Lenovo ThinkPad P70 Review

Lisa Gade reviews Lenovo’s first mobile Intel Xeon laptop, the ThinkPad P70. This is a 7.6 lb. 17” mobile workstation for product design and engineering, CAD, 3D, financial simulations, movie editing and more. For those who prefer something smaller, there’s the Lenovo ThinkPad P50, a 5.6 lb. 15.6” version with the same features except its dedicated graphics that cap at the NVIDIA Quadro M2000M vs. the M4000M 4GB in our P70). The P70 starts at $1,860, and our higher end model sells for $3,500. It’s available with a 1080p or 4K matte non-touch display with high color gamut and optional X-Rite calibration device built into the keyboard deck.

The ThinkPad P70 is available with Intel Skylake 6th generation quad core i7 CPUs or our 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5 quad core CPU. Either way, you’re getting a 45 watt CPU with Intel 530 graphics, but the Xeon is clocked a bit higher, supports ECC RAM and has a larger 8MB cache vs. 6MB for the Core i7. The laptop has DDR4 RAM up to 64GB, two M.2 slots (ours has a PCIe SSD), a 2.5” drive bay and a DVD burner. It has two Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, ethernet and plenty more ports. Internals are easily serviceable and the 96 WHr battery is removable.

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The5thduke says:

xrite only works once,then says too replace your panel ,plus other errors .you need to uninstall reinstall the software for it to work again.there are no updates for it either,so its useless

Luis Niebla says:

Holy shit this laptop has everything. God damn.

Ulysse Pinon says:

1070 pls

kichaa13 says:

are you gonna review the P50s?

UU says:

wowowo way to overkill dont need really a color calibration just wanted an xeon and a quadro on the go.

Spacelordgr3 says:

Dream Laptop! 😀

Le Hlyos says:

Could you please do 17″ 2.5kg : Xeon MSI WS72 4k

Le Hlyos says:

also the slightly older but incumbent desktop/server replacement 24threads 12core Eurocom 5SE Panther

Digiphex Electronics says:

fk an offset trackpad. MSI 72S Dominator Pro would do almost everything this will do and is much more fun looking!

purpleravenstar says:

Worthy successor of my T520.

Thi Doan Tan says:

the best laptop

UltimateXtreme says:

Apple, this is a pro laptop. Not that crap you’re selling. Seriously though, the MacBook “pro” is ridiculously stupid.

Tomas Dabašinskas says:

Ok so the rat is a reference object and point to have a clue of what one or another part of this machine is capable of. Nice one.

Frank Herr says:

Thanks for this great review – very thorough and informative!

André Calil says:

Hey Lisa, I’ve been following MTR lately and just wanted to thank you for the good work. Keep ’em coming!

kas130771 says:

wasn’t expecting that thinkpad to be lieing on its side in the beginning!

Jake Williams says:

Please please please review the Lenovo Thinkpad P50s!

Daniel Rodriguez-Delgado says:

btw, Lisa, I got the P50 and I wanted to compare my screen. any chance you post the photos you use as desktop wallpaper in this and other reviews?

Alexandra Auki says:

Hi Lisa liked your review of the thinkpad p70 ,unfortuntey here in kenya they are not available ,i wish i could have one like that,im an engineering student but do part time content creation and m stuck with the old hp elitebook mobile workstation 8740w with dedicated gpu from ATI Firepro 700 series,its getting old and not efficient,where can i buy the lenovo from???THANKS.

Ivan Boskovic says:

Why did they remove volume buttons ?

Curt w says:

Thanks for the review after watching your video I order one from Lenovo p70, BUT  had to return it due to it did not having the raid built in to the bios you have to order the raid from the factory otherwise it will not come the raid in the bios, also you spend all this $$$ on a laptop and you can not see the fan RPM but still a really nice laptop…

John Matthias says:

Shame there’s no touch or pen?

u666sa says:

I don’t like the keyboard. W520 had nice keyboard.

Dave Vaughan says:

attractive lady

pmgodfrey says:

I’ve been a Mac user for a while (5 out of 25 years), but am underwhelmed by both performance and price of the current models and looking to switch back. Does the trackpad behave similarly to the one on the MacBook? Can you use multi touch or is it just one finger kind of pointing?

Currently have a late 2011 MBP 17″ who’s logic board is on the verge of failing (constant graphics issues/kernel panics) Not opposed to a $3,100 laptop, but trackpad features are important.

Kevin Raymond says:

If only it wasn’t $50million–zillion dollars

They Call Me Sully says:

This is like porn to me

jowge says:

I have no reason to use this but fuck do I want it!

pewpewnim says:

poor rat 🙁

Thomas Mears says:

Lenovo Website price, after instant savings: $4270.10 with free standard shipping.

Emmanuel Ting Sheng Yi says:

Can you do a review of a p50s and the p40 yoga?

albertosamaniego says:

My university got 5 of these to do electrical eng. simulations and I can tell you this is a BEAST. I am a Dell guy but my next laptop will be a lenovo P50.

Betternet says:

she’s not pretty but she’s a beast

Burrito Chingon says:

A laptop that look professional not overkill stupid gaming laptop

longmarchguy says:

lenovo, please upgrade it to nv1070!

Ez Target says:

I wonder how this puppy does with gaming (with the Quadro M5000M in it). I want a new laptop for work (I’m an Oracle DBA) and also would like to have a machine for gaming without building two rigs. I wish they would offer this with a 1070 in it.

Hamed Fazilat says:

will you review thinkpad yoga P40 as well ?

William Todd says:

I bet its far from water resistant. Let a kid dump a glass of water in it, it will certainly fry it LOL.

Raasali says:

thinkpad p40 yoga is workstation??

Michael Fitzgerald says:

Did you experience any screen shake with the weight of this massive laptop?

Amitava Guha says:

Really like your tech reviews. Very informative. As many other requested, could you please also review the Lenovo Thinkpad P50s. Would like to learn how it stacks up against various Ultra books. If it is a small gain of weight with significant gain in power or not. Also, whether to opt for ECC memory or its not that important. Does 4K worth the extra money on a 15 inch screen? How heavy is the power cord and is the whole ensemble is too bad to carry? Lots of questions and I am sure you would answer them all. Thanks in advance.

Niko Lehocky says:

Is the fan noisy on this laptop when I’m doing light tasks like word processing and web browsing?

Jaime Perez says:

May I ask how the Dell XPS 15 and the P70 compare (not the screen size) in terms of video cards and cou speed and customer satisfaction?

Gate 95 says:

Hey Liz, is it possible to upgrade this Lenovo to 6TB since it has 3 storage options and that Samsung just came out with their new 2TB NVMe M.2 drive

Guessers12 says:

Can you please review the P50s model.

Viktor Tar says:

Which laptop has faster rendering for 3D – Lenovo P70 or Lenovo Y900?


Should I buy this now or wait for the refreshed version?

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