Lenovo Ideapad 710s Review – Compact 13.3″ $699 Laptop

Lenovo’s Ideapad 710s packs in an i5 or i7 processor and 13.3″ 1080p display into a very small and compact form factor for a very reasonable starting price. See more laptops http://lon.tv/laptops and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:46 – Hardware overview
03:31 – Keyboard / Trackpad
04:21 – Audio / speaker quality
04:39 – Battery life
05:11 – Web browsing performance
06:33 – Word processing / Microsoft Office
07:07 – Gaming : Minecraft
07:41 – Gaming: Counterstrike GO
08:41 – Kodi and HEVC / Blu Ray MKV playback
09:09 – SSD performance issues
09:50 – Conclusion and final thoughts

Lenovo built a nice portable performance machine here. This has a full size mobile processor (that requires a fan) and will very efficiently get work done. It performs how other i5 equipped machines do but in a smaller and lighter package.

The display is its nicest feature – a full 1080p packed into a small 13.3″ footprint. Very sharp, crystal clear and with great color.

Battery life is good for about 8 hours give or take doing work related tasks.

The only shortfalls I see here are SSD sequential write speed and an odd placement of the arrow and shift keys on the right hand side of the keyboard.

Find it at Lenovo – http://lon.tv/8e0rz (not an affiliate link)

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youfermont says:

Damn, I just got a Asus ux305ca with lower specs and awful speakers and TouchPad, this laptop would make me a lot happier.

Endgame says:

Hey Lon – Does this have a Matte screen like we’re used to, or is it kind of a hybrid matte / shiny screen?

MKA Vlogs says:

Hello everyone today is my YouTube 1 year anniversary and I would love it if you subscribe to me and I will be shouting out all of my subscribers and on my channel I do vlogs challenges iOS tutorials rants and a whole load of other videos so please subscribe 🙂

frank mejia says:

review the hp pavilion x2 2016

Faisal AlrOQy says:

I think Dell Inspiron 13 7000 best 13 inch laptop under 900$

Jayant Sharma says:

Hey Lon, please review the new Lenovo 11e.

AJ Walker says:

I was hoping it was a new Chromebook. I wish Lenovo would release a Chromebook with that same physical build

The Killer says:


TheRanchSauce says:

Hi Lon, do you recommend a laptop with i7 6500U + Gt 940M? I will be using AutoCad, 3DS Max(2014) and Photoshop as well as other basic apps. I am a college student with a budget.

Dodging the Jam of a Jammy Dodger! says:

+Lon Seidman Hey Lon, sort of off topic, but do you have a rig dedicated to gaming?  If so, what are the specs?  🙂

Ngọc Hải Dương says:

Hi. Thanks for ur great review. Could you make a video to see if the sd card for Macbook fit this laptop? Thanks again 🙂

Bluestonez says:

my old i3 laptop had same score as the atom Z3735f processor WTF?!

frainbreeze - Graphic Design says:

A slightly weird question, but can you open it single handedly ?

Software Crackz says:

USB C should’ve come standard in 2016

Dr.Cabbage says:

this is a laptop I’ve been looking at for a while and it has similar specs to all the 700 dollar laptops but for only 550. the Acer v13 with a 1080p,i5,and a 256 gb for only 550 on amazon,

bcyl says:

Thank you Lon!!

brijesh narula says:

I just bought a lenovo ideapad Y710S 13 inches, but none of the memory cards seem to fit in perfectly in the card slot. Can I get an adapter or actual card that fits in perfectly? Which memory card is the best for Lenovo ideapad Y710S?

Bob Davis says:

do the HP pavilion x360

highvoltage12v says:

I’m guessing this is the reason why Lenovo doesn’t use the folding prong design on their power adapters. https://www.google.com/patents/USD478310?dq=Patent+D478310&ei=xFtWTtDMMoulsQKJsMzIDA#v=onepage&q&f=false

Windows 10 says:

Mr. Seidman can you ple

Fred Zlotnick says:

This is a DUAL Core , 4 Thread CPU with a maximum 25 W rating, not a Quad Core as many viewers might gather.

Windows 10 says:


Rolls says:


Rolls says:

i have a 2011 hp pavilion g6 and get almost that fps

saturnotaku says:

With 128 GB SSDs, especially ones that don’t use the PCI-Express/NVMe interface, it’s not unusual to see write speeds that low. Part of it is inherent to the design of a low-capacity drive, the other is probably due to the fact that a lot of its space is being occupied by the operating system, OEM bloatware, and recovery partition. If you blew away the recovery partition and did a completely clean installation of Windows from retail media, you’d almost certainly see those numbers improve, at least a little bit. But it wouldn’t be enough versus having a 256 GB or larger drive, as those will always have much faster writes.

Uriel Resendiz says:

can you review the dell inspiron 13 7000 series
I have the 2015 model but want to know if the new one is any better

Aleksandar Tonev says:

which of these is better for these games like cs:go or tom clancy’s ghost recon phantoms
Intel NUC i3-5010U THIS IS THE 1ST ONE
Acer Aspire E5-721-82M2 THE 3RD ONE

Dr.Cabbage says:

this is a laptop I’ve been looking at for a while and it has similar specs to all the 700 dollar laptops but for only 550. the Acer v13 with a 1080p,i5,and a 256 gb for only 550 on amazon

Gold Solitude says:

im getting 600fps in minecraft…

Matt Minarik says:

do a video on ad blocking

Lalita Patil says:


MrDefeater94 says:

This looks like a really good laptop, might replace my 4 year old Toshiba with it.

TuxKey says:

Looks like something I would consider if I could replace the storage. Don’t like to fill up ssd’s to the max.

iamrlk69 says:

Where do you get the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test for windows? I’ve tried to find to no avail. Easy to find it for the Mac! Rick

Haku777 says:

I’d like to see movement of a overwatch of this PC.and now(。・ω・。)

Martin Shek says:

could you do a review on the xiaomi notebook air, if you manage to get one, I would love to see you thoughts on it compare to a macbook

Robert Agans says:

How about a review of the Razer Blade Stealth? Love your channel 🙂

Pirun Gaming says:

Hi Lon,if you go to your Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsPower Options and change plan settings for PCI Express(Link State Power Management)to Off is there any improvement in the write speed? Also Disable C6/C7 cpu power states in the bios.

KH Everyday says:

I like it

Guillermo castilla says:

more and laptops pleace

Jeanmartin Freites says:

I heard that Alienware released another Alpha like PC recently and I am hoping that you might take a look at it.

JC Stelu says:

Hey Lon, care to do a review of that Apple machine that’s on the desk behind you? I might consider buying one. :-)))

wan azim says:

hello can this laptop handle video Editting decently? and can u help me by suggesting 14 inch laptops suitable for video Editting tq. btw I like your videos.

SaxonVoter says:

Do you have a recommendation for a 11 inch laptop around either side of 200$? I’m looking or a light and small laptop for writing and online research on the go, but with a good keyboard. I already have a gaming laptop so it wouldn’t need to have that much power when it comes to the other stuff. It would need to handle a word processing software and several tabs open in the browser simultaneously.

A. Hutsona says:

Is the RAM soldered to the board?

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