Lenovo Legion Y520 Review: What Can A $849 Gaming Laptop Do!?

The 2017 Lenovo Legion Y520 is a Gaming laptop with a GTX 1050ti. It’s fast, portable and budget friendly. It’s perfect for those looking for a gaming laptop that can play all the latest games comfortably at 1080p without breaking the bank.

Buy Here on Amazon: http://geni.us/sIWbBb

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xXGetRektXx YT says:

Can someone tell me the fps on gta v, watch dogs 2, the hunter, sbuper elite 4, for honor, forza horizon 3?

Brayden Park says:


Not Ayman says:

Can you review the Asus fx502vm

Tibbles Gaming says:

Not a 7700k? 7700hq 🙂

Digital World says:

please review y720

Mike Koh says:

i suppose the keypad is crap cuz they expect customers to have a gaming mouse when you buy a gaming laptop

LateNiteGibberish says:

Thanks for the review! Would I be able to buy a better battery for this?

em dyam says:

waiting for this review! TY!

frenchware says:

i must say it’s a m.2 SSD not a PCI-E

Gytis321 S says:

Nope. These laptops dose not stand a chance against 1300$ HP Omen 17 i7 6700HQ GTX 1060 6GB

John Dizon says:

Hey guys! What is better, a Dell Inspiron 15 7566 i5 or this laptop?

Xxrage yo says:

This laptop is 1200 bucks

Mapelo Msiwa says:

Can you review the ASUS FX553VD laptop

Jon R says:

I got the y520 and the screen is amazing , not sure why you all say it’s bad.

Pierre Stromae says:

I had lenovo y700 previously and was constantly trying to up the brightness bc it was so dim

John Shelton says:

Please compare Lenovo Y520 & dell inspirion 7567

Light Knight says:

this guy look like some actor i remember from my childhood

Vessev says:

You sound like JokerProductions

kk P says:

overpriced, and why the fuck do they always skimp on ports?
They never put in an extra displayport

Clorox Bleach says:

Give me the answer otherwise i will drink bleach.. kidding ^-^
Quick Question….Which should I buy? Acer VX 15 Or Dell Inspiron 7000.

win tang says:

I returned my computer. The display was the thing that killed it for me too, it isn’t bright enough for me, but on setting u can tweak the colors to make it look brighter. Yeah the keyboard is a pretty good, the hard drive is nice when u get the higher price version. I think the speakers need to be bigger. Overall it’s a good labtop for that price.

Alex Fili says:

there is a deal in my country for 660 euros, it is worth it?

Sittichok Poosiri says:

where did u get the Lenovo Nerve Sense ?? official site said it still unavailible.

Ádám Batta says:

Hi there, What were the highest temperatures that you got under load? (CPU GPU)
The other thing … I’m living in the EU and on the EU website of lenovo says each models of Y520 have GTX 1050M 4GB. Is that a mistake by the Lenovo or the EU models are released with 1050 only? Do you know something about it because I could not find anything about it.

Piyush Sharma says:

acer vx 15 or legion 520?

MriChinese says:

should. I get the Lenovo legion y520 or the Acer vx 15… the Acer has more bang for the buck but the y520 looks more aesthetic and the Acer ,to me doesn’t look that appealing .

DSPN00BY says:

That moment when he says the laptop is $849 but its really $1,120

Sam Alexander says:

1:51 i7-7700k rlly? XD

RockstarMAX1 says:

How well will this run a game like Cities Skylines?

Octavian Hotca says:

mine came with a broken hdd. :l but pretty decent otherwise

ikkool says:

Hi today i got my Lenovo y520 and i have a stupid question. Where can i examinate if the laptop is 100%charcged when its switched off, i find 1 notification led but that is on just whne the laptop is on. THX.

Earn,Learn&Play says:

please just help me out with this,how good is it for gaming and other simple processing stuff?

Hans Schaller says:

Acer VX15 or Lenovo Legion Y520? Which one is better?

Poison1Scorpion says:

So would you choose this or the Omen 15?

Hunter Hassler says:

I know i’m not a professional computer analysis person, but on my end the screen looks good. I can’t wait for the Y720, but all i’ve been hearing is how bad the Y520 and Y720 screens are…

Ostinar Mali says:

Are you going to review Lenovo Y720, and if yes, then when?

Charles Torres says:

You deserve more views and subs. Good job on every review!

ZergNsk says:

ho, ho, im russian, but like watch this is yankee )) thx Matt ) great video

Mantas Simonaitis says:

does it have any quorks? for example i have lenovo Y700-15isk and lenovo hasn’t adjusted audio drivers (audio quality is good, but it tends to have some kind of clicking or cracking sound from speakers before the sound comes through) also very low max speed of fans and reduced pci e 3.0 to pci 2.0 speeds

Maksi333 says:

feels bad, its more than 500$ more expensive in Denmark…

Nabeel says:

i had bought it but returned to get y700. y700 is much more powerful with its design and speakers. y520 has awful low sound and bad design and fingerprint keyboard .. reason to buy y520 if one play latest games but y700 will also do that same 🙂

Aleksandras Lipatovas says:

which one to buy legion y520 or ideapad y700

Adarsh Mohanty says:

less handsome Ryan Renolds

Manthan Wadiwala says:

They copied the Alienware design.

Clive Elden says:

what about the y720

mustafa alkotobe says:

can you please do a comparison test with all 3 low budget gaming laptops, pretty please with sugar on top 🙂

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