Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Review

Lisa Gade reviews Lenovo’s new business-minded 2-in-1, the ThinkPad X1 Tablet. The X1 Tablet is more simply and elegantly designed than the ThinkPad Helix, and it has modern Intel Skylake 6th generation Core m5 and m7 CPUs inside. The 12” tablet has a very good IPS 2160 x 1440 display with high brightness and good color gamut. It supports both Wacom AES pen and touch, and Lenovo includes the pen in the box. The ThinkPad style keyboard is also included.

The ThinkPad X1 Tablet isn’t cheap. Our Core m5 with 8 gigs of RAM and a 256 gig SSD lists for $1,349. The Windows 10 2-in-1 convertible is available with SATA-3 SSDs and most configurations will have 8 gigs of DDR3L RAM. The tablet competes with MS Surface Pro 4, and is the higher end alternative to the Lenovo Miix 700. It will work with a variety of modules that snap onto the bottom edge, including the Productivity Module that adds a OneLink+ dock, HDMI and USB 3.0 as well as a secondary battery; a projector module and 3D Intel RealSense camera module. The X1 Tablet has a USB-C 3.1 port that handles charging, a USB 3.0 port, microSD card slot, mini DisplayPort and a 3.5mm audio jack. It has optional 4G LTE with a SIM card slot on the back.

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Harambe says:

Please make this cheaper in 2017 I WANT ONE AND NEED ONE ;-;

snowking says:

based on your interaction which has the better response time waking up from Sleep mode when you drop down the keyboard. Surface Pro 4 or X1 tablet?

x SilverFire says:

When I customize this on Lenovo’s website, it shows that it does not come with the keyboard. It’s an extra $140. Does anybody know if this is a different keyboard? I thought the one in the video comes with the system.

denormzone says:

thanks for doing the drawing tests. extremely important to us artists. great if you could also try Autodesk Maya. I use Maya on a hp pentium III vista and does great. would like to see these hybrid windows tabs using Maya so I can purchase one. thanks. Autodesk Maya is a high end 3d program that I’ve used since windows xp.

Dom H says:

Core m5 with 8 gigs of RAM and a 256 gig SSD lists for $1,349…too expensive!!!

Deddy Haryanto says:

Nice review, lisa ..

Robert Reintgen says:

Can someone tell me what’s going on with this product?  I keep checking Lenovo’s site and it simply has a link to notify you when it’s available.  To my knowledge, the X1 tablet was released several months ago.  Quality issues?

Gareth Flynn says:

I’d love to see a smack down between the Thinkpad X1 Tablet & the Surface Pro 4. Please could you briefly cover the differences in how reflective the screens are? I’ve seen a lot of remarks that the Thinkpad X1 Tablet is reflective to the point of being very distracting, even indoors.

Professor D says:

Too expensive, too slow. It seems maybe marginally better than a surface 3 for half the price, and maybe not as good a pen.

gamexd100 says:

does the pen have an eraser on the top like the surface pro 4?

kentiangela says:

Midway through the video….good to use when take it onboard? Too big for economy seats? Or biz class better ?;)

IWatchVideosForALiving -_- says:

Hi there! I love the review. I have a few questions, though. Is it a good alternative for a drawing tablet for artists? Is there a cheaper alternative?

Al Queer says:

How does the display and battery life compare to the Miix 700 and Surface Pro line?

Uma Shankar says:

Lisa, Lenovo site mentions that there is an option of adding a WWAN card to the module as an additional accessory (Snapdragon X7). Can you pls let me know if the tablet has an option to insert a SIM card (Nano or Micro) to get 3G or LTE service directly in addition to WiFi?

Elton Leung says:

Hi, May I know where is this tablet made? China or Japan?

TechPimp says:

Can you please do a review on the Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700 its only $700 and it has M7 8GB of ram and keyboard/pen ?

Mark Twain says:

I don’t like the glossy screen .. everything else is really good.

