Lenovo Yoga 910 convertible laptop review | Ars Technica

Ars Technica’s Valentina Palladino reviews the new Lenovo Yoga 910 convertible laptop. Read the article: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/11/lenovo-yoga-910-review-an-elegant-upgrade-with-minor-compromises/

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Lenovo Yoga 910 convertible laptop review | Ars Technica

Producer: Jennifer Hahn
Editor: Jennifer Hahn


slayernine says:

Where are all the people using thunderbolt 3? USB C is more than enough. Not a big negative on this laptop, more like a personal pet peave.

minhkhoi2016 2016 says:

what ‘s this ?

DmC_Alexander 666 says:

do u hav instagram

tullio herrera says:


Andrew Leber says:

Do you think that this is a more worthwhile option at $100 less than the HP specter X3 60?

Juan Diaz says:


Dulce Rodriguez says:

cind y González

gbessone says:

its funny that you complain about the shift key, and i am in a new macbook 2016 and i complain about the up key which is tiny, so they sacrificed the upkey to have a big shift, and lenovo sacrificed the shift key to have a big up key. not sure which one i prefer.

Rice Crash says:

If you flip the laptop into tablet mode (as you use it 7:33 into your video)……The webcam is now at the top. That’s why it’s positioned at the bottom of the Lenovo when you initially open it.

zeyu ju says:

Hello I bought two yoga 910 both 4K, one for me and one for my girlfriend. But my laptop display is darker than my girlfriend. You mentioned the display is not so brighter in 100% in the video, probably you had the same issue as mine. I got exchange the next day, and the display color for mine is more cooler compare to my girlfriend more warmer color. I don’t know if it’s normal or not.

orange moonglows says:

y are you guys doing this review in a drab office cubical that has poor lighting?

caridad bello says:

Lo que quiero es
.dar correo a Cubs a
i spbrina como puefp hsserlo en espaol

Kevin Lau says:

While Dell offers the Nearly 4K display for the XPS 13 in singapore, Sadly lenovo singapore doesn’t bring the 4K model in singapore. Only 1080P models

cryomanc3r says:

Brightness is great – no reason why it should be any brighter (highest setting hurts my eyes). A 4k display is completely unnecessary on a 13.9″ screen. The thicker bottom bezel is present on most ultra books of the same caliber. Fingerprint sensor is fantastic. The smaller (right) shift key sucks and becomes pointless, point blank – it isn’t that big of a deal. The web cam is totally fine when in tent mode (don’t really see why you would video chat any other way, honestly). Face unlocking is stupid/gimmicky; likely why it isn’t included.. Thunderbolt is unnecessary. Fantastic battery life! About 14 hours of regular use (for me). The device is SILENT and doesn’t get hot under stress (played Borderlands 2). Keyboard lighting is good and has three different brightness levels; although, some keys look brighter than others, if you really pay attention (my only real gripe). The JBL speakers are the best that I have EVER heard in a laptop (especially of this size). The touch screen is incredibly responsive. haven’t had a single issues with hit in tablet, tent, or regular mode. Weighs about 3lbs; which is great for a nearly all metal laptop.
Bought mine from Best Buy for $975 (open box). Worth every penny.

*Typed on my Yoga 910.

Lysel Diaz says:

Expensive but not very stable. My Sony laptop last for 6 years seriously without giving me any trouble.

Sikao Net says:

this laptop would be great if it uses a higher quality 3:2 screen fills the thick bezel on the bottom of the screen. That is not impossible.

ShottysGotShots says:

Fuck HP. I deal with so many HP returns, defects, and quality issues that I will never recommend them. Always recommend Lenovo. They have the best quality.

Glendon Chin says:

Im not a fan of the look of the keyboard, and also am debating to choose the Surface Book instead

Tom Ngo says:

i heard a lot of complaint about the fan issues, wonder if that’s still a thing? And I just noticed how so many ppl actually used the shift key on the right… I must be odd cuz I’ve been using the shift key on the left my whole life…

Fahmi Nagi says:

how about the battery life ?

Gabriele F says:

7:35 , the camera at the bottom major flaw…magically resolved.

Yassar Hanif says:

if this laptop has pen like surface, it would be really great….

angelisone says:

Any in 15.6″ with HDMI (input/output) port?

Why are companies cutting corners (reducing the sizes) but not reducing the prices since they are no longer have CD/DVD player & number pads?

So why should people want pay over $1,100.00 for a tiny screen like a Netbook?

Virginia Sarmiento says:

novela las milunanoche

Houssem Hizi says:

nobody mention if there’s a light in keyboard so you write things in the dark between lenovo910 and hp spectre 360 13 …600 euro !!

Majed Albahlal says:

1-is it that light that I can carry in my handbag without feeling its weight ?
2- What is so special about the USB thunderbolt ?
3- When in tablet mode , how responsive is the touch on the screen ?
Lastly , What would you choose if you were to pick between that model, HP Spectre and MS Surface book ?

And by the way , Nice watch that you have on your wrest ))

Vincent Rubino says:

This is the worst laptop I ever purchased, I returned it after about a week of painful misery. moving the shift key is the most godforsaken stupidest fucking tragic design change that any laptop maker has ever done. The only reason a lot of people use their laptop over their phone is because it’s so much more comfortable to type on and create with than on a phone, if you DESTROY one of those aspects of working with a laptop then, there just is no point in using it. I DID not get used to the fucking shift key movement, and even when I reprogrammed the arrow up key to be the shift key, it still felt so wrong a lot of time’s my pinky would go right in between the page up and the shift key and i would either hit both or neither. What ab absolutely stupid mistake. I am loving my Surface Book with performance base though, please DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP.

stalinecua93 says:

how fast is the SSD drive?

Keith Rinzema says:

That bottom bezel is huuuuuge (said in trump accent)

vista202 says:

I’m right handed and I’ve always used the left shift key & never realized it until this video. I don’t think I ever use the left shift key. Great review btw

Gforge Smith says:

But they couldn’t pack it with a thunder bolt 3?

Pedro Capellan says:

leo video

Esther Espinal says:

pollito piopio

sunil varma datla says:

This is the only high end PC that has 14 inch screen..

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