Lenovo Y700 15.6″ Gaming Laptop Review

What’s up guys, here is my full review on the Lenovo Y700. Enjoy!

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– Vanze x Balco x Fransis Derelle – All I Need Ft. Brenton Mattheus (Nocopyrightsounds)

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Eric Gamez says:

would a game like black ops 3 look better on this laptop. or a ps4?

madcapper6 says:

Is the RAM soldered onto the board?

Uptown Wedding Photography NJ says:

I am not a gamer, but looking for a 15″ Laptop for photo editing using Adobe Lightroom. If this display falls short on color accuracy, as you mentioned, what would advise would be a good model…

russian mem says:

damn thank you so much for this review I’m thinking of buying one for Christmas

Mitchell Bewick says:

What’s the overall quality of the laptop casing? My Lenovo Z50-70’s hinges broke within a year of use and it was annoying as hell.

Suban Edyono says:

on of the best review on youtube

Uptown Wedding Photography NJ says:

Y700 vs Dell’s 7559 model….Which would you say gives sharper and more accurate color on the display…I do photo editing. Thanks.

isaac huerta says:

What’s better this laptop or the Asus Rog?

Mike Keeler says:

On newegg it’s only 800 us dollars.


Do not buy this laptop, over 8 months it has broken down 5 times!!!!! However good the Spec looks, it is so badly put together it’s unreal. You are in for a world of pain if you buy this piece of crap

Fawad Ahmad Khan says:

You are a tech doctor. I loved the way you used that temp app 😀

Actually Ramen says:

what would be better the msi gl62 or the lenovo

Moh'd Saidely says:

this or msi ge72 gtx 965 apache pro i7- 5th gen


Would this laptop be good for adobe premiere pro, photoshop, after effects, and games like civilization 6 and squad?

Ahmed Ryuzaki says:

Hey Andrew , thanks for the video i have a small question i ordered mine which only comes with a 512GB SSD storage , i’m afraid that wont be enough on the long run. Will i be able to add a secondary HDD along with the SSD ? or even a secondary SSD?

draculu says:

Would you guys say the 128 SSD is enough for a normal user (for windows and programs) to keep running smooth? I’m not an editor so I don’t really use Hard editing like programs so I’m wondering if I should save 100euros and get the 128SSD instead of the 256?

jansty85 says:

Anyone use this to make music?

Bobby M says:

Just got this one, I’m excited!

Rainy Dragonfly says:

does it come with a mouse

Onlineswagger711 says:

Buy a new dell inspiron 7000 gaming it’s better and cheaper than the Y700

Juan Sebastian Mantilla Quintero says:

Great review!!!

Nishant Gupta says:

How is the 4 GB variant of this laptop? My budget is till $900 tops.

SturpyGaming says:


Jere Seppälä says:

Oh yea i have done work for like 3years and finally in this december i will buy that. Cant wait 🙂

Get IT Fixed says:

I’m gonna get it tomorrow. looks quite good. Thanks for the interior view of the laptop. Cheers mate.

Ljbo Bott says:

Is this like the hp omen?

Silvester 32 says:

I have this laptop and I have to tell you, It’s great!

Dean Shaw says:

Is this a worthy upgrade from the Lenovo G50-70 series?

Uptown Wedding Photography NJ says:

Can you change the RED Backlit keyboard to white….Thanks I appreciate the info before I buy one…


JTundra says:

I cant decide what to get sigh this sucks

4Da_ LOLZ says:

Can it run TF2, CSGO, and COD

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