Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tablet Review – Microsoft Surface Alternative

Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 Tablet is a Microsoft Surface alternative that works well as both a tablet and a laptop. See more tablets at http://lon.tv/tablets and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:32 – Hardware overview
01:51 – Kickstand and using it as a laptop
02:35 – Keyboard and trackpad overview
03:34 – Ports and battery life
05:31 – Pen performance
06:28 – Web browsing
07:56 – Microsoft Word and Office
08:45 – Minecraft and gaming
09:45 – High bit rate Blu-Ray MKV video playback
10:04 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The Thinkpad X1 Tablet is a great Surface alternative primarily due to its Kickstand design. Because it lays more flat it’s easier to use as a laptop. The $1349 price tag includes a keyboard dock and a pen.

The keyboard is comfortable but thin. It tends to bounce a bit when latched onto the tablet portion of the machine. The latching of the dock to the tablet is great, it holds on very tightly.

Battery life isn’t great at around 6 hours. An additional battery module will be sold soon that will extend the battery life on the device.

The tablet is powered by a Core-M processor at 1.1ghz. It performs well and is well suited for the kinds of work business tasks that Lenovo Thinkpads are designed for.

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SKY LØLI says:

32 bit or 64 bit ?

Matt Metzgar says:

lon you have got to do a review on the new HP Chromebook 13. preferably the $599 model that has the core m3 6y30, 4GB ram and 3200×1800 IPS .

Chris Wheeler says:

is this 65 bit or 32bit windows 10

Chris Wheeler says:


Black Tiger says:

M5 CPUs suck… They ruin everything.

stan_sprinkle says:

actually sort of shocking that Microsoft didn’t figure that out first, the kickstand thing. It seems so obvious now that you’d want it to open up that way.

its just a pwank says:

1.1 ghz!!

Luna NightDeus says:

You have a really cute dog Lon ^-^

Joshua Bowman says:

Lol @ Price

Femi Ogunsola says:

LonWhat is also your opinion of the build quality of both machines i.e. XPS 12 and thinkpad x1 tablet

TotoFrancey says:

Lon — In the interests of full disclosure this is a business device as opposed to a home consumer product. This laptop/tablet would be fantastic for working on a plane or on top of your briefcase when waiting to go into a business meeting. Any child under the age of 10 would probably do a good job of breaking this.

Gary A says:

i recently sold my surface pro 3 as i just couldnt get on with it and i replaced it with the new skylake version of the hp spectre 360 which comes with a 2.5ghz skylake intelcore i7 processor, 16gbs of ram and a 256gb ssd and it was only £797 (was 900 but i got it on sale) and yet microsoft and lenovo and the other companys charge £1000+ for these devices that only pack an intel core m? i dont get it. Great video as always lon

andyH_England says:

Yes all the hype re the SP4 was a shock to me as I found it disappointing when I tried to use it as a laptop, a major design flaw for such a device. This looks like it could work but we still have the issue with Windows tablets of poor apps and below average battery life. At least for students who need pen use this gives them an option along with Samsung and Huawei as these M chips are good enough for most things. Easy choice of this over the SP4 as you get the keyboard thrown in and the design is miles better than MS’s flimsy one.

A Chao says:

I love the intro, reminds me of 1990s. It looks decent but is there a demand of these 2-in-1s anymore? I feel people like the regular laptop style still.

I assume this form factor affects the durability of real think pads. Still want a think pad chrome book :3

Satyam Patel says:

Surface pro is still bettwr

Zartan says:

Looks like they took a lot of good design ideas from the Lenovo Yoga Tablet series including the projector, kickstand design, and cylinder battery module. I still think the Yoga Tablet design is better integrated, but that is only Atom series processors. I wish they would release the Yoga Tablet 3 Pro with a Windows 10 version, but this is pretty close.

High Tech Point says:

The surface pro 4 looks and has better design , it looks more modern I recently did a review on the surface pro 4 and I was very satisfied with the tablet overall

Bill Westfall says:

1300 is a lot of scratch for such a thing

EposVox says:


Femi Ogunsola says:

Hi Lon. Great review as usual buddy. Now that you have reviewed both the XPS 12 9250 and this Thinkpad X1 Tablet; which do you honestly prefer for business and some leisure time I.e. web surfing, movies etc?

Stuffyou100 says:

Wow, that’s ugly. I can get notebooks that flip to become tablets, I do think that makes sense but this kickstand style just seems horrible for me. You need to be able to adjust the clamshell.

Majsner _ says:

wow , very cheap, very londman

Bozhi Pan says:

NIce review

Agtsmirnoff says:

$1349 for a core M? HAHAHHAHAHHAAHAHA

Wire Rubbish Bin says:

Seems expensive for what it is.

IraQ Nid says:

It would be neat if there were modules for boosting its speed or GPU capabilities. I wonder if there is an adapter for plugging it into one of the new external GPUs for laptops?

Acepower1000 says:

But can it run Remix OS?

Tim Villareal says:

I have both, the SP4 just sits there collecting dust. The X1 has LTE option – no brainer!
Need I say more?

saturnotaku says:

I actually like the design. It makes more sense than a SP4. However, I have a really hard time justifying the price for something that doesn’t come with at least a Core i3 CPU.

Michael Webber says:

The “reverse” kickstand design is actually very clever. A rep at a Windows Store (bricks & mortar) told me the old trouble spot with the Surface was when customers tried to recline the screen the same way you do on a laptop – by simply pushing it back. Some customers were so aggressive trying to push it back, they would break the kickstand! Obviously this can’t happen with Lenovo’s “reverse” design. How is it for Netflix? iPad Retina (3, 4, Air, Air 2) or Surface 3 levels of accuracy and brightness? Good for media consumption, of just an executive work toy? It can obviously handle high bitrate (did you say a 30gb lossless Bluray?).

Yakov 12345 says:

What an ugly laptop!

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