Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016 Review! Best Business Class Laptop?

The 4th Generation Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon is a business class laptop that’s durable, powerful and portable. Now in its 4th Generation, Lenovo has created its lightest 14-inch laptop without any compromises.

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YouMi Nam says:


killa00playit says:

Why does nobody review the WQHD screen version?

Cthabest5 says:

is the brightness a big problem? I’m planning to buy this laptop but brightness is in my.opion one of the most important things…

Fish Kungfu says:

Very nice review! vPro is a deal breaker for me. I don’t want to knowingly buy a hardware based out of band backdoor.

TheHorta says:

You look a little goofy wearing bovine ears. 😉

Filip says:

Hi, What’s name of app with 4K wallpaper? In your video, thanks.

Anson Sun says:

What do you think of the new 2017 gen? Are you gonna review it? Thinking of getting a portable laptop

Ilyas Abdishakur says:

i have this laptop while it is touch screen yeahhhh

Dav3 says:

Dude shaved his eyebrow off?

Joris van der Linden says:

I like this review, and I especially like your pair of extra ears in this video 😉

MostQuality says:

Hey, great video! I was wondering, does the keyboard have a large amount of flex/any flex at all? I’ve seen reviews of the T460S and it was shown to have had flex in the keyboard, and since the X1 Carbon is a higher quality machine I would assume that it doesn’t, but I want to make sure since I think a large amount of keyboard flex as shown in the T460S would be a deal-breaker for me. Thanks.

Hasibul Haque says:

Thinkvintage button and blue enter button. Both of them are missing. VGA port is missing. Latch lock missing.

Anoukh Ashley says:

Can you do a comparison with the XPS 15?

Adrian Manea says:

Can anyone comment on the display clarity on the WQHD model, please? Can you see the pixels? I’m deciding between this or a Retina MBP and the FHD on my gf’s T460s is really bad. I read and write a lot, usually in small fonts, so this is a big issue for me. Thanks.

Aaron Lu says:

Hey Matthew! Just like to say i really like the quality of your videos! Keep up the great work and a shoutout from Toronto!

Shawn Ren says:

I love your living room.

LimitedWard says:

Nice review, but I’d really have to disagree with your assessment of the keyboard. I don’t have that exact Lenovo model, but I can say with certainty that there’s almost nothing as annoying to me as the page up and down buttons which are placed too close to the arrow keys (making me accidentally press them all the time).

Patrick says:

Are you going to review the OLED version of this? I think that should be the biggest reason to get this laptop.

BeaverKing says:

I just can’t take thinkpads seriously. Most are plastic (not this one.) The red dot in the middle is useless, the speakers are tinny, the trackpads are awful, and they are used in schools because they are just that cheap.

Loveless says:

Hey Matthew, awesome video as always! Would you recommend this to a CS student who is looking for a light weight laptop with a decent amount of power?

Bob Ma says:

The touchpad of carbon x1 is no doubt the worst touchpad among most laptops. That’s we all agree about. However other it’s good in other aspects

John Smith says:

2:59, I found a white ant.

Nick Pisano says:

Would you recommend a thinkpad x1 carbon 1920 x 1080 FHD display or a HP Elitebook 1040 G3 with a 1920 x 1080 FHD display?

Ruben Soputan says:

the painting looked like you got two big ears…it distracted me for the first 10 seconds >.<

Michael Shibilski says:

Just bought this this weekend actually 🙂

Hao Liu says:

Its good if the price drop 30%.

Fruit F*cker says:

2:59 bug wants his 15 mins

Christian Matar says:

Hi man great video, do you think I can use this laptop for programming?

Vladislavs Dovgalecs says:

At 4:03 I get an impression that laptop is very big compared to usual X1 Carbon! May be the camera is too close to the cover…

KIM ANN says:

The second hand of this model cost about $550 in my region. what do you think about second hand?

M N says:

00:45 kinda wanted to push off the laptop

Rey Devega says:

I got the laptop. Lenovo x1 carbon 4th gen. signiture edition. i7-6600u CPU at 2.60ghz 2.81 ghz, RAM 16gb, 1tb SATA, 64bit windows pro…this is the perfect laptop to transition from OSX into Windows. The only problem is no SD slot only mini, the track pad is great but not amazing (coming from macbook pro trackpad)..It still feels nice and high quality though. Really love the red mouse button (IDK what its called) helps when getting to small detailed editing, Photos and video. Portable, light and perfect for everything I need to do in life. Business, programming, and editing video/photo content.

The keyboard feels natural.
Speakers are great.
Resolution is 2560 x 1440.

I recommend this laptop to anyone looking to transition from apple laptops into windows laptop. Just have to sacrifice a few features. One thing I will miss is retna display…..hmmm :/

anyways thanks for the review. You helped me make my decision.

Bridget G says:

what are the differences for you between the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20FB and the Dell XPS 13 9350-4853? which one do you personally recommend more?

R M S Y says:

nice ears …

Li Cai says:

Hi, can u please suggest between x1c gen 4 and t460s? I am really struggle between these two

Che Guevara says:

I am little disappointed that the the numbers key is not on the side. If this is for business LT then it is uncomfortable to enter numbers.

mvh808 says:

Nice review. Can you point me to the tunes you used as background music?

Ryan Dent says:

Not good specs for a high price tag. Move along

Rey Devega says:

Just ordered it. Will be receiving it in a few days. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Opinions Are Not My Own says:

Does it run Linux (Fedora or Debian preferably, NOT Ubuntu)?
Any problems there?

I Only Review Everything says:

I’ve got this laptop. Battery life is very poor but it’s such a sexy machine. It gets me all the chicks.

giorgi lomidze says:

can someone help me?
lenovo ideapad 510-15 isk: i7 6500U dual core 2.5 ghz 3.1 ghz, ddr4 8 ram, 4mb l3 cache. nvidia geforce 940mx 2 gb gddr3. no ssd, hdd 5400 rpm.
for heavy excel files like 40-100 mb each. aftereffect, no gaming. i just dont like no ssd and dual core? what do you think guys?

Sanjeev Radhakrishnan says:

Would you recommend this or the Dell XPS 15 (or 13)?

The Stark Lark says:

You sound like texrax

Tong Wu says:

I have a really bad experience with Lenovo laptops. I bought a 2014 Lenovo Y50 before. The hard driver was broken after I used it for a month. Although Lenovo helped me change the hard driver, there were many issues that bothered me. Couple friends of mine complained about bad experiences of using Lenovo laptops too, like screen, keyboard or hard driver problem. But I heard that Thinkpad products are much better (Well, we can tell a big difference of the price lol). Is the quality control of Thinkpad good?

Hector Hernandez says:

how do you see this PC on working CAD type of software? Like autocad? Im deciding on buying a Lenovo P50 but now i see this. Pecommendations please. Even if there another brand.

joegrst says:

DO one on the X1 Yoga! I can’t decide between the two 🙁

Hao Shen says:

unless you live in the US, otherwise this X1 carbon is extremely expensive in the rest of the world

VictorLee89 says:

Which is better ?
X1 Carbon vs XPS 13 ?

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