CR B says:

I’ve used Lenovo products for 5+ years. Love their rugged road-warier-proof design and superb keyboard feel. Naturally I couldn’t wait for this one. I wanted it so much that I ordered online instead of waiting for it to show up in stores.. not a great decision on my part. Features of this machine are superb but delivery is lacking on this machine. I waited for months after the promised date and finally got one but the off button didn’t work right. After a long call to TS I had to send it back. They gave me the choice to get a refund but I really wanted the computer so I opted to get a replacement. I didn’t realize at that time the delivery would be slipped 2 weeks at a time for two months! After that I finally decided just to cancel and get my refund. After requesting the refund I was notified that wasn’t an option since the computer had finally been shipped and would be here in days. I wanted the computer so much I went ahead and waited a few days instead of demanding a refund. Finally it arrived, I was thrilled… for a few minutes at least. This unit clearly had something wrong with the screen. The screen was completely washed out with a very bright white light and barely readable. Every now and then it would become normal in the middle with a bright white halo around the edges. Seemed to change and flicker when the unit moved. So back to support and another superb experience – their CS really is great. As frustrated as I was they are so superb, understanding, and empowered to make decisions to keep customers happy that I really just can’t be mad too long. They processed a return/refund, confirmed everything via email and knew all of my history from their customer service tracking system. My most recent computer is a Lenovo x250 and previous were older Thinkpads so I know Lenovo can make great machines but I believe either I’m the most unlucky buyer or they’re having manufacturing glitches on this very new machine. So I changed to a more proven design – the Yoga 900s. And this time I’m purchasing it from Best Buy instead of direct online from China. The online site is probably a great way to buy in certain circumstances but the 21/2 month delay caused me great problems and I won’t go this route again. I should have taken the refund route but even that would have been close to 2 weeks. I hope the 900s is as reliable as all my previous Lenovo laptops and their customer service remains so good.

Lisa, my wife and I depend heavily on your reviews… please keep up the superb work! There are some issues around the customer experience (like mine) you can’t possibly pick up in a review. If there are others that had an experience like mine I’m sure they’ll show up in the comments. Most likely I was just unlucky and so I’m still a loyal Lenovo customer. But I do wonder if others are having issues like mine and if this is an isolated incident or a developing trend.

Pavel Vitis says:

Wonderful review, thank you

winlati says:

Will you review the Asus Transformer 3 Pro? I’m curious what kind of stylus they’re using and how it stacks up compared to other convertibles.

zoomerbemen says:

Woaah 60fps

Aljaz Bolta says:

a very nice review, as always… I really like that you include drawing apps usefulness in your reviews! Many thanks! Regards, Aljaz

Florian Steinmetz says:

Is there any possibility to write with the keyboard when it is separated from the screen? Would be very useful if you want to use it in combination with an external monitor.

Rob M. says:

+1 for a Smackdown between Surface 4 Pro and Core m7 X1 Tablet.

Nixes G. Pendel says:

any drawing/ digital painting software useable with this? sketchbook pro perhaps?

Plank says:

Would the keyboard for it work on the surface pro 4?

Ebsan Uddin says:

Anyone know of a sub-$1k laptop with a decent stylus for note taking for college?

Nelson Chow says:

Cant buy in Australia =( been nearly a year! =(((((

Colin Chan says:

I love your videos! Can you also do a full review for the T460 too :)?

zuldo19 19 says:

is the projector good

Adrienne Jones says:

anyone try with photoshop?

Kevin Raymond says:

Have any ideas for someone that’s wanting a 2-in-1 that is high-end, thin and light, that can also act as a monitor to extend my regular laptop screen onto? I need something that can stand on it’s own as a useable device without having to be connected to my laptop in order to work (I.E. not a monitor), but can then be used as something I can draw on, take hand-written notes with, and do math on. Pretty much asking for something like a Wacom Cintiq that is much, much slimmer and mobile friendly.

Karli B says:

Hello Lisa,
Which Lenovo tablet product would you recommend checking out for a heavier workload in photoshop? Thank you!

KoolPenguin says:

Surprise motherfucka

ерунда сэндвич says:

I was hoping for it to be like a surface book

Crystal Casey says:

Great review as always, Lisa! Could you help me decide on my next laptop, please. I have a main desktop to process larger programs but cannot notate or draw with it. I’m debating if I should get a tablet or laptop and specifically looking at Lenovo’s X1 Tablet and X1 Yoga Laptop. I really like the idea that the both products are sturdy/robust and that the tablet can attach the 3D camera and projector. I would like a device for both home and work, to use MS Office Suite, and to draw, present, and network (Google or Skype/video meetings, etc.). Will you be reviewing the X1 tablet’s 3D camera and projector? Any other advise?

robert clayton says:

did lenovo halt production on this model? shows unavailable on their Web site

Dhanush L says:

hey, great videos! Would you recommend Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet or the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460? Thanks!

ThePrivateJoker says:

Aaannd its not available on Lenovo’s web site. What gives? Could it be they finally realized the design is stupid?

Phil Kanne says:

one has to admit Microsoft really started all this…Surface 2 wasnt a success Story Overall but ater Surface 3..lets just admit…this combination is genious for most ppl..kudos to MS

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