Lenovo Yoga 2 8″ Tablet Review

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 (8-inch) review

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Flp Law says:

Nice job, good work ninja

Ferdinand says:

Man this review is slow. 4 minutes in and I know: it has a nice screen, runs android and has a slow atom processor. You spent 1:20 per feature!

bobdigi88 says:

cameras in a tablet is useless to me but each to their own. I love the yoga 2 8″ although the battery life doesn’t seem anywhere as good as the original yoga 8″.
I’m hoping that a few discharge and charge will sort things out. it’s a great tablet with lovely clear screen. it’s the perfect size to hold. I use a tablet fusion for my Samsung tablet 3 10″.
But this tablets is perfect to hold.

Mohammad Saad says:

I am a former user of tab s 10, nexus 7 2014 and tab z, but what I’ve found out is that ios tabs NEVER slow down (obviously if u intentionally load a lot of junk, they will slow down) but with the purpose I’ve been using them for (home tab), ipad air is the best that you will get and it hasn’t slowed a bit even after almost a year
Android is good, but ios on tablet is better

TrevorCakes says:

You sound like you are reading out loud a report for a class.

Tivec says:

Is Hearthstone playable on this tablet?

Shengg Mivh says:

Hi did you buy the keyboard?

Soare Michele David says:

Tablet dosent need camera in the back…..just in the front for skype and other.You stupid,you have phones for photos or a pro camera like nikon.

Dayna Holgate says:

I used to have an Lenovo tablet then I gave it to my brother and he broke it now I got the iPad mini first generation I’ve been through loads of tablets in the past.

faisal alsadakah says:

this shity tablet suck its realy weak on the battry side and power button any hit no matter if its hard or not it will leave an ugly mark not like other tablets

Phoneguy2007 says:

I love mine. Can’t beat the price.

Abhishek Kumar says:

Hi ,
Just saw your review on flipkart of lenovo yoga 2 8″ tablet. I am also planning to buy this tablet. Just wanted to know if the tablet still has the following issues :
1.) Screen flickering problem
2.) Overheating and auto shutdown, and the tablet won’t start immediately
3.) Screen wiggles while maneuvering the tilt stand
4.) Poor signal reception – GSM
5.) Poor battery management – battery drains quickly
6.) Hanging problem
7.) Problem with auto-brightness and disabling the check-box gets enabled again after tablet restart

Crazy CRO says:

What’s this I wanabe ios UI?

Cristian B. says:

Hi! Which one would you recommend between this one and Lenovo S8 tab? Thanks!

Danny Fenton says:

Damn, dude. Monotone as hell. Couldn’t even watch the whole video.

SE ASIA says:

From SE ASIA : It’s so obvious you are a GAY. You like guys with muscles hehehehehehehe .Nice review!

Whimsical Traveler says:

Thanks for this review, Kevin! It’s very informative, and strives to be objective always. I’ve made up my mind to buy this tab on the strength of your review.

calvinobel says:

What’s up with your voice? I thought he’s someone else lol

Vlad Grisins says:

is it possible to screen record using this tablet?

Dhdhy7 says:

So 8″ inch doesn’t come with a PROJECTOR ??

Waffle Wong Yee Ket says:

Most devices bend when you try it, most important thing is that it goes back to its original form after you’re done with it.

lvimal says:

lenovo are chinese their make is very cheap and  not durable

Lance Lindle Lee says:

I use the camera on my 10″ tablet. Why? Cause my only other device is a Nokia E72

SE ASIA says:

From SE ASIA I’m using a 7 in Lenovo I bought at Walmart in China it’s a good quality tablet. ACER also makes a great 8 in tablet that my beautiful 23 yo Chinese Sugar Baby loves. Peace n Harmony

Tony Wong says:

I think this review was done well, except that the reviewer talks a bit slow and kind off boring. I literally dozed off listening to this…and what is “reduplication?” What about “reproduction?”

Md. Imran Hossain says:

please someone inform me, which one is the better version in 8 inch yoga tab 2 or 3(2gb) ?

Can't Have People Googling My Name says:

I quit watching as soon as you made that yoga pun. 

Playin' Hooky says:

Kevin,  I think the speed of your presentation is really good. So many reviewers speak far too fast for me. Your diction is good and the clarity of your content is excellent. Keep up the good work. And thanks.

Ankit Verma says:

Does the tab support usb keyboard and mouse?

Aldo Del Re says:

Could you include “BATTERY LIFE”as part of your review-PLEASE That would serve your subscriber’s better and be a better review.Do you disagree?I like Android Authority,I do reviews on “Find The Best”,and I know what I WON’T leave out in my review.Headed to Best Buy to get S8-50 and Yoga 2 to compare.Same specs except battery,and NO Flash on Yoga 2? That’s what I’ve found,which is a deal breaker and the camera SUCKS.

Sang Eeth says:

Nice review.

Mo Mo says:

is this good for gaming?

Danmandingo says:

*I own this tablet now, and it must be stated (Installing the Nova Launcher on it, definitely brings back that traditional Android feel), seeing as it didn’t come with an app drawer stock.*

*It is fast, the screen is great, it’s not expensive, and the expandable storage makes this tablet a GREAT buy.*



Stormmy Tran says:

I love the Old Spice commercials. 😀

Arnab Dasgupta says:

does this tablet has a flash support

Yazan Daghestani says:

what’s price of this device my friend

Dread Pirate Regan says:

On the yoga 2 pro with 13.3 inch screen and can never go back but it still has the random black screen flicker with 5.0.1 near vanilla lollipop ROM they left us with. Did the 8:inch do this?…

Hughesy Tech says:

Full 1080p resolution? Don’t you mean full HD. AND since when is colour reduplication a proper word or statement?

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