with a stylus?

Edson Gomes says:

This looks like what the surface book should have been

Brian Park says:

Who is gonna buy this? I’m calling the cops

Anshul Singh says:

Hey Juan
you are one of the best reviewer
Just when you show spec sheet make it look more elegant, maybe use material design language or a blur bcg

moevmoe says:

Hey guys someone please help me out!! So I’ve decided to get a Tablet for University! So currently I have an Ipad mini 2 and I’m a medical student so I use it mostly for reading PDFs and studying lecture notes etc! I also bought an adonit stylus for it to add notes to the PDFs etc, so I’m in a bit or dilemma right now, should I but an Ipad Pro 9.7 with Apple pencil, or The lenovo yoga book or the Surface 3! I have an android phone and a macbook which I use for more heavy work like writing long essays or papers etc. My budget is around 600 dollars but less is always better! Help me out guys!

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