Lenovo N22 Rugged Windows Laptop Review – Under $200 with 4GB RAM 64GB Storage

Buy it at Walmart – http://lon.tv/n22 (affiliate link) – This looks like a good close out deal from Lenovo / Walmart – N3050 laptop with 4GB RAM and 64 GB of storage! ERRATA: it appears as though the N3060 version I mention in the video is only available as a Chromebook right now. Subscribe for more!

00:53 – Hardware overview
01:10 – Webcam overview
01:49 – Specs and upgradeability
02:57 – Keyboard and trackpad
03:34 – Performance: Web browsing / YouTube
05:07 – Performance: Microsoft Word / Office
05:32 – Gaming: Minecraft
06:33 – Gaming: Shovel Knight
07:46 – Kodi : HEVC and Blu Ray MKV

See the teardown here:

See the 2GB vs. 4GB video here:

The N22 performs about where other low cost devices powered by the N3050 perform. It’s an adequate Microsoft Word / Office device and web browsing machine. Gaming is a bit mixed but performance is good with lower-end games.

This laptop is more rugged than other similar devices I’ve tested at this price point. The added RAM, storage, and M2 SATA slot make it a pretty good value at its current close out price.

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Rich board says:

can you use an Ethernet cord on this laptop ?

lalumas123 says:

Lenovo n22 or acer chromebook 11 ?? Gonna use the laptop to watch streaming or youtube. Thanks

Charles E Bright says:

I’m on a limited budget due to disability and I’m in the market in the next few months to get one of these low end computers. I understand the limitations of these computers and I’m ok with it. As long I can do email and Facebook and YouTube I’ll be fine. Too bad since today is my 37th birthday as of this message and I can’t wish one into existence right now LOL. Great video and very informative as always. Have a great Christmas holiday. Your channel is awesome.

Sue Ann Hamby says:

Can you scroll with the touch pad? If not, are there any workarounds?

metro2002 says:

Lol i remember a time where i paid that amount of money for 4 megabytes of RAM…. you know, like JUST the memory.

griffin winn says:

can you get windows 7 on this ? not a fan of windows 10 ?

Willy So Broke says:

mine came in today but the viewing angles are horrible

alittleolder says:

Since I found your channel a few months ago I went back and watched a lot of your videos. I came across many reviews of $200-$300 Notebooks. Do they actually sell well aside from the Education Field? I worked at a refurbisher until 2013, back then you got a core2duo for $200 but not a new machine. I was just wondering what the target demographic is.

Joseph Arner says:

Windows 10 pro huh. Did you try running Hyper-V on it (kidding). Granted makes sense for business or schools to add them to a domain, but I’m surprised the sales to consumers would include this.

Ebacherville says:

shiesh… my daily surfer “couch end table daily driver” (watching this on it now) is a n2830 11″ with 4gb… looks like time for a upgrade.. either this or the new stream 11 or 14..

Yacheng Moua says:

Great review, and i believe they make a variant for Chromebooks also.

T Getz says:

Would it work for simple video editing ?

11wallace11 says:

No handle? 🙁

William MacMillan says:

thanks for testing out other less intensive games on it as well! With some of the cheaper stuff you’ve reviewed, its been good to know if it runs stuff like emulators or side-scrollers well enough

serversC13nc3 says:

this will be good installing lightweight linux.

Rafat Hassan says:

hey lon, do you know any 200 dollar windows laptop with ips display.

Damien says:

sad to see the n3060 is only available for the chrome book

Lutz Peyton says:

I just ordered one, thanks Lon!!

travisp11 says:

They keyboard has a drain hole underneath that allows water to run through it in the event of a spill. Also, the built in carry handle between the hinges is a bonus.

webcomment says:

BBBBBezeLLLLL is so big.

Freddy Imannuel says:

do a vs video HP stream 14 2016 vs Lenovo N22

Sharjeel A. says:

i have the chromebook version of this I bought on amazon on black friday for $100. amazing value for money

Hey You says:

hello, ms office works fine in it?

MGD says:

200 bucks
4 GB RAM & expandable storage?
take my money!!!


whats is that large red bump on your forehead?

Cipher 2016 says:

I have the latest HP Stream 11 and it has a N3060 processor as well.

hshshshshshshs says:

You deserve much more views/subscribers. You make the best laptop reviews I’ve seen on youtube so far.

Dennis Olof says:

Looks like this laptop comes with one of these cpus.

Intel Braswell N3160 Processor (quad core) (the old one is N3700 and before that is was J1900)
Intel Braswell N3060 Processor (dual core)
Intel Braswell N3050 Processor (dual core)

I wish 8Gb memory was standard now, or using sockets so you can upgrade to 8Gb of memory if you need to. The 64Gb storage is good, that is a minimum with windows 10 if you want enough space for some programs as they eat up space.

Sad part is, all cheap Intel cpus support maximum of 8Gb ram. And eMMC is OK but the space left for programs is often small if you only have 16Gb or 32Gb. The included M.2 slot is interesting, to bad it could not be tested. I am wondering if you can change settings in bios to boot from the M.2 and not even use the built in eMMC or if it even works at all. Sometimes they include dead parts, empty sockets and all that as they often use the same motherboard for different laptops. Needs to to be tested that it really does work.

Great review 🙂

Nu B says:

No one uses Microsoft Edge, try chrome instead when testing for web performance.

1020Shane says:

Would you be able to tell me what the maximum expendable storage size is for this unit?

saturnotaku says:

What size is the GPU’s frame buffer? Is it possible to adjust this either in the driver or system BIOS?

John Brian Macahig says:

I’ll be having this in 10 days! 🙂

dave4shmups says:

What’s the resolution of the webcam? Is it 480p, or 720p?

Patricia Fernandez says:

ASUS transformer mini

